Kyle Rittenhouse attorney: Rifle was legally owned, actions “100 percent self-defense”


KENOSHA, WI – In an interview on Breitbart News Sunday with Joel Pollack, John Pierce, attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, maintained that Rittenhouse acted completely in self-defense and expressed confidence that Rittenhouse would prevail in his case.

Rittenhouse, 17, was recently arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including first-degree intentional homicide, after firing his AR-15 while being attacked by rioters in Kenosha.  Three people were struck by the gunfire, and two died.

While speaking with Pollack, Pierce shed light on the character of young Rittenhouse and dispelled media-driven myths that Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to make trouble.

Describing Rittenhouse as “a great kid” who was “not looking for a fight,” Pierce shared that Rittenhouse is a community lifeguard in Kenosha.  He added that on the day of the shooting, after he finished lifeguarding, Rittenhouse and some friends removed graffiti from a local high school.

Pierce went on to say that Rittenhouse was present at the riots in answer to a call for help from a business owner.

He stated that the business owner:

“…has multiple businesses there, three businesses.  Two were essentially burned to the ground, and he was hoping to protect what was left of his life’s work.

“So Kyle went there to attempt to protect that business.”

The attorney added that Rittenhouse remained at the site of the business on the night in question, all the while receiving threats from protestors, to which Rittenhouse and his companions did not respond. 

Pierce stated that the only reason Rittenhouse ever left the business site was to find and bring injured protestors back to that location to render first aid.  The young man treated multiple protestors for their injuries in this manner.

Pollack asked Pierce about rumors of a criminal record for Rittenhouse.  Pierce replied that he had no knowledge of a criminal record and pointed out that the three individuals that were shot each had felony convictions.

He added:

“The only individuals that were wounded by him or were killed by him were… the individuals that were attacking him with an intent to do serious bodily harm or to kill him.”

When Pollack asked whether Rittenhouse was a member, as rumored, of a militia or “patriot group,” Pierce responded that he was unaware of such membership, and pointed out that, technically, according to Title X, Section 246 of the United States Code,

“…actually, every able-bodied male in the United States between ages 17 and 45, is actually part of the United States Militia.”

Pollack and Pierce also discussed the presence of the AR-15 that Rittenhouse used.

Pierce asserted that, despite charges and rumors to the contrary, the weapon did not cross state lines, was “a legal weapon,” and by law could be possessed by anyone aged 16 or over.

When Pollack asked if Rittenhouse could have chosen not to bring a weapon with him,  Pierce responded:

“If he wanted to be killed.”

Pierce explained to Pollack:

“Government and local law and order in these cities has completely broken down.  It does not exist anymore.

“And so, what I would analogize Kyle to, quite frankly, would be the Minutemen in Lexington and Concord who had to pick up arms and protect themselves.”

Pierce did not blame police for the chaos, but rather pointed the finger at local and state lawmakers. 

He said:

“The police in Kenosha, and the police across the country, and this is … not of the people on that Blue Line but because of the leadership in cities and states, by mayors and governors, have completely stood down.

“They are not protecting American cities.”

Pierce continued:

“And it gets to a certain point where law-abiding American citizens, even 17 year old kids, have to step in, and have to protect the communities, and their families, and that’s a God-given right, and no prosecutor – I’m not going to let any prosecutor take it away from Kyle.”

Pierce asserted that the prosecution was “politically, charged, politically motivated,” adding:

“The charges were filed within a day or two without a proper investigation.”

Regarding his approach to the case, Pierce stated:

“This is one hundred percent self-defense.”

Pierce added that after Rittenhouse attempted to put out a dumpster fire, which brought on attacks from protestors, Rittenhouse:

“actually attempted to retreat.  He was chased down by attackers that were repeatedly stating that he should be killed.

“They came at him lightning-fast and attempted to begin striking him and wrestling with this rifle with an intent to kill.

“He had no choice but to fire his weapon and protect himself.”

When Pollack asked if Rittenhouse might be willing to accept a plea deal, Pierce expressed confidence in the strength of the self-defense argument.

He said,

“We’re going to trial and we’re going to win this case….

“If I’m the prosecutors, I drop these charges immediately.  I think that this is a rush to judgement, and if I was the prosecutor, I would be terrified to take this case to trial.”

Pierce went on to say:

“I do not believe that there is a jury in this country that is going to look at these facts and is going to find him guilty for murder.  It’s absolute, 100% self-defense, and we’re going to prove it if we have to.”

Pierce also noted a far-reaching implication of the results of such a trial.

Calling the situation a “watershed moment,” for America, he told Pollack:

“If this is not self-defense under these circumstances, for Kyle Rittenhouse, then no one can defend themselves, and no one can defend this country.”


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Below is our recent analysis on the circumstances surrounding the shootings:

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

For first-degree murder, the state has to prove that Rittenhouse went there that night with the specific intent of killing those specific people.  We believe they know the charges won’t stick… and this is just to appease the mob.

KENOSHA, WI –In the aftermath that followed after Kenosha Police shot Jacob Blake, a large portion of the city was burned down and lost to looting. 

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, decided he would step up and help the property owners defend what was theirs.  He could never have known that thought would have landed him in jail, facing life in prison.    

