Rioters target law enforcement at ICE facility in Portland, shut down road, light fires – only one person arrested


PORTLAND, OR – On the evening of January 27th, rioters in Portland decided to once again target law enforcement officers outside of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement building within the city.

While the terms “Portland” and “riot” have been coupled together to the point of ad nauseum, it seems as though agitators within the city just won’t let up.

According to a press release from the Portland Police Bureau, a large group had gathered at approximately 9:51 p.m. outside of the ICE facility located within the 4300 block of South Macadam Ave.

Those from within the group started engaging in the likes of blocking traffic, rearranging construction cones and street barriers in an effort to section off their demonstration.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. that evening, this group had managed to set a dumpster ablaze and pushed said dumpster in front of the ICE facility.

Officials say that federal officers responded and were working to drive the crowd away from the burning dumpster so that way Portland Fire and Rescue could make sure that the fire was put out.

Roughly 30 minutes after the literal dumpster fire, Portland Police also arrived at the scene to help federal law enforcement in their endeavors. At roughly 30 minutes before midnight, federal offer officers were reportedly seizing projectiles from members within the crowd.

Video that was captured from the riot/protest outside of the ICE facility showed law enforcement dealing with some of these projectiles being hurled at them- one of which appears to have been a mortar style firework.

Law enforcement were collectively trying to have the crowd disperse from the area around the facility, and while doing so one individual was taken into custody.

Portland Police identified the individual arrested as 20-year-old Karl Anders Nilsson who was arrested under charges of riot, disorderly conduct, and attempted assault on a public safety officer.

According to Andy Ngo, Nilsson had been arrested in Portland back in 2020 for charges related to carrying a concealed weapon – among other charges. Nilsson’s charges from that previous case were reportedly dropped.

Sometime after the crowd had dispersed, reportedly 50 to 60 people wound up returning to the ICE facility to continue the antics of throwing projectiles at the building and also blocking traffic.

However, the crowd eventually left the area by around 12:00 a.m. with no further incidents.

Reports originally circulating allege that Portland Police utilized crowd control munitions akin to CS gas during the riot, but the Portland Police Bureau issued a correction with regard to those rumors noting that only one 40mm less lethal round was used by police.

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Speaking of Portland and riots – one woman who was alleged to have engaged in riotous behavior back in 2020 in Portland has just had her charges resurrected. 

We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on this former high school teacher getting hit with numerous charges in a indictment handed down earlier in January. 

Here’s that previous report. 


PORTLAND, OR – According to reports, a 29-year-old former substitute teacher and school volleyball coach has been indicted for her alleged criminal activity during a riot that transpired on August 6th of 2020 in Portland.

And what’s all the more interesting in this case, it turns out that the charges were initially dropped against the former substitute teacher in 2020 – but were resurrected and returned as an indictment in January of 2021.

The day following the August 6th, 2020 riot in Portland, the Portland Police Bureau released a detailed account of what transpired in the city and the names and ages of those arrested from same said riot.

Among the names listed, and alleged offenses cited, was that of Malia Trammell (which the initial release spelled her last name as “Treammell”).

According to the PPB, Trammell was arrested and charged with rioting, third-degree escape, first-degree criminal mischief, and interfering with a police officer.

And despite the rather severe nature of the alleged charges, the suspect was initially released without bail and her charges were later dropped by District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

However, five months later – these charges cropped back up, and now Trammel is also facing an additional charge that came back on the returned indictment from a grand jury on January 8th of 2021.

On January 20th, Trammell was arraigned for the above listed charges (with the criminal mischief being downgraded to second-degree) and also felony identity theft.

The background on the suspects alleged criminal conduct from August 6th proclaims that Trammell was part and parcel to a group of rioters who were using metal spikes, referred to as caltrops, to puncture Portland Police vehicle tires while a riot was transpiring outside of the police station.

Trammell was alleged to have used one of these caltrops to compromise one of the tires on the PPB sound truck on August 6th, which said vehicle is utilized to make various announcements via loudspeaker when instances such as civil unrest or riots occur.

Picture of damaged tire on Portland Police vehicle from the evening of August 6, 2020 – Portland Police

When officers on the ground attempted to arrest Trammell, she was alleged to have slipped out of her backpack that was being held onto and make a break for it – but only briefly.

After the suspect had turned a corner on foot, she reportedly fell and was subsequently arrested.

Police allegedly recovered numerous crudely constructed caltrops from her backpack – which the PPB did showcase the type of caltrops that were seized during that evening of rioting via their August 7th, 2020 press release.

Backpack containing caltrops seized by Portland Police on the evening of Aug. 6, 2020 – Portland Police

While little details have been released as to why the charges were reinstated, and thus a grand jury indictment is being honored by the District Attorney, these latest charging documents also accuse Trammell of providing a false identity to authorities.

Considering the suspects past exploits as an educator, Fox News had reached out to the Gladstone School District in Oregon to determine Trammell’s employment status with the school district.

From what the outlet says of the school district’s response, Trammell was noted as being, “an occasional substitute teacher and a part time assistant volleyball coach,” but hasn’t done any of the sort since November of 2019.

Further public records do show that Trammell was regarded as the aforementioned, specifically noting that she was a “long term substitute science teacher” at Gladstone High School.

Trammell is slated for her next court appearance on March 10th.

Although it’s a new year, things in Portland haven’t changed much since riots and protests became a practically cadenced occurrence within the city during the summer of 2020. 


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