Police experts: ‘Toxic trio’ of ‘anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement’ to blame for rise in murders


UNITED STATES – Newly released Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) crime statistics show that homicides increased in 2021, despite the fact that 2020 was a record-high year.

Other violent crimes have increased as well, including rape and vehicle thefts, which have risen more than 20 percent since 2019. Murder is up nearly 40 percent since 2019; this is the most significant increase since crime statistics of this kind have been tracked.

After the release of the data, some law enforcement groups and police experts believe that the rise in violent crime is due to a “toxic trio,” including anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors, and the “defund the police” movement.

Jason Johnson, president of Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, said in a statement:

“Defaming and defunding police has cops running for exits, as violence surges and we need them now more than ever. This should be a wake-up call.”

He added:

“This report confirms there are two inextricably like public safety crises happening. Crime, especially murder, has risen precipitously since the summer of 2020 while law enforcement has been demoralized, debilitated, and in some cases defunded. Homicides are up almost 40 percent since 2019, while most large police departments are hemorrhaging officers.”

With elections looming in several states, recent polling shows that crime is a top issue for voters. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released in September showed that 69 percent named crime as a “highly important” issue.

Crime was rated more important than abortion, immigration or climate change. According to the poll, voters favor Republicans’ handling of crime by 14 points.

Cully Stimson, a former prosecutor and legal expert at the Heritage Foundation, said that “this narrative that crime rose as a result of the pandemic is just baloney.” He added:

“It’s important to put this in the bigger context. The last crime spike in our country ended 1992, 93 and since then we have had a 30-year serious decline in violent crimes and crime in general. And because incarceration always trails behind crime rates, either rising or falling, incarceration rates have been dropping dramatically since 2007, 2008.”


Stimson pointed to a recent shift fueled largely by discouraging police and empowering “rogue prosecutors” who are much more lax, often refusing to prosecute entire categories of crimes. He added:

“But what we’ve seen since about 2015 … two things started happening. The first, [George] Soros bough-and-paid for prosector Kim Foxx was elected in Chicago and then you saw after the George Floyd murder and other notorious police-involved shootings came in those cities start to go up.

And every major city that has elected a Soros bought-and-paid for rogue prosecutor, crime has exploded. And not coincidentally, those cities are often the same cities … are also ‘defund the police’ cities.”

He then pointed to the “toxic trio.” He said:

“So what I’ve called this is the toxic trio of rogue prosector, defund the police and demoralize the police because in some instances they don’t defund police, they only threaten to defund the police or discredit the police.

And when city officials or public officials don’t have the backs of the police, the criminal element does feel emboldened…”

The “defund the police” message has been carried mostly by Democratic leaders at the federal and local levels. President Joe Biden pushed back on claims that Democratic policies have fueled rising crime, arguing that Republicans are the ones who want to defund police.

However, that claim was met with widespread pushback and most know that those who pushed or are pushing defunding the police are liberal, progressive leaders.

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Democrat mayor who fought against the ‘defund police’ movement and backs the blue sees a huge drop in crime

October 8th, 2022

Wilmington, DE: The Democratic mayor of the city of Wilmington, Delaware credits the significant drop in crime since 2021 to their commitment to not defund the police- but rather praise and support the police.

Mayor Mike Purzycki has taken the uncommon stance of public support for police since the onset of the pandemic where the growing dislike for the police from the Democratic party began.

And now the city is safer because of it.

In fact, it’s a whole lot safer.

Police experts: 'Toxic trio' of 'anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement' to blame for rise in murders
Screenshot image taken from ALL 4K YouTube channel

Wilmington was once known as ‘Murder Town USA’ nearly a decade ago but has come a long way from the unappealing title.

They have bounced back, and city and police officials, along with the Mayor Purzycki, credit their support for the Wilmington police.

In a column released by Fox News digital, it stated:

“[Wilmington] has seen a 50% reduction in murders compared to the record high in 2021, according to statistics provided to Fox News Digital by the Wilmington Police Department.”

It continued:

“There has also been a 25% reduction in shooting incidents and shooting victims, and a 16% reduction in overall Part 1 crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and felony theft, the department said.”

Police experts: 'Toxic trio' of 'anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement' to blame for rise in murders

Their System

Mayor Purzycki credits the significant drop in overall violent crime to not only his administration’s support of the police, but for the community support as well.

The police chief and Purzycki are both known for walking through the neighborhood and talking to local residents. They want to know what’s going on and to prove to the community that they care about the city and the issues that are present.

