Rioters destroying Portland being snatched up by federal law enforcement and are now crying about it.


PORTLAND, OR. – In Portland, the likes of riots and protests have been in full swing for several weeks – and now miscreants participating in the antics are upset that they’re getting arrested. Some have even referred to their arrests as being “kidnapped.”

Federal law enforcement officers have been taking a firm stance against the proverbial mob that has been present in Portland over the past few weeks, with Homeland Security Director Chad Wolf noting that federal facilities will be protected from the likes of bad actors.

A video that has been making the rounds online has proponents of groups like Antifa proclaiming that police making arrests is somehow “authoritarian” with even Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley clamoring how bad it is that people manage to get arrested during protests:

“Authoritarian governments, not democratic republics, send unmarked authorities after protesters. These Trump/Barr tactics designed to eliminate any accountability are absolutely unacceptable in America, and must end.”

The irony is that the “unmarked authorities” that Senator Merkley is complaining about in the video clearly have the words “police” on their chest plate. That usually means they’re marked.

The local Fox station managed to track down one of the protesters present during the events that have unfolded over the past few weeks in Portland, where the news crew asked for his take on the recent arrests.

According to the protester interviewed, apparently they’re demanding that people stop getting arrested:

“We have a demand…our demand is that, um, the police…uhhh…uhhh…stop, um, these unlawful arrests of protesters – they’re doing snatch-and-grab-tactics now. Where they’re putting people in cars without even telling them why they’re arrested. Um, they’ll just attack a line of protesters – grab a person and put them into an unmarked vehicle without even…without even giving charges. That’s really scary.”

So long as protests turn into riots, these “activists” can count on getting arrested or detained. And have we been keeping up on Portland here at Law Enforcement Today.

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Here’s the most recent report on some of these “peaceful” demonstrations.

Demonstrations have entered a seventh consecutive week in Portland. This includes a clash that lasted into Tuesday morning in which demonstrators and cops faced off for hours at a police union building in  North Portland. 

Tuesday evening, the Portland Police Department took to Twitter to declare the protests a riot, tweeting:

“A riot has been declared. Everyone needs to disperse immediately and leave to the East.”

Monday marked the 46th consecutive night of demonstrations in the city which authorities said have cost $23 million in damages and lost revenue to businesses in the downtown area.

In addition to declaring a riot, the Portland Police sent out another tweet saying their officers have been hit with paint, ball bearings, and glass bottles, which they added are criminal acts.

Police repeatedly ordered the crowd to disperse and threatened to use tear gas, but ultimately did not.

Monday’s events, the latest after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day, followed a similar incident over the weekend, when a federal officer protecting a courthouse was hit in the head with a hammer.

Damages reached an estimated $50,000 when rioters attempted to break through the court’s doors, local NBC affiliate KGW reported.

Police were able to arrest a 23-year-old from Texas on assault charges.

The officer injured was one of many federal law enforcement agents called in to help settle the mayhem, deployed earlier this month among a dozen agencies and departments sent by the Department of Homeland Security, Fox News said.

Federal officers from the U.S. Marshals, the Federal Protective Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection have moved through the city to protect federal property such as Mark. O Hatfield Federal Courthouse, Pioneer Courthouse, and the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building as well as Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler has criticized the decision to send in federal officers, accusing President Donald Trump of escalating the violence.

Wheeler tweeted out that the president did not quell the violence, instead saying:

“His heavy-handed tactics led to a serious injury and enflamed (sic) an already tense situation.”

Just last week, Portland’s Deputy Chief Chris Davis defended what some have called aggressive tactics by the department.

Refusing to label the demonstrators as “protesters,” Davis referred to them as “agitators.”

He said:

“There’s a very big difference between protests and the kind of mayhem that we see every night. You’re going to hear me make a lot of effort not to refer to what we’re talking about here as protests, because protests and this are two different things.”

The press conference, which was organized by Mayor Wheeler’s office, highlighted the divide of many city officials.

Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty and Chloe Eudaly have continually questioned police tactics in handling the events of the recent weeks, the police have amped up their criticism of the riots.

Tim Becker, the mayor’s spokesman, mentioned in a statement that the mayor is “supportive of the intent” of Davis’ presentation, which described “what’s happening every night from an operational standpoint.”

Davis offered support for the Black Lives Matter movement and peaceful protesters during his press conference.

He also displayed the infographic for protest roles created by the Hong Kong “freedom fighters” who are protesting to remain autonomous from China’s authority.

Davis’ presentation followed a press conference in which Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner said the union had issued a no-confidence vote against the City Council to “stop the rioting and looting and protect the safety and livelihoods of all Portlanders.”

Turner said:

“If City Council won’t stand up for Portland, we will.” 

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