OCALA, Fla. – A crime victim put a Monster Truck move on a suspect that threatened him with a gun. An 18-year-old man backed his large 4×4 truck atop a Toyota Camry last Wednesday following a road rage incident.

The man said he was protecting his girlfriend and an 11-month-old who was in the pickup truck, police said.

Monster Truck

(Image courtesy Ocala Police Department)

According to an arrest affidavit, Adalberto Aponte, 53, said he got into a verbal altercation that ended when Zach Waring placed his pickup truck in reverse and backed up onto Aponte’s Camry, reported News13.

Waring told police that Aponte had been driving recklessly since he appeared behind Waring’s truck. Waring said Aponte almost caused several collisions.

When he reached a red light Aponte got out of his Camry. He walked up to Waring’s open driver’s window and “began to strike him in the face through the window multiple times,” police said.

The victim’s girlfriend yelled at the suspect. She claimed they had a gun in the truck to stop the assault. But it was a bluff. They had no gun according to police.

Then, according to the report, Aponte said, “I’ll show you a real gun.”

Threat of a gun leads to Monster Truck Jam

Waring told police that he felt like he had no choice. He genuinely thought something tragic was about to happen.

“Had no other option but to place his vehicle in reverse and hit Aponte’s vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from obtaining a firearm and causing further harm to him or his family,” a report states.

Police said the red light prevented Waring from driving forward through the intersection in an attempt to leave the argument.

Witnesses to the crazy chain of events confirmed Waring’s statements, police said.

Consequently, Aponte was arrested at the scene. He was booked for several crimes, including burglary, battery, criminal mischief, and driving with suspended license for failing to pay child support in September 2016. It was undisclosed whether a gun was actually found in his car.

(Photo source Ocala Police Department)