Rival gang members burned alive by cartel 16 miles from Texas border


We had reported last month that President Trump was considering labeling factions of the Mexican drug cartel as terrorists based upon the level of violence that they proudly display on social media. If there were ever a reason to push that label, now would be the time, as members of the Gulf Cartel just allegedly executed some of their rivals and recorded the brutal display.

In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Gulf Cartel have made a habit out of inciting fear in not only their competitors, but also citizens alike in the border city just 16 miles from McAllen, Texas.

The group is notorious for making a spectacle of executions via uploading pictures and video online to incite fear in all who oppose them. In the most recent case, Gulf Cartel members from the border city of Reynosa captured the final moments of two of their rivals, setting both of them on fire while they were still alive.

Rival gang members burned alive by cartel 16 miles from Texas border
A screenshot from the video shows the graphic manner in which the rival cartel members were executed. (Screenshot – Twitter)


The horrific murders took place mere days after shootouts in Reynosa occurred, where two opposing groups struggle to maintain control of areas of operation. As reported by Breitbart Texas, the turf war in that area has been a feud between the Los Metros and the Escorpiones or Ciclones factions. Los Metros presently operates in most of Reynosa and the territories out west, while the Escorpiones from Matamoros have been trying to take that territory by force.

In the video that was obtained by citizen journalists in the area, gunmen from the Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel can be seen sending a warning to their opposition, where two rival cartel members can be seen with their hands and feet tied. Within seconds, the men are immersed in flames and can be heard screaming in agony.

The video is shot from the perspective of a man giving a warning to associates of the Matamoros faction. The message delivered by the cartel member recording the video details that anyone who continues to impose on their territory will meet a similar fate as the men in the video.

After the two men had been burning alive for roughly 30 seconds, the man recording the video pulls out a handgun and begins firing bullets into the men in what can only be described as an act of mercy.

Authorities at this time have not found the bodies of the deceased.

The video also references a succession of recent kidnappings that have happened in Reynosa where several innocent women have gone missing, yet the reason behind the kidnappings remains uncertain.

More recently, the city has played host to an uptick in violence that came in the form of shootouts, carjackings, kidnappings, and executions primarily on the city’s eastern side.

The biggest concern is that the Gulf Cartel’s spread is not only present within Mexico, but bears a presence in the United States within places like Rio Grande City in Texas. With a history that dates back to the prohibition era of smuggling booze in the country, there’s concern that there’s more of an existence than actually known.

Thomas A. Shannon, a U.S. diplomat and ambassador, mentioned that felonious entities akin to the Gulf Cartel have “substantially weakened” the foundations in Mexico and Central America, and have created an outpouring of violence in the United States. With the arrest of prominent Gulf Cartel leaders in Texas, officials are concerned that the drug war in Mexico will continue to spill into the United States.

The U.S. National Drug Threat Assessment did detail that the drug trafficking cartels, like the Gulf Cartel, are not quite as sophisticated in the United States than in Mexico.

Rival gang members burned alive by cartel 16 miles from Texas border


Typically, the presence of these cartels comes in the form of utilizing or infiltrating criminal street gangs in the states. But the cartels are doing more than just operating in the streets, as they’ve also made moves to have a presence within the American prison system via inmate-led gangs. It’s time that these cartels are called out for what they are: terrorist organizations.

From police officers being assassinated in broad daylight for trying to take down drug kingpins, to seeing all out war break out into the street between the country’s military and drug running thugs, all the way to military bases having severed body parts delivered in bags to their entry ports.

Overall, if we had that going on in our country, we’d likely call it terrorism, and that is what Trump is considering labeling the cartel as. If you think people were offended, you’d be correct.

Mexico City announced efforts to have a “meeting” with U.S. officials after President Donald Trump’s recent announcement to designate some cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. In a drafted statement issued by Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry, officials reached out to their U.S. counterparts to explore the consequences that terrorist designations would entail.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry recent statement said the following:

“In lieu of the good relations that exist between both countries, the Government of Mexico will seek to have a high-level meeting as soon as possible to present Mexico’s position and to learn the viewpoints of the authorities from the U.S.”

The call for a meeting didn’t take long after an interview that happened between Bill O’Reilly and the President where Trump had dug into how he plans on labeling certain organizations within Mexico that have had a demonstrated history of terror, mentioning that he had been working for the last 90 days on designations.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry said they seek to discuss about methods to reduce the southern flow of weapons and money, while cutting the northbound traffic of drugs and chemicals that have been affecting the United States.

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Rival gang members burned alive by cartel 16 miles from Texas border


The latest statement stands at ends with the recent remarks given by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, where he preempted the matter Monday by saying Mexico would reject terrorist designations given by foreign nations.

“We will never accept that, we are not ‘vendepatrias’ (nation sellers),” Lopez Obrador said.

The question that could be reasonably posed toward President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is why he would feel like someone selling out a nation or his people by acknowledging the truth, that the cartels are in fact terrorists within the country of Mexico.

Believe it or not, it’s more that just certain Mexico political figures that are offended that their worst of the worst are possibly going to be called terrorists: we literally have people here in the United States that are offended by the notion as well.

Take for instance article titles like “A terrible idea”: Experts blast Trump’s plan to label Mexican drug cartels “terrorists”.

People are actually upset about it because that label would make it illegal for anyone in the US to knowingly provide support to the drug cartels. It would also allow the U.S. government to prosecute anyone who funds them, deport their members from America, and not any affiliate from entering the US. Call me crazy, but those all sound like some really good things.

Some others are offended about the idea of the cartels being called terrorists because it could prompt military intervention from the United States. However, Mexico has already shown that they can’t get the problem under control themselves and the cartel violence inevitably spills over into U.S. soil along with their community-wrecking narcotics.

Perhaps military intervention would make for a rather quick resolution and could possibly restore Mexico to a highly sought-after vacation destination throughout the country, rather than one state here and there.

Whatever one may feel about the possible designation of cartels being called terrorists is honestly irrelevant, because they manner in which they operate today is synonymous with most any other terrorist organization.

The cartels display corpses of enemies in public, they’ve made execution videos of police officers and their families, and they seek to gain more power through fear.

They are simply terrorists.


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