Store after store targeted, destroyed by rioters in Seattle. But President Trump is the problem for wanting to end it?


SEATTLE, WA –  More damage. More fires. Wednesday night saw more of the same violent and destructive behaviors in Capitol Hill. Somewhere between 100 to 150 protesters roamed through the neighborhood, leaving their marks of wreckage behind.

Breakdown of the night’s incidents:

9:00pm- Rioters gather at Cal Anderson Park. Shortly after, the first two businesses targeted were the E Olive Way Starbucks and Uncle Ike’s. Fortunately for the soon-to-be open business, Uncle Ike’s, their second brush with fire did not include damage this time around.

Seattle Fire was able to extinguish the small fire located inside the building in a quick manner.

As the group of rioters moved through town, The Blu Dot and Neko Cat Café became the next victims of looting, property damage, and arson. And, it did not stop there.

Rove Vintage Store’s windows were busted in. It is reported that individuals from the group gathered clothing and other items from the store and began setting the merchandise on fire.

Unable to satisfy their desire for destruction, the group again moved to another area.

Using baseball bats and pipes to break windows, the group began throwing fireworks into stores while continuing to loot. Likelihood, a high-end shoe store, was also reported broken into and looted.

After damaging two banks, the group returned to Cal Anderson Park, which concluded the night’s events.

This is, unfortunately, becoming the new normal for residents of Capitol Hill.

It seems unlikely there will be positive forward movement with the continuation in vandalism of local businesses. The protesters demand the defunding of police to lessen the possibility of negative interaction between citizens and officers.

The irony being, committing crimes elevates the need of police presence. 

The crimes that occurred Wednesday night warranted a large presence of officers. Fortunately, no officers were injured. 

Seattle is not alone in its rise of violent crime. New York and Chicago saw a rise in its gun violence over the weekend according to The Washington Post. The president has called for a “surge” of federal security forces to cities such as Chicago.

In his latest attempt to restore order, President Trump has announced Operation LeGend. Four-year-old LeGend Taliferro, whom the operation is named after, was shot and killed while sleeping in his home in Kansas in June.

This operation calls on agents from the FBI, Marshals Service, and other federal agencies to work alongside local officers to create an anti-crime task force.

It should come as no surprise that there are those in opposition to increasing the company of law enforcement agents including governors and local officials. However, there will be notable differences between the motives of agents sent to various locations.

US Attorney General William Barr said federal agents would be involved in “classic crime fighting,” unlike the deployment of Department of Homeland Security agents which were sent to “defend against riots and mob violence” in Portland.

In spite of fierce opposition at first, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said:

“We welcome actual partnership, but we do not welcome dictatorship.”

She further stated:

“We’re not going to allow the unconstitutional, state-sanctioned lawlessness we saw brought to Portland here in Chicago.”

While noting the major distinctions of need for federal agents in Portland versus other areas, one thing is clear: The need for federal intervention is great. 

Since its inception a few weeks ago, Operation LeGend has sent over 200 federal agents to Kansas City and has correspondingly made 200 arrests. President Trump and Attorney General Barr would like to see that same success in Portland, Chicago and Albuquerque next.

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Here’s more on Portland.
Looks like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler caught the bad end of both the protesters (actually, rioters, if we’re being honest) as well as federal authorities on the evening of July 22nd.

Shortly after midnight on July 23rd, authorities declared a riot in the city.  

Mayor Wheeler just couldn’t catch a break between the evening of July 22nd and the early morning hours of July 23rd.

Reports say that a crowd of protesters booed him, chants for his resignation were screamed, and he even managed to get a fresh taste of tear gas when he antagonized federal agents.

When Mayor Wheeler was trying to gain the support from the crowd, he addressed the protesters saying that he was against the presence of federal law enforcement within the city, saying the following:

“I think what we’re doing tonight is actually the best thing we can do right now. Be here, be heard, be unified, and be clear. We didn’t want them, we didn’t ask for them, they’re not trained for what they’re being asked to do. And we want them to leave.”

Thereafter, the mayor was reported as addressing an even larger crowd, delivering the words that can apparently end racism:

“I am here tonight to stand with you. Black lives matter!”

Apparently, the mayor screaming “black lives matter” just wasn’t good enough for the mob (since, clearly, we’ve seen that’s not actually what they’re about). Now the mayor started saying that he was going to attempt to have federal agents removed from the city in an effort to appease the clamoring crowd.

Indeed – the crowd still jeered him and cursed at him repeatedly.  

But when Mayor Wheeler said he wouldn’t commit to abolishing the police – as the black lives matter crowd hosted a projection of their list of demands – he was admonished by the hoodlums even more.

Oh, and among those listed demands projected on the wall was the mayor’s resignation.

Despite his lack of support, Mayor Wheeler decided to join along with the crowd of miscreants to post up in front of the federal courthouse. The same federal courthouse that has had the likes of federal agents making sure that no more vandalism and rioting takes place on federal property.

Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next.

Mayor Wheeler got a fresh taste of tear gas alongside all the others chanting and trying to tear down the fencing protecting the federal courthouse.

Even after trying to join in alongside the mob of miscreants – people still were giving Wheeler a hard time as someone from inside the mob threw something at the mayor.

After it was all said and done, Mayor Wheeler had had enough protesting for the night, and decided it was time to escape. However, the crowd was not feeling that in the least, and several people began crowding around the mayor and screaming – with some getting physically aggressive with his security details.

Yet, there are still people who claim that everything was sunshine and rainbows in Portland before the feds came in and started enacting arrests. People are pretending as if there wasn’t rioting in the streets before the feds came in.

Things have escalated to the point that outside observers can’t even tell what exactly the agenda is of these rioters in Portland – aside, perhaps, from perpetuating chaos.

Furthermore, people are starting to get tired of the “peaceful protest” clamoring- likening it to gaslighting whenever it is being spread online and in the media.

The notion of a “mostly peaceful protest” that people keep hearing about also happens to coincide with the same protests that turn violent, riotous, and ends in firebombs and vandalism. Ben Shapiro said it best when referring to how the media covers these protests:

“First of all, ‘mostly peaceful’ is the most — it’s the loosest, most loosely defined, arbitrarily applied term in history… O.J. Simpson was mostly peaceful that night — for like an hour and 15, he was really not peaceful — but for the other hours between sunset and sunrise, he was unbelievably peaceful.”

Shapiro continued his thoughts on the bad framing of what these protests really are:

“Like, I’ve never heard this term before, where a protest turns into a vast riot — you know, wrecking all of Melrose — and everybody’s like, ‘Well, it was mostly peaceful.’ Well, what the — what is that?”

Maybe Mayor Wheeler will have a different outlook on these rioters taking over the streets after getting a dose of how they truly feel about him.

Then again, maybe not.

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