Ring camera captures man’s threats to rape and kill woman inside her home, leads to his capture


LAS VEGAS, NV – A male suspect was arrested in Las Vegas after being caught on a Ring doorbell camera threatening to rape and kill the woman inside of the home earlier in July.

The victim who was inside of the home during the incident posted the Ring video to social media, which helped in identifying the suspect.

Amanda Nowak was alone at her home located off of South 6th Street near Charleston on July 21st when a man she didn’t know approached her front door and started talking through the front door. The unnamed suspect shown in the Ring video can be heard saying:

“I just have a couple question for you. Are you sure? Are you positive? Are you sure? Are you absolutely certain?”

Nowak says she never responded to the man at the door during his initial questioning, opting instead to call 911 and hide.

The suspect then begins to walk away when Nowak’s husband, who wasn’t home at the time of the incident, accessed the Ring doorbell and asked, “Who are you” as the suspect was initially walking off.

Turning around after hearing Nowak’s husband on the intercom, the suspect reiterates that he “had a couple of questions” and then approaches the door once again. The suspect then says, while facing the Ring device:

“Can you hear me? What I’m looking for is the girl that’s in the house, because I’m going to rape her and kill her right now. Will you have her open the door? I’m gonna rape and kill the girl that’s on the other side of this door when she lets me in. I want to rape and kill her because I have a knife and a gun. Yeah, and I’m just gonna knock on the door again. Alright.”

After saying the aforementioned, the suspect then walks away from the home.

The 911 operator stayed on the line with Nowak during the entire incident, but reportedly police never responded to her home.

The day following the incident, Nowak posted the video online which wound up leading to someone recognizing the man and police arrested him in the area of East Clark Avenue and South 3rd Street.

The suspect was booked into the Clark County Detention Center under charges of stalking, coercion, and obstructing a police officer. Police say that the suspect was booked under “John Doe” and have yet to identify him.

Authorities say that additional details will be released once they become available.

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Home surveillance systems have become all the more common in recent years – which is a good thing – and have managed to catch a myriad of criminals in the act when perpetrating offenses at someone’s doorway. 

Earlier in July, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report of a former NFL star that was arrested after being caught on video attempting to force his way into his in-laws’ home. 

Here’s that previous report. 


REDMOND, WA – Richard Sherman, a free-agent cornerback and 10-year NFL veteran, was released from King County Correctional Facility without bail Thursday after a confrontation with his in-laws led to resisting arrest and injuries to himself and a police officer.

A home surveillance video of Richard Sherman’s confrontation at his in-laws’ house has emerged, capturing the moment on Wednesday morning when he attempted to open a locked door, shouted for his father-in-law to come outside, and then tried to force his way inside.

The occupants of the home could be heard screaming inside the home as Sherman again attempts to force his way into the home while repeatedly yelling, “Come through.”

Eventually, Sherman, 33, gives up and walks away. He stumbled as he walked.

Police responded to the disturbance and arrested Sherman later that day. During the arrest, police say Sherman resisted police, resulting in injuries to both himself and a Redmond officer.

In a statement at a press conference following the arrest, police said Sherman physically resisted officers’ attempts to take him into custody. Sherman was injured when a police dog bit him in the leg during the arrest.

Police said that when they located Sherman, they initially spoke with him. Redmon Police Chief Darrell Lowe said that while police were questioning Sherman, he began to walk away against police orders.

Lowe said police attempted to make physical contact with Sherman, who then resisted arrest. During the arrest, a Redmond officer also sustained minor injuries.

He faces charges of criminal trespassing, malicious mischief, driving under the influence, and resisting arrest, all misdemeanors, while a felony charge of “burglary domestic violence” has been dropped.

Sherman is scheduled to appear in court Friday at 8:30 a.m. for a second hearing.

King County District Court Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai declined to set $10,000 bail, which was requested by prosecutors. In releasing Sherman, Masaniai called him a “pillar of the community” and noted it was his first arrest.

Sherman’s attorney argued before the court that Sherman was not contesting the probable cause, but asked that he be released without bail, noting his good works in the community, including founding the Blanket Coverage Foundation, a charity that provides low-income students with school supplies and clothes.

Attorney Cooper Offenbecher said:

“Richard Sherman is among the best in our community. He is a good person and a good soul. He is taking these allegations very seriously.”

Sherman was ordered not to have contact with his father-in-law, and that he was not to use alcohol or prescription drugs.

Sherman’s wife, Ashley Sherman, supported her husband in a statement issued following the hearing:

“I love and support my husband. I am committed to helping Richard get the support and care that he needs. Richard has always been a loving father and husband. And we are looking forward to seeing him at home with his family.”

Further details about the night and early morning of the incident came to light following the hearing.

According to police reports, Sherman was drunk and mentioned killing himself when he left his Seattle home late Tuesday night. His wife called 911 to try and stop the football star.

Police said Sherman had crashed his car in a construction site and walked to the in-law’s home. As Sherman attempted to force his way inside the home, his father-in-law, Raymond Moss, said he had armed himself with a handgun and sprayed pepper spray at Sherman in an attempt to protect his family.

Another daughter of Moss, who was inside the home, called 911 pleading for the police to come quickly. She told her children to hide in the bathroom behind a shower curtain, according to audio of the call.

Moss told police:

“The family began to yell in fear. I used pepper spray on Sherman’s face through the partially opened door as he was still banging and attempting to gain entry.

“I told him to stop. I armed myself with my handgun at this time fearing for the safety of myself and my family.”

Police went into great detail about the means used to arrest Sherman, stating officers were cautious about the arrest because of Sherman’s large size, strength, and belligerence. After de-escalation attempts failed, police decided to use less-than-lethal force after giving Sherman a warning that they would do so.

Police decided against using a Taser because of the possible flammable nature of the substance sprayed on Sherman by Moss. Officers said they could not use bean bag rounds because Sherman was too close to them.

They decided to release a K-9, which bit the NFL quarterback on the leg, and then police wrestled him to the ground.

Sherman, 33, became a Seattle sports legend during seven seasons with the Seahawks. The cornerback was a star in their run to a 2014 Super Bowl victory, making a game-saving play to deflect a pass in the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers.

He left the Seahawks after the 2017 season and played three seasons with San Francisco. He is now a free agent.

The NFL released a statement on Sherman Wednesday:

“Free agents are eligible to sign with any team. The league investigates any incident involving law enforcement and if there is a violation of the personal conduct policy the player would be facing discipline.”

San Francisco general manager John Lynch offered support for the Sherman family:

“More than anything, just praying for them. They’re good people. Just praying that they find their way through this, and we’ll support them any way we can.”


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