They follow up with a police response and presence in certain areas, which give the community added confidence that they aren’t just playing politics but are active when dealing with the real, everyday concerns of the public.

That is coupled with the open political support of the city government and their commitment against ‘defunding police’.

Protesters in Dallas, texas march in 2020 to defund the police - Screenshot courtesy of Fox News on YouTube
Protesters in Dallas, Texas march in 2020 to defund the police – Screenshot courtesy of Fox News on YouTube

This was in stark contrast to other cities across the nation who committed themselves to the irresponsible, knee-jerk response of the ‘defund the police’ movement.

These other cities, such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are suffering from a crime wave that is crippling the city and forcing many law-abiding residents out.

Add to that bail reforms and quick release of violent offenders, and those cities are becoming hotbeds of insurrection.

The strong community bond between the police department, the mayor and the city residents of Wilmington are the core foundation for why the crime is being reduced and the streets are becoming safer every day.

But they also understand that part of the formula to maintain strong ties with the community is to quickly deal with any officers engaged in inappropriate behavior.

According to the Fox News column:

”’Anytime we have police misbehavior, the chief is pretty swift when it comes to weeding those people out,’ the mayor added.

The column continued:

“He said that Wilmington is largely free from the tension between police and the Black community that exists in some other places. ‘People in our community are appreciative of the job police do,’ he said.”

Purzycki also cites the drop in violent crime to their proactive measures of increasing bail for many offenses, as opposed to the reducing or eliminating of bail seen in other Democrat run cities.

Police experts: 'Toxic trio' of 'anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement' to blame for rise in murders
Screenshot of Komo News YouTube Channel coverage

They also are proactive with taking illegal guns off the streets and away from dangerous criminals.

According to a press release issued by the Mayor’s office, it stated:

“Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Police Chief Robert J. Tracy today joined Delaware Attorney General Kathleen Jennings and United States Attorney David Weiss to announce an expansion of the Wilmington Police Department’s (WPD) GunStat initiative, focusing additional multi-agency resources on removing guns from City streets.”

It continued:

“The goal of the enhanced effort is to arrest, prosecute, and jail individuals who commit violent gun crimes and possess guns illegally.”

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki are reimagining and rewriting the playbook on how to reduce crime in Democratically run cities.

The traditional anti-police rhetoric seen in other cities is starting to show its ugly results in the form of repeated violent crimes.

Even its own politicians are starting to abandon their ‘defund the police’ strategy, which was absurd to begin with.

Wilmington Mayor, a Democrat mayor, had the right formula all along; engage with the community, support the police department, and keep dangerous criminals in jail where they belong.

Other Democrats need to follow suit if America is going to be saved.

Police experts: 'Toxic trio' of 'anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement' to blame for rise in murders

This is what happens when you defund police.

Desperate to attract new police recruits after defunding of the police, LAPD offers rent incentive program

Posted September 28, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – Several large cities across the country are facing severe policing shortages and Los Angeles is one of them. In an effort to attract new officers, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is offering a rent incentive program.

According to reports, the new hiring incentive program called Housing For Hires, could knock nearly $1,000 off of the monthly rent. Park La Brea is among a handful of properties that are working with the new Housing for Hires program.

Andy Hunyh and his girlfriend took a tour of one of the apartments, which comes with a custom kitchen and is located in the Fairfax district across from The Grove shopping complex. Hunyh wants to be an office and is a candidate undergoing background checks.

The Housing for Hires program has the LAPD foundation, through private donations, contributing up to $1,000 toward the rent for these new recruits.

The housing incentive idea came from developer and businessman Steve Soboroff. He is also an LAPD Commissioner and says that Housing For Hires is necessary to address the shortage of LAPD officers. He added:

“We can’t hire enough.”

Regarding the property owners of those involved in the program, he says, “who doesn’t want to have a cop live on their apartment?” He said that he wants to double the number of officers in current academy classes.

To launch the program, Soboroff secured funding from wealthy donors like philanthropist Walter Wang and entertainment executive Casey Wasserman.

LAPD Chief Michael Moore said that the shortage of officers is a nationwide problem and that the Housing For Hires is a first for the department. It is also among the first of its kind in the entire nation.

According to reports, Housing For Hires launched six months ago and now has about 10 apartments and single-family residences from South Los Angeles to Downtown Los Angeles through the Fairfax district to the valley.

