It sounds like something out of a movie. But the future is already here.

Can a robot really save police lives?

SRI International thinks so. This robotics research company has developed a deployable robot that keeps officers in their cruisers during traffic stops. 

The new device was designed to keep members of law enforcement out of harm’s way. Keeping LEO’s in their cars protects against deadly motor vehicle accidents as well as suspects using guns or other weapons against the responding unit.

The robotic arm extends from the officer’s cruiser. (Screenshot – YouTube)


So far this year, 7 law enforcement officers have been struck and killed in the line of duty while working on the side of roadways. Another 4 were killed in vehicle crashes and 17 have been killed by gunfire. 

Might some of them still be with us if this technology was employed?


While the idea seems safe, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. 

This assumes that everyone pulling over for a traffic stop is courteous and obeys commands given by the officer. What happens when the driver does not comply?

Does a camera really allow for the same ability to observe the interior of the car to look for suspicious items like weapons or narcotics?

The officer can view the interior of the suspect’s vehicle through a monitor in their cruiser. (Screenshot – YouTube)


We know that minor infringements can escalate very quickly. What happens when something doesn’t go according to plan?

Since the ticket-printing robot extends out to the car on an arm, what happens when the suspect runs? Is the car still equipped to give chase?

Check out this video on how the new design would work.


Scott’s Law has been a trending topic this year, as well as the hashtag #MoveOver on social media, both issuing a call to remind drivers to give room to emergency vehicles that are stopped on the side of the road.


Scott’s Law requires that drivers change lanes when emergency vehicles are stopped on roadways. (Flo222)


Could this initiative save lives?

Or does taking the human element out of the scenario change law enforcement all together?

Tell us what you think!