Police station, businesses targeted by rioters after cops shoot man armed with a knife


TIGARD, OR – The fatal police shooting of a 26-year-old man armed with a knife sparked a night of rioting in Tigard, Oregon. The rioters targeted the police station and local businesses.

A group of about 100 protesters marked along Main Street around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night, protesting the shooting death of Jacob Macduff during a domestic dispute the night before. The shooting happened near Southwest Hall and Southwest Bonita Road in the city.

Police were dispatched to Edgewood Manor Apartments at approximately 4 p.m. Wednesday for a report of a domestic dispute. Tigard Police Department spokesman Kelsey Anderson said police tried to arrest Macduff as he was trying to flee the scene in a vehicle.

Anderson said Macduff refused to surrender. Macduff was armed with a knife and struggled with officers. During the struggle, an officer shot Macduff. He died at the scene.

The shooting is being investigated by the Washington County Major Crimes Team.

Shortly after the shooting, Portland protest groups began advertising a “direct action” march for Thursday. The advertisements on social media claimed that “cops shouldn’t respond to mental health calls.”

Protesters said that Macduff had a history of mental illness, and criticized the police response as “police brutality.”

Protesters marched along Main Street where many businesses had boarded up their shops in anticipation of the protest. As the protesters marched, police mostly avoided the area. Protesters spray-painted anti-police messages on boarded-up shops, and one person painted an anti-police slogan on a trailer.

During the 15-minute march, business windows were smashed and other public and private property were damaged, according to news reports and photographs of the scene.

The marchers approached the Tigard Police Station, where officers were positioned. Some protesters began smashing windows at the station, and police declared a riot. By 9 p.m., one man was arrested, and the crowd withdrew to a vigil near the complex where Macduff was killed.

20-year-old Zane Saleem Bsoul was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit riot.

Police said the rioters caused significant damage to the Tigard Police Department, City Hall, Permit Center, and several blocks of the downtown business district.  Police report that more than 20 windows were smashed on public buildings. They described the damage and graffiti as “extensive.”

Tigard Police Chief Kathy McAlpine said she was upset by the riot and that local businesses deserve better:

“The crimes that took place in Tigard last night will not be tolerated. These moments in time require investigations. They also require us to understand outrage and how that’s expressed. We understand anger. We understand frustration. We cannot accept random property damage and threats of violence to be the form of that outcry for justice.”

Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton and Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett released a statement Friday:

“While we respect the right to free speech and peaceful assembly afforded under the First Amendment, we will not tolerate illegal behavior demonstrated by some individuals in Tigard on Thursday night. Rioting, vandalism, and property destruction are criminal acts and will be prosecuted in Washington County. We stand with the people and business owners of Tigard whose property was damaged in last night’s riot.

“As business owners continue to grapple with the economic impacts of COVID-19, they should also not be dealing with rioting, vandalism, and property destruction.

“The Tigard Police Department is now investigating any and all criminal acts associated with Thursday’s riot. The Washington County District Attorney’s Office will aggressively prosecute cases referred to our office by Tigard police.”

Tigard is located about 12 miles from Portland, the scene of repeated violent riots and protests which began following the police killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

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Portland Mayor Wheeler now being physically attacked, punched by the very rioters he’s coddled for years

January 9, 2021


When you “sleep with the enemy,” you can expect to get burnt. And Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler just learned that lesson the hard way, when he was attacked in a Portland restaurant.

Wheeler, who spent at least 4-5 months coddling sometimes violent protesters in that city, was first heckled as he sat in an outdoor dining area at Café Nell while he was dining with a companion on Wednesday, according to the Oregonian who cited a statement from Wheeler’s spokesman Jim Middaugh.

Middaugh noted that Wheeler tried to ignore the mob, however they eventually “pushed their way past restaurant employees” and confronted him.

BLM-antifa extremists confronted Portland mayor Ted Wheeler while he was dining out last night. Serial-riot arrestee Tracy Molina was part of the mob. Shortly after this video, he was punched. #antifa pic.twitter.com/hcVWJdJKcd

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) January 7, 2021

The New York Post said Wheeler asked the mob to leave, at which time one member of the group started being aggressive toward Wheeler, what was described as “swatting” at him, and finally “made physical contact with him,” Middaugh said.

On a video of the incident, Wheeler can be heard saying that he had been assaulted.

In yet another video of the incident, the person taking the video was asked by Wheeler how old they were and told them to grow up.

“You are going to be made to feel like the scum you are,” the individual yelled at Wheeler before the group was finally convinced to leave, according to the Oregonian.

Wheeler managed to take a picture of his alleged attacker, a social justice warrior named Tracy Molina, who has been a steady participant in the city’s violent riots against purported police violence and systemic racism.

According to Wheeler’s spokesman, he does not plan on seeking criminal charges in the incident, which comes as no surprise given Wheeler’s feckless handling of the over seven months of violent protests in the city.

“Given the tenor of political discourse nationally and locally, it’s not unusual for people to confront the mayor and other elected officials in public. It’s part of the job,” Middaugh said.

“The mayor will continue to support local restaurants and businesses as often as he can. He urges others to do the same,” he continued.

One day later, police in the suburban Portland town of Tigard declared a riot after a mob of unhinged lunatics smashed windows and sprayed graffiti in the downtown business area of the community, which has a population of 48,000.

This is just some of the damage that’s being cleaned up this evening.

A press release on tonight’s events is now available here:https://t.co/pJWWYDnNyG pic.twitter.com/Tc9yQ23or2

— Tigard Police (@TigardPolice) January 8, 2021

What spurred the violence? What else…a fatal police shooting. In this case, a 26-year-old man, Jacob Ryan McDuff was shot by police. He had been involved in a domestic violence incident.

According to KGW-8, the shooting took place late Wednesday afternoon. McDuff was armed with a knife following the domestic incident. According to police spokesperson Kelsey Anderson, officers attempted to arrest McDuff as he was leaving his vehicle; he refused demands that he surrender.

Officers found McDuff in possession of a knife, and during a subsequent struggle with police, an officer shot and killed him.

The shooting is currently under investigation by the Washington County Major Crimes Team and additional details will be released when available.

Fox News reported that law enforcement sources reported around 100 protesters were involved in the riots.

Relative to the rioting in Tigard, one person, 20-year-old Zane Saleem Bsoul was arrested and charged with one count of rioting.

Last week, Wheeler had vowed (finally) to crack down on Antifa, who have been engaged in nightly violence in the city since the end of May. They have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage since they started their nightly siege of the city.

“My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical Antifa and anarchists,” he said on Jan. 1.

“In response, it will be necessary to use additional tools and to push the limits of the tools we already have to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end,” Wheeler added.

Just in the nick of time, huh?

Wheeler narrowly won reelection last month, barely beating out an admitted Antifa anarchist, Sarah Iannarone.

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