Downtown Los Angeles properties include the Medici Apartments billing itself as a resort community and Skyline Terrace with skyline views. Park La Brea across from The Grove reportedly has spectacular hi-rise views of the Hollywood Sign and into West Hollywood.

The key part of the program, according to Captain Aaron McCraney of LAPD’s Employment & Recruitment Division, is that it has recruits living in they the city of Los Angeles.

Under Housing For Hires, if a unit rents at $2,500 per month, then the recruit is responsible for paying up to $1,500. The LAPD Foundation will pay the other $1,000. McCraney said it is a two-year plan that gets a recruit through the academy, past probation, and into their first LAPD assignment.

Chief Moore said that he is looking to hire at least 700 more officers, which would get the department back to pre-pandemic numbers. The LAPD Foundation has about 2 million in philanthropic donations going toward the Housing For Hires program.

Soboroff said that the LAPD gets a lot of interest, including from out of state, but people simply cannot afford to live here.

Hunyh currently lives in Gardena at home with his parents, but he said that being able to live in the city of Los Angeles would save a half hour off his drive time to the LAPD academy. Hunyh, who is 25-years-old, currently works in retail, but he wants become a police officer because he and his significant others have been victims of crime. He added”

“I really hate seeing that and I want to be able to help them.”

Police experts: 'Toxic trio' of 'anti-police rhetoric, rogue prosecutors and defund the police movement' to blame for rise in murders

Another consequence of defunding.


LA City Council approves funding for defunded-LAPD to add 200 more officers as crime skyrockets

August 11th, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – According to a report from Fox News, the Los Angeles City Council has approved more funding for police officers in Hollywood in an effort to combat the spike in violent crime.

On Wednesday, August 10th, the city council members approved funding for more police patrols on the streets of Hollywood to address the rise in crime.

Hollywood, which is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, has reportedly seen a 75 percent increase in homicides and a more than 35 percent increase in shots fired this year compared to 2021.

For example, a pair of incidents that happened within weeks of each other in June where a man was shot and killed following an altercation, and two people were fatally shot just feet from their children by one of their current partners.

In another example, a man fired several shots from an apartment balcony near the Hollywood Famers Market. Robbery and theft have also increased, jumping by nearly 20 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has warned the public of follow-home robberies, a recent trend that contributes to the 19.4 percent increase in robberies and the 24.7 percent jump in reported thefts.

The City Council has signed off on a motion by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell to give an additional $216,000 to the LAPD’s Hollywood Division to add additional officers to patrol the streets. O’Farrell said in a statement:

“Today’s unanimous approval of enhanced safety measures in Hollywood will make a world of difference for residents, workers and visitors impacted by crime.

We’re investing in a holistic approach to public safety. One that brings unarmed service providers, residents, businesses and LAPD to the table so that we can create safer neighborhoods and communities.”

The demand for public safety has exceeded the available resources in Hollywood and that is why O’Farrell put forth the motion. The motion said, in part:

“Hollywood is as diverse, if no more, than any other part of the city itself, and having more resources concentrated in this area would be beneficial to ensuring public safety, particularly to the most vulnerable of society.”

He added:

“If you plan to come to Hollywood to commit crime, you are not welcome. All Angelenos should feel safe where they live and work.”

Blake Chow, LAPD deputy chief, said in a statement:

“People need to feel safe when they’re in Hollywood. We’re thankful to Council Member O’Farrell for these additional resources and look forward to quickly putting them to use to prevent, deter and address crime.”

About a week before the City Council approved the increase in funding for LAPD, the department shifted about 200 officers to Hollywood as residents continued to report a spike in crime.

To many, Hollywood is known around the world as the entertainment capital, but locals see it as a place where violent crime often supersedes its glitzy reputation. Cathy Hood, a resident said:

“I’m here as a resident, a concerned resident. I don’t feel 100 percent safe.”

Complaints like hers are what spurred the LAPD to add hundreds of officers to Hollywood in a force ramp-up that began nearly seven months ago. Chow said:

“That’s really basically about 200 more officers out on the street here on Hollywood Boulevard. They’re going to be on foot, they’re going to be in patrol cars, they’re going to be on horseback, they’re going to be on bikes.”

O’Farrell said that criminals may have the perception that local prosecutors are not going after them, but stated that is not the case. He said:

“If you come here to commit crime, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted, you will be jailed or imprisoned. There is no permissiveness in Hollywood. We’re not going to permit or tolerate that.”

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