“He picked the wrong target”: Road rage suspect allegedly points gun at a victim … who turned out to be a cop


WEST VALLEY, UT – A man accused of getting a serious case of road rage finds himself in hot water after allegedly flashing a gun at the driver of a vehicle who angered him which happened to be a police officer in an unmarked car. Thankfully, the incident ended without any shots fired and the suspect was in custody.

Road rage is a phenomenon in which people become enraged when they believe, right or wrong, that the object of their anger has somehow committed a grievance toward them with their driving. Often these road rage incidents end with each person going their separate ways, however, they sometimes end in violence.

That was the case in Utah when a man became very unhappy after someone in front of the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Taylor Ray Bradley, began to slow and activated his turn signal.

That action, for some reason, allegedly angered Bradley who began tailgating the vehicle, which just happened to be an unmarked police vehicle driven by an on-duty police officer.

When Bradley got next to the unmarked police vehicle, he allegedly began to scream at him while brandishing a firearm. According to the arrest affidavit:

“[Bradley] began yelling profanities and proceeded to point what appears to be a small silver firearm.”

The on-duty officer moved behind Bradley and initiated a traffic stop and promptly detained him in handcuffs while other officers moved in to assist. Officers searched Bradley’s vehicle and allegedly discovered a firearm that was concealed inside a seat cushion on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Bradley was taken into custody without further incident and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm as well as threatening to use a weapon in a fight. The arrest affidavit noted the officer’s concerns with Bradley by saying, in part:

“[Bradley] displays signs of an individual who could potentially put the public and other motor vehicle operators at risk for road rage incidents.”

While this road rage incident ended without any violence or damage done, that was not the case in Warren, Michigan when police received a complaint of someone throwing a hammer at a vehicle. Officers with the Warren Police Department responded when the driver of a Jaguar called 911 reporting that she was being chased and shot at near 10 Mile and Schoenherr Road around 2 p.m.


When officers arrived on the scene they were able to find both vehicles, the caller in a Jaguar and the alleged suspect in a Jeep. When officers moved in to investigate by stopping the Jaguar, the driver, who initially called the police, refused to pull over and led officers on a vehicle pursuit that did not reach high speeds.

After stopping both parties, police spoke to people that were in the area who reported that they did not hear or see any shots being fired from a gun. However, the witnesses reported the person who called 911 was seen throwing a hammer at a Jeep…which just so happened to be driven by her sister.

Both the caller and her sister had reportedly been involved in an ongoing dispute which seemingly led to the road rage incident. After getting both women stopped, police allege that the two got into a physical altercation which had to be broken up by investigating officers.

Both women were arrested and believe that charges will be filed by prosecutors on November 17th. In the meantime, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer warned the public of the dangers of road rage incidents.

While this road rage incident seemingly stemmed from an ongoing family dispute, it does not make it any less dangerous to those in the community. Because of the dangers presented in any case of road rage, Police Commissioner William Dwyer warns:

“I’m concerned and continue to be concerned about these types of instances that could actually seriously injure or kill an innocent person because of road rage. Your vehicle in many cases gets out of control, they lose control of the vehicle and it goes into another car, or it goes into a pedestrian.”

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