MINNEAPOLIS/SAINT PAUL, Minn. – A road sign was posted in Saint Paul that insults an entire profession of hardworking, dedicated police officers in Minneapolis/Saint Paul and around the country.

Insulting Road Sign

The bright orange signs (see above) are meant to warn people that Twin Cities police startle easily. They appeared at two St. Paul intersections on Sunday, reported TwinCities.com.

An unofficial sign mounted Sunday, July 23, at Snelling Avenue and University in St. Paul warns that Twin Cities police are “easily startled.” The “comedian” posting the signs is obviously taking a political shot (pun intended) at the controversial shooting in Minneapolis last week. Moreover, whether the creator realizes it or not, the signs insult law enforcement officers everywhere.

Tragic Story in Minneapolis

Law Enforcement Today has covered the story in Minneapolis as fairly as possible, without editorializing. We reported the story from the outset when it was apparent something went horribly wrong; when the officer was identified; when the explanation was provided; during the chief’s public comments; and when the she resigned.

Therefore, we fully understand the tragic nature of the shooting, and no amount of good will on our part will bring Justine Damond back to life, yet we humbly offer it nonetheless. Furthermore, a condemnation of Officer Mohamed Noor will neither hurt nor help the legal quagmire that is sure to come his way.

People Taking Notice

The sign was removed Sunday afternoon, but was posted on Addy Free’s Facebook. He said he was one of many pedestrians and transit users who took notice.

As you can see in the photo, the “Twin Cities Police Easily Startled” sign shows a figure in a police uniform with legs spread and firing a gun in each hand.

The signs were found at Snelling and University avenues and at Oxford Street and University Avenue. They were removed. Consequently, Saint Paul police placed them in the department’s property room. An identical sign turned up later in Minneapolis.

Why the Road Sign Is Insulting

There have been 70 peace officer line of duty deaths (LODD) to date in 2017, with 30 by felonious assault. Can you imagine some jackass posting a fake road sign that says, “Sucks for you” after one of these deaths?

Well, that is how insulting this sign is to our staff at Law Enforcement Today.

Judgmental ‘Feelings’ Lack Foundation

Sadly, people like Free have judged an entire profession based upon their feelings and the actions of one individual. “The message is too true,” he said.

He said police are given a huge responsibility, but he feels they don’t get sufficient training “to root out the implicit racial and other biases we all learn in the U.S.”

And how does he know? What are his qualifications to form this opinion and make a condemning declaration? Most noteworthy is that his comments appear to be the same worn out sound bites used by the left when they want to dismember police officers.

Misinformed Culture

Our beef is not with Free, but the growing consensus of the misinformed people in society that believe it is constructive to make these comments. It is never prudent to paint an entire profession, or group of people, with such a broad brush that others valiantly making an effort to serve humanity are smeared in the process.

There might be some comedic value with this sign in different circumstances. Yet in the context of the tragedy in Minneapolis (for everyone involved), it is simply tasteless to the memory of Damond, and insulting to professional peace officers everywhere.

(Photo: Addy Free Facebook)

Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today