On August 25th, Rittenhouse thought it was a good idea to travel to Kenosha from his home in Illinois which is roughly twenty miles away. 

Once there, he aligned himself with a group of people who were armed and protecting a gas station. 

Flash forward: Given all of the facts, was the shooting in which Rittenhouse is alleged to have killed two and injured one justified? 

According to the Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo, the people who were shot were Joseph Rosenbaum, a registered sex offender, Anthony Huber, criminal history of repeat domestic violence, and Gaige Grosskreutz, criminal history of being illegally in possession of a firearm. 

Now that we have the find upstanding citizens identified, let us look at the irrefutable facts.

No one in the world, that we know of, knows why convicted juvenile sex offender Rosenbaum began chasing Rittenhouse that night. 

What we do know is that Rosenbaum did, and was hurling objects at him to harm him.  It should be clear to reasonable people that Rosenbaum certainly did not want to talk to him, it certainly appeared that Rosenbaum wanted to hurt him. 

Why Rosenbaum thought it was a good idea to chase after someone with a gun while throwing objects is unknown.  There is nothing like taking a Molotov cocktail to a gun fight.

As Rittenhouse is clearly running away, a shot can be heard by a filmed bystander firing a round into the air. 

As the teenager looks in the direction of the gunshot, another person jumps toward him from the same direction. 

At some point, it appears Rittenhouse is stuck in between cars and has no avenue of escape from being attacked by this reported pedophile. 

With the choice of either being beaten by the criminal or firing, he chose to fire, striking the reported sexual deviant criminal in the head. 

In a normal world, that would be declared as self-defense.

Now, Rittenhouse could have fled the scene or fired more rounds into the crowd, if his intent was to cause harm, but he did not. 

Also, if he was a white supremacist like the media and celebrities claim, why was this victim white, why were they all white? 

Why did he not start indiscriminately start shooting at black people? 

Better question, why are the media and celebrities all lying and claiming this teenager was a white supremacist? 

We have not seen them offer even ONE item of prove that claim.

Back to the video, Rittenhouse is then seen stepping away as people rush to the aid of the reported pedophile and picks up his phone. 

Who he calls is unknown but some reports believe that he was calling 911 to summon medical aid and report the shooting.  That is until members of the group called for other criminals to get him and he took off running, again, in fear.

Rittenhouse continues to run down the middle of the street, clearly in fear of being seriously hurt or killed until he trips and falls. 

The key point to take away from this is, at no time during the recorded events of that night involving Rittenhouse did he ever seek out a fight, did he ever look to kill anyone, that he ever targeted a minority. 

In every single video that has been produced regarding this event, Rittenhouse seems to be doing his best from avoiding being beaten or killed, and shooting as a last resort.

But, back to the video when two insanely brilliant people (documented criminals) decide that they need to exact justice on the teenager who, by all accounts and video, is scared out of his mind. 

And…did we mention he was armed with a long gun and had already shot one person? 

These fine upstanding citizens (sense sarcasm) decide they are going to harm this teenager and not allow law enforcement to handle it. 

The exact reason why is unknown, but a reasonable person could surmise this was because they want to defund the police and do what they wrongly accuse police of, beat and exact their own form of justice.

At this point, Huber decides that hitting Rittenhouse, who at this point is on the ground with nowhere to go, with a skateboard is a good idea. 

Perhaps in his warped world, a skateboard is a great weapon against a long gun. 

At any rate, his efforts end in failure as he strikes Rittenhouse in the head, Rittenhouse protects himself by firing, striking and killing Huber who collapses a short distance from the shooting.

Enter in the next find upstanding citizen, Grosskreutz. 

Now Grosskreutz is different because, not only is he a reported criminal, like the other two, but he is also a member of the People’s Revolution Movement.

In other words, he’s a traitor to the United States because he is part of an organization which aims to overthrow the government. 

But, back to the shooting, Grosskreutz is seen on video initially wanting to take out Rittenhouse, but, when shots are fired and Huber goes down, he thinks better of it, at least for a split second.

Rittenhouse, seeing that there is no longer a threat, drops his gun. 

Once the gun is lowered, Grosskreutz sees what he thought was an opportunity and jumps in to beat Rittenhouse. 

Rittenhouse, again, apparently defending himself as he did not want to be beaten to death, opens fire, striking him in the elbow.  Grosskreutz takes off running and Rittenhouse surrenders himself to the police department.


What can be said, is that the video evidence in this case cannot be denied. 

The ONLY thing that will be in question is what caused the juvenile sex offender to chase Rittenhouse. 

Regardless, in my twenty one years of experience in law enforcement, after viewing that video, there is NOTHING to indicate that Rittenhouse, had he been an adult, did anything wrong.

There is more than enough video evidence to support all of his actions as self-defense. 

And to charge him with first-degree murder, that is a travesty.  For first-degree murder, the state has to prove that Rittenhouse went there that night with the specific intent of killing those specific people. 

That is something the state will never be able to prove because it never happened.

The question is, are they charging Rittenhouse because they know something we do not, which is entirely possible.  OR, are they charging him to appease the mob?

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