Rioters storm public safety building, attack officers after police arrest a man – three cops hospitalized


Rochester, NY – Two Rochester police officers were assaulted and a third was injured earlier this week when rioters stormed the Rochester Public Safety building, forcing their way inside.

All three officers were hospitalized as a result of the attacks, the Rochester Police Department said in a press release early on October 14, 2020.

The details on how badly the officers’ injuries have yet to be released.

The rioters were part of a protest that erupted after the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested Nicholas Wilt, 50, a Brighton resident, in nearby Webster on Tuesday.

While the deputies were arresting Wilt, they learned he had an outstanding warrant.

The warrant stemmed from a protest.

Several have been held in Webster to demand the resignation of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, a resident of Webster. Additionally, protestors wanted to decry injustice following the death of Daniel Prude.

Wilt was picked up on a bench warrant, which said he failed to show up for court on charges related to a protest in Webster last month.

After the warrant was served, police determined the bench warrant was issued incorrectly. Wilt had been given an appearance ticket for October 22.

Not September 22, as the judge who issued the bench warrant had believed.

The Rochester Police Department said:

“It appears the bench warrant was issued erroneously when Mr. Wilt failed to appear in court on September 22. RPD will be working with Rochester City Court to determine how this error occurred, and to determine ways we can prevent future occurrences.”

Nicolas Wilt’s wife, Robin, who serves on the Brighton Town Board, said she showed police the appearance ticket with the correct date. However, her husband would remain in jail for hours.

Robin Wilt said:

“If this could happen to this privileged white male, it can happen to any of us and that should send fear into our hearts.”

After Wilt was taken to the Rochester Public Safety Building a group of people arrived to protest his arrest. The protesters descended on the Building to denounce what they claimed was an illegal arrest.

The Rochester Police Department continued:

“Individuals arrived at the Public Safety Building to protest his arrest and entered the building. While inside the building, at least one of the protesters assaulted a Rochester Police Sergeant and another officer with a weapon.”

The protesters entered the building. While inside, Jordan Hughes, 26, assaulted a Rochester Police sergeant and another officer with a weapon. Officers did not specify what the weapon was or how it was used in the alleged assault.

Hughes was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree assault.

The sergeant and officer, along with another officer, were rushed to a nearby hospital to be treated for their injuries. They have since been released.

Police said they are working with Rochester City Court to determine what happened to make such an embarrassing error in serving the warrant.  They don’t want to make the same mistake again.  Robin Wilt said she believes this incident is bigger than just a clerical error. Robin said:

“The focus should be on RPD and their processes and how this could happen and how many more erroneous bench warrants are out there in the public. We don’t know, because they haven’t told us why this occurred.”


Mike Mazzeo, president of the Rochester Police Locust Club, indicated that Wilt had to be taken into police custody for the mistake to be resolved. Mazzo explained:

“The police officer who is out there locates a warrant and has to serve it. You have no choice in it. Corrections have to be made administratively and that’s certainly above any police officer working in the street.”

Nicholas Wilt was released just before midnight. Wilt said:

“I would’ve been in jail until 9:30 in the morning if they hadn’t shown up at the Public Safety Building and I’m very grateful for that.”

Mazzeo believes Rochester is at a point for change, but injuries on either side won’t do any good. He said:

“I think together and jointly change can be made and certainly policing should be dictated by society. Police shouldn’t dictate what policing looks like and that’s understandably and now it’s time to get to work and make some change.”

At the end of the day, it was a mistake.

Armed robbery suspect shoots officer, full-time EMT during traffic stop. Where’s Black Lives Matter?

MANGHAM, LA – Once again, we find an individual with absolutely no concern for anyone other than themselves, who is willing to end someone else’s life rather than face accountability for their choices and actions. 

A source close to Law Enforcement Today informed us that early Saturday afternoon an officer initiated what he believed was a routine traffic stop after he witnessed a speeding vehicle.

Little did he know that he pulled over a man that had allegedly just finished robbing a pharmacy in Rayville, 12 miles north of the stop.

As the officer exited his patrol car on the side of Highway 425, the suspect stepped out of his vehicle and opened fire, striking the Mangham city officer just below the vest. 

He jumped back in the car, which is believed to have been stolen during the robbery, and fled the scene. 

The officer was airlifted to Rapides Regional Medical Center, where he still remains in critical condition. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with this officer, his family and the other law enforcement agencies in the area. 

The suspect, 27-year-old Hermandus Dashanski Semien continued south before finally being captured on Highway 562, approximately 22 miles from the shooting near Fort Necessity, LA. 

He was captured after crashing the stolen vehicle and multiple law enforcement agencies combining efforts converged, getting him off the street and behind bars. 

Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office has custody of Semien, who was armed when they apprehended him. He has been charged with armed robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, and attempted murder of a police officer. 

He may face other charges as the investigation continues. The charge of attempted murder will obviously change if the wounded officer succumbs to his injuries. 

It is not currently known if bail has been set or when Semien is set to appear in court.  

Law Enforcement Today spoke with the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office late Saturday. They had no new updates on the officer’s condition, and could not tell us the officer’s name or how long he has been with the Mangham Police Department. Calls to the police department were answered by the RPSO. 

We also spoke with the hospital in Alexandria. They were unable to provide any details due to HIPAA . We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide as they become available. 

However, The News Star reported that the officer was a full-time EMT and a part time officer. 

“Northeast Louisiana Ambulance spokesperson Shane Scott confirmed Marshall Waters, a full-time EMT with NELA EMS and part-time police officer at Mangham, was airlifted to Rapides Medical Center following the shooting. Waters is based at NELA’s Rayville station.

‘Shortly before 7 p.m. (Saturday), Marshall underwent emergency surgery to repair a hemorrhaging femoral artery,’ Scott said. ‘The surgery was successful, and the bleeding is controlled. Aside from the vascular hemorrhage, he has suffered life-threatening injuries. His condition is extremely critical. We are thankful for his medical team at Rapides Regional Medical Center — and we are cautiously optimistic.

He is an individual who spends most, if not all, of his time dedicated to public service and public safety,” Scott explained, also asking members of the community to keep Waters in their prayers.'” 

UPDATE: 7:00 p.m. — The bleeding is controlled. UPDATE: 6:45 p.m. — Marshall is undergoing emergency surgery to…

Posted by Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service on Saturday, October 17, 2020


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CHICAGO, IL – An off duty Cook County Probation Officer, eight months pregnant with her third child, was shot to death outside of her South Side Home on October 13th

Chicago Police reported that they responded to the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood after receiving a ShotSpotter alert that three gunshots had been fired in the area just after midnight.  Sadly, upon their arrival, they located Officer Stacey Jones, unresponsive on the porch of East 95th Place. 

Jones, a mother of two and in her late stage of pregnancy, had two bullet wounds. 

A neighbor, Elliott Cobb said:

“They weren’t quick shots, we heard three measured shots, and whoever did it, wanted to do it.”

Another neighbor, Alan Jones, claimed he never heard any signs of any distress coming from Jones’ home, only the gun shots. 

He said:

“No screaming, no noise, just two shots.”

After Jones’ was located, she was rushed to the University of Chicago Hospital for medical treatment in critical condition.  Sadly, she was not able to be saved by doctors and was pronounced deceased.

Doctors were able to deliver the baby.  The baby is being held in the Comer Children’s Hospital, and is listed in critical condition.

The Chief Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, Timothy Evans, noted that Jones had been an officer there for Adult probationers since April of 2019. 

He said:

“Our thoughts go out to her family, colleagues and friends at this difficult time.”

Claudia Martin started one of two GoFundMe pages for Jones’ family during this difficult time. 

On the page, Martin says:

“Stacey Jones was a loving mother of two children whose life was cut short by a senseless act of violence.  She was pregnant with her third child who was delivered and remains in the Comer Children’s Hospital in critical condition. 

“Stacey was a Cook County Adult Probation Officer who worked with offenders providing resources, monitoring and guidance in an effort to assist them in changing their lives.  This page has been set to help pay for funeral expenses, medical care for her newborn, as well as provide for her children’s education.”

A friend of Jones, Nicholas Minor, spoke about the tragic murder of his friend and coworker:

“This is truly, like, tragedy; just waking up to hear this news that your coworker that you see every single day is gone…I just saw her on Friday, and she was telling me how happy she was that she was about to have a baby…

“Stacy was a very perky person, you knw, always had a smile every morning coming to work.  Every day, every time I saw her she’d say, ‘Hi Nick!’”

Minor spoke about the loss of Stacy to her friends and her work in saying that Jones loved what she did, but her pride was her children.  He noted that not only did the murderer steal her life, but he or she robbed her children of a loving and proud mother. 

Another neighbor, Tracy Hancock, lost a niece to gun violence in 2012.  Learning of Jones’ death hit a nerve with her. 

She said:

“She [her niece] left four kids that we had to raise, and they’re still traumatized.  This touched me really bad, in my heart, in my stomach.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I heard it at 6 o’clock in this morning.  I’m praying for the baby, that the baby comes through.”

Chicago Police advised that Area Two detectives are currently assigned to the case, and they have yet to release any possible motive.  However, they did note that they discovered graffiti on the side of Jones’ apartment which had a negative racial term, however, they believe that it was placed there to distract them from their investigation.


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