‘Peaceful protestors’ in Baltimore vandalize Fraternal Order of Police building, burn their American flag


BALTIMORE, MD – In the recent months following the death of George Floyd, pretty much anything that is police-related that suggests police officers do good has managed to get targeted by rioters.

Such as the July 25th vandalism that the Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore City Lodge 3 building was subjected to.

A mix of roughly 100 protesters, vandals, and agitators were trying to emulate the antics seen in Portland lately, as they were said to have gathered for a protest in Hampden advertised as a “sit-in with solidarity” of Portland online.

From there, the group were yelling out the chants that have become rather cliché as of late, clamoring the likes of “black lives matter,” and shouting George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s names. The crowd then set their sights on the Baltimore Police FOP Lodge on Buena Vista Avenue.

Miscreants from the group began spray painting the building with messages like “defund the police,” and someone also spray painted “am I next,” in the middle of the roadway.

An American flag was also said to have been burned as well at the scene.

According to a statement released by the Baltimore FOP president, Mike Mancuso, that burned flag actually belonged to the FOP:

“Last night, anarchists attacked Baltimore City FOP Lodge #3 by defacing our building and burning out American flag.

“This was an attack on not only our building but also on the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, both active and retired.

“No losers who live in their Mommy and Daddy’s basements will ever be able to deter us in our mission.”

The FOP president also noted that while the police commissioner managed to make himself available for the likes of kneeling with protesters – Commissioner Harrison has been relatively absent as of late when it comes to supporting the Baltimore Police Department:

“[Commissioner Harrison is] a complete no show; not even a simple phone call or text. While I understand his slight to me, the incredible disrespect he’s shown to our membership is unconscionable and I can promise that it will be remembered.

“Baltimore City and it’s Police Officers deserve better than a completely ineffective leader who disappears when leadership is required.”

Police helicopters were reported as hovering over the group of protesters and vandals for at least 40 minuets during the evening. Upon the arrival of the Maryland State Police, it was noted, the crowd dispersed.

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While FOP President Mancuso noted that the police commissioner is seemingly absent and non-supportive of police, you’ve got Baltimore City Council members suggesting that fallen officer memorials should be removed. 

Baltimore City Councilman Ryan Dorsey drew the ire of the police in Baltimore City as well as Governor Larry Hogan’s.  Recently, Dorsey made comments that some took as a call to remove a fallen police officer memorial in Baltimore City.  Dorsey claims his comments were taken out of context and not factually correct. 

The comments in question, which have since been removed from Twitter, was the following question:

“How is it that with all the attention given to the Columbus monuments, and as consistently awful as the FOP is, how is the FOP Memorial not on the list of monuments to remove?” 

Seeing the social media post, Governor Hogan, a Republican, responded to the tweet in kind, stating:

“I am disgusted by Baltimore City Councilman Ryan Dorsey’s vile remarks about removing the public memorial saluting Baltimore’s fallen police officers, which was funded and championed by family members. 

“I have spoken at the funerals of numerous fallen heroes across our state, and I am moved time and time again by the unwavering commitment and dedication of the brave men and women who serve and protect our communities. 

“Though recent weeks have prompted a discussion about how we should remember controversial historical figures, there is nothing controversial about honoring heroes who have lost their lives protecting the rest of us.  Councilman Dorsey’s remarks are shameful, and he owes an apology to the families of the fallen officers.” 

Dorsey responded to the Governor’s comments stating:

“I invite everyone to actually read my comments.  At no time have I called for the removal of either of the City’s memorials to police officers and I’m not now calling for that.  My original comment was a question inviting debate and nothing more, and I’ve been clear that I was motivated by my critique of the conduct of the FOP.” 

Dorsey invites all of us to read the comments he made because he was misunderstood, yet he deleted them off of his Twitter account, curious.

Following up on his stance, Dorsey tweeted, (a tweet that has not been deleted yet), states:

“FOP3 is a toxic, divisive organization.  FOP3 attacks and tears down every effort to reform BPD.  FOP3 wages an endless war against anyone who dares speak out against police corruption, misconduct, and abuse, including its own officers. 

FOP3 defends and encourages unconstitutional conduct by its officers…..Why would such an organization have a monument in Baltimore City?”

Regardless of whether or not the FOP owned the memorial which sits across the street from the Baltimore Police Department, it was erected for the sole purpose of honoring police officers who were killed in the line of duty. 

Anyone asking why a memorial, regardless of who it is for, is not on a list to be torn down and removed is mind boggling. 

Once Dorsey learned that the memorial was actually funded by and through the officer’s families, he seemed okay with it, however, he now wants a memorial erected in Baltimore to ‘honor’ those killed by police.

FOP Union President Mike Mancuso responded to the comments made by Dorsey.  In a letter posted to Twitter, Mancuso advises that the union attorneys to send two letters, one is a “Maryland Public Information Act request to the BPD involving Councilman Ryan Dorsey and the second is a letter to PC Harrison advising him of Dorsey’s veiled threats to our Baltimore City Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty.” 

Recently, the memorial itself was vandalized with someone spray painting “I can’t breathe” on the base.  The graffiti has been removed and there have been no arrests made in the case. 


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