Suspect attacks police. Cops respond with force. Protesters lose their minds. Time for police to set the record straight.


It’s happening again. Police involved in an altercation with an armed suspect had to use force to protect themselves. And now the suspect’s mom is slamming the cop who pulled the trigger.

Protesters have converged around a mother who is claiming wrongdoing by San Francisco police officers who shot her son after he allegedly decided to crack an officer over the head with a glass bottle.

The woman addressing the perceived controversy, Tina Hampton, had made a spectacle of herself after many gathered around a police station in San Francisco. The woman claimed to be the mother of 24-year-old Jamaica Hampton, who was shot by SFPD officers at shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Saturday at Mission and 23rd after he allegedly attacked police with a glass bottle.

Robbery suspect shot after smashing bottle on cop's head. Mom: "He just wanted to be left alone"

This mom says her son shouldn’t have been shot by police. (KTVU Broadcast Screenshot)


A crowd of around 50 protesters and journalists assembled at 630 Valencia St. on Tuesday evening at the front of the Mission Police Station. The family had only just learned about the shooting and ended up leaving Sacramento, where they are based.

Tana Hampton somehow managed to turn a case of an alleged deadly assault on an officer that resulted in a suspect being shot into an ‘oh, my poor baby’ kind of parade when stating:

“All I know is that my baby is sitting up there [in San Francisco General Hospital] and he might not be able to use his legs again. All I know is that he is my son and they won’t let me see him.”

That’s likely because there’s when suspects of crimes require medical attention, they’re typically monitored by police until they’re ready to be released by the hospital and can be formally booked into jail for charges.

Yet, when looking at the details surrounding the alleged events that played out on this past Saturday morning, it’s not difficult to understand why the suspect was shot. When police officers approached a man who they suspected of burglary, who later would be revealed as Hampton, they were simply addressing reasonable suspicion.

However, during the exchange that followed, Hampton decided that he was going to make a run for it, according to a witness of the exchange.

Robbery suspect shot after smashing bottle on cop's head. Mom: "He just wanted to be left alone"

(KTVU Broadcast Screenshot)


From there, police stated that Hampton assaulted one of the officers with a glass bottle, which resulted in Hampton being shot by police. Both the officer and the suspect were being treated at the hospital.

Even with the events that have been outlined as such, people are doing the routine of demanding “action”. Although activists aren’t only claiming wrongdoing by the SFPD, they’re attempting to create an aura of sympathy for the suspect by pointing out that he had dealt with homelessness in the past.

It’s a common avenue to venture down when manufacturing outrage; the higher the victimhood of the vessel being appropriated, the stronger the manufactured outrage becomes. Dyne Biancardi, who is an advocate for the mother and the shot suspect, said Jamaica Hampton had come to the city for a treatment program and had been living on the street “for a while.”


Biancardi also claimed that there was possible footage of the shooting, citing that police had apparently confiscated a drone which had been flying over the area of the scene.

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Robbery suspect shot after smashing bottle on cop's head. Mom: "He just wanted to be left alone"


She also said there was footage of the events after the shooting, and that police confiscated a drone which had been flying over the crime scene. While there are no details as to whether there’s any evidence that can be obtained from the camera of the drone, it’s not unusual for police to seize potential footage of crimes.

After smearing police by being critical of shooting at her son after an alleged assault against officers, Tana Hampton continued to paint her son Jamaica as someone that simply cannot do wrong. Once again, a tactic used to fill a mob with misdirected rage against officers who aren’t fond of being assaulted with glass bottles.

Hampton stated how her son was an advocate for the homeless, and that he wasn’t a violent person. Then she topped that sentiment off with saying:

“He is a good person. He doesn’t even have a [criminal] background. You can check that.”

Whenever someone makes claims of innocence regarding their offspring because they “don’t have a criminal record”, it can inspire an eye roll in most competent people.

According to protesters at the scene, regardless of the fact that Hampton had allegedly attacked an officer, the cops were in the wrong. 

“Everybody falls down now and then,” said Hampton’s sister, who was among those outside of the San Francisco Police Department. “That doesn’t mean you go around shooting them.”

Having a criminal record isn’t a prerequisite to commit criminal acts, because no one is just born with a rap sheet. While not all the evidence has surfaced in the case, it’s clear that police have enough probable cause in tow to carry out their arrest once the suspect is able to be released from the hospital.


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