“River Of Tears”

A child, fighting tears walked forward
Closer, to his father who lay at rest,
Placing his hands atop the flag draped coffin
A last goodbye, before he joined the rest.
A police officer, cut down for no reason
We try to understand but no one really can,
Once again someone who gave everything
Trying to protect and defend his fellow man.
Sadly, the river of tears keeps flowing
It seems to grow wider and wider every day,
We ask for comfort and understanding
As once again we bow our heads and pray.
Each day we move forward to the next
Courage and faith help keep us strong,
I ask that comfort be given to the families
They’ve lost so much and it’s so very wrong.
It’s past time to end this senseless killing
It’s caused heartache along with many fears,
This country has to come together
We need to join to stop the river of tears.
by Bert L Orris
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