Police: Robbers called 911 to get help moving stolen furniture, get ride to airport because they ‘didn’t like Florida anymore’


A pair of wanna-be robbers called the Sheriff’s officer to get help moving stolen items and for a ride to the airport because ‘they didn’t like Florida anymore’, Sheriff Judd weighed in

Polk County, Fl: Just about every law enforcement officer in the country- probably the world, would agree that most criminals are simply incompetent.

But a young Florida couple recently took it to an entirely new level.

The duo allegedly phoned 911 on themselves to help with furniture they were in the process of robbing- hoping for some assistance from deputies.

According to local authorities, they received a hand up 911 call  on the evening of December 29th. Polk Country sheriff’s officers responded to the home of the 911 call, only to find two people in the process of robbing the place.

The robbers, later identified as Martin Gonzalez-Garcia and his boo, girlfriend Ashializ Roldan-Oscasio, were caught red handed robbing the residence. The responding Sheriff’s officers immediately recognized the male from an alleged burglary of a Dollar Tree from the previous night.

Police: Robbers called 911 to get help moving stolen furniture, get ride to airport because they 'didn't like Florida anymore'
Image courtesy of Polk County Sheriffs FB page.

The robbers were both immediately arrested and they confessed to the crimes. They also openly explained their actions and thought-process, which was fascinating.

According to the New York Post coverage of the arrest, it stated:

“When asked about the 911 call, Roldan-Oscasio said she was hoping a deputy would help the couple ‘move their belongings’ from the site and drop them off at the airport, where they planned to head to New York, according to authorities.”

This is worth repeating. Most people in the law enforcement profession understand that criminals often lack intelligence, some more than others. This couple stands out.

Ang guess who had a lot to say about it?

Police: Robbers called 911 to get help moving stolen furniture, get ride to airport because they 'didn't like Florida anymore'

Sheriff Grady Judd

Polk County Sheriff Judd is a national figure, known mostly for his press conferences and his “pull no punches” approach. Most of his comments are light-hearted, some are serious and others are pure mockery of the decisions of suspects.

And in this case, he had quite a few things to say about the young couple, Gonzalez-Garcia and Roldan-Oscasio.

After discussing a series of serious crimes in Polk County, Sheriff Judd opened with:

“We need something lighter for a minute. You know there are times in this job and career where you know it has to be true, because you can’t even make it up.”

You know where this is going. He continued:

“This guy [Martin Gonzalez-Garcia]may be the dumbest person on the face of the earth.”

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Sheriff Grady Judd is known for his commentary at press conferences.

He continued to discuss his girlfriends portion of the incident:

“She confessed to her burglary and here’s what she said. I…I swear she said this- it’s  hard for me to even get this out. She dialed 911 to have a deputy come there to have them move their belongings and take them to their airport so that they can fly back to New York. That ‘they don’t like it in Florida anymore.”

An exasperated Sheriff Judd continued with the amazing response to why the female suspect dialed 911 and said at the press conference:

“Did you hear that? Did you hear that she dialed 911 from inside the house that they have broken into, so we can help them pack up, and give them a ride to the airport.”

Sheriff Judd on other Cities

Sheriff Judd then took a dig at New York and said:

“You have to be from New York to do something like that.”

He didn’t stop at New York, either. He took a dig at Baltimore and Cleveland for still having warrants for Gonzalez-Garcia. In the press conference, he said:

“They [the suspects] didn’t think anything was wrong with [the robbery]. Well there is something wrong with it.”

He continued:

“You know in New York they’re not going to hold you responsible for a minor burglary like that… nothing stolen out of the house. They’re gonna let you go. But ‘news flash’, they weren’t in New York, they weren’t in Baltimore, they weren’t in Cleveland. They were in Polk County, Florida. And in Polk County Florida we lock you up.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Roldan-Oscasio was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis possession and released on $6,000 bond. Her male counter part has bigger problems.

He remains in custody- where he should be focusing on education programs.

This article contained editorial content which was the opinion of the writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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Police: Robbers called 911 to get help moving stolen furniture, get ride to airport because they 'didn't like Florida anymore'


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