Eliminating history: Democrats plan to dig up grave of Confederate General, with no plans to move coffin


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

RICHMOND, VA- “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Tell that to Democrats.

In yet another edition of “Virtue Signaling Theater,” Democrats in Virginia, led by Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam are planning to dig up the remains of Confederate General Ambrose Powell Hill with no plans to relocate his remains, according to National File.  

General Hill’s body lies beneath a statue dedicated in his honor which has now joined a number of Confederate statues and memorials that virtue signaling Democrats have slated for removal throughout former Confederate states.

Richmond of course served as the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Last year after the death of George Floyd, woke Democrats sought to show how “not racist” they were by removing any trace of the Confederacy throughout the country.

In Richmond, virtually all of the city’s Confederate monuments were removed, however General Hill’s final resting spot presented some problems. The city needed to find legal means to desecrate the grave. Well now, they’ve apparently dug something up (no pun intended).

The city’s Commission of Architectural Review has deemed the grave site a “threat to traffic safety,” which gives leftists the excuse they need to have it removed.

 This is somewhat ironic since the grave and related statue have been in place since 1892, when the City of Richmond engaged with the Hill Monument Association to find a proper location to move the former general’s body and to erect a memorial. So basically, for 129 years the grave and statute never posed a “threat to traffic safety” until Floyd died last May.

At the time this was all going on in 1892, a local newspaper described the grave site as “a very beautiful one at the corner nearest the city of Major Ginter’s country place.” The land was donated by The Ginter Real Estate Development Company, which was owned by Major Lewis Ginter, who served under Hill’s command prior to his death.

According to sources, the statue and initial relocation of Hill’s remains to the current location cost about $15,000, which in today’s number would amount to a tidy $440,198.90.

The removal scheme, which is estimated to carry a price tag of over $33,000 is expected to have no problem surviving the approval process.

Under the plan, workers will remove a bronze statue of Hill, then destroy its stone pedestal and then remove the tomb containing Hill’s remains, of which the city hasn’t divulged their plans for.

Perhaps they can turn it over to Black Lives Matter and Antifa to perform some type of satanic ritual over. Just a thought. 

In speaking to the desecration of Hill’s memorial and tomb, City Councilman Mike Hill is nonplussed.

“I think we have drawn this out as long as we can and longer than it should have been. I know that so many Richmonders are just ready for this saga to be over so we can put a pin in this portion of our painful past,” he said.

He also called Hill’s final resting place a “painful trinket of white supremacy.”

Not everyone however is quite so down with the revolution as Jones and the other virtue signaling Democrats.

National File was told in a statement by Barry Isehnour, a spokesman with the Virginia Flaggers, a group dedicated to celebrating and preserving Confederate history that those seeking to destroy such monuments are “degenerates” and “social justice terrorists.”

“It comes as no surprise to us that the degenerates in Richmond have announced plans to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by literally digging up his remains in their ongoing quest to eliminate any trace of the city’s history and heritage with might happen to ‘offend’ the howling mob of social justice terrorists,” he said.

‘As Thomas Carlyle, observed, ‘It takes men of worth to recognize worth in men.’ That leaves those in charge in Richmond, OUT.”

Hill, although a lesser-known figure in Confederate history, was known throughout the Confederacy as “Little Powell.” He was born in Culpeper Virginia and was a graduate of West Point.

In fact, Hill was opposed to slavery and resigned his commission in the United states Army when Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. He went on to command the Army of Northern Virginia’s Light Division and gained a reputation as one of the better officers in the Confederate Army.

Despite his opposition to slavery, Hill was fiercely loyal to the Confederacy and supported their fight for independence. He repeatedly said he would rather die than see the end of the Confederacy, later getting his wish when he was killed in combat during the waning days of the Civil War during the Siege of Petersburg.

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Confederate General Robert E. Lee, when informed of Hill’s death became overwrought with emotion, finally saying, “He is at rest now, and we who are left are the ones to suffer.”

Years later, as General Lee lay tying on his deathbed, he actually uttered Hill’s name among his last words, according to witnesses.

The removal of Hill’s statute and tomb are just the latest in a series of moves taken in the Commonwealth of Virginia to rid itself of its Confederate past.

National File recently reported that the Virginia Military Institute is “canceling” Confederate General Stonewall Jackson to the point of actually removing his name away from his own quotes and attributing them to other people more politically correct in nature.

What is going on in Virginia is not unlike what occurred in the former Soviet Union, where they purged any history which didn’t fit a particular agenda.

This is exactly what is going on in Virginia, and one might say throughout the United States, where some piece of crap called The 1619 Project is attempting to rewrite American history.

The Stonewall Jackson quote in question, “You may be whatever you resolve to be” is apparently slated to be reattributed to someone else, with either 19th Century educator William Alcott and Rev. Joel Hawes—or both—being considered, although neither appeared to have any connection to the Institute.

This would be akin to taking JFK’s, “It’s not what your country can do for you…it’s what you can do for your country” and attributing it to, oh Joe Biden. Wait, given Biden’s history of plagiarism, probably shouldn’t give him any ideas. 

VMI coincidentally is where Northam, a 1981 graduate who went by the name of “Coon Man” attended college. Recently, the school chose its first black superintendent, Major General Cedric Wins, and during the 2021-2022 academic year, VMI’s Corps of Cadets will be led by a female for the first time.

Because, you know, in 2012 it’s all about showing how woke you are.  

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