Rewarding America’s Heroic Officers

From being the first responders to violent crime to providing day-to-day assistance to society’s most disadvantaged, the high esteem that law enforcement are deservedly held is reflected in improving public opinion of police, with 76% of Americans polled holding their peace officers in high esteem.

The general public has done their bit to recognize the importance and influence of American law enforcement officers. Usually, that’s memorials for fallen police officers, rallies and parades to bring attention to their heroics. However, there are certain schemes popping up all over the USA to show this appreciation even more strongly.

Law Enforcement Personnel Housing

Homes for Heroes offers considerable savings to both renters and house owners across America through a network of real estate agents and companies seeking to show their gratitude. The organization have pulled together real estate agents from around the country to create savings for heroes on their home purchases, sales or even renting. The result is a highly motivated and mobile organization, providing substantial benefits to the nation’s heroes. Furthermore, they have established a foundation to help those in need, who may not be able to afford to purchase a home.

Testimonials from customers and stakeholders of Home for Heroes have praised their commitment to humanity, treating the nation’s heroes as individuals, not numbers or ‘sales’. The money saved can then be used for purchasing essential items to improve their connection with families, to taking care of those families during difficult periods of work away from home. With many law enforcement personnel working long hours away from home, this is crucial to establishing continuity in the family life.

From raising awareness of how law enforcement home purchase reimbursement can benefit individual heroes across the nation, to leading the way in terms of repaying society’s debt, Home for Heroes have exemplified the private sector’s efforts. This has been especially important given 28.9% of USA police were assaulted in 2016, according to statistics by the FBI. The result is many officers becoming injured for their heroism, developing disabilities. This increases costs and places strain on the costs and quality of living, which Home for Heroes are doing incredible work to address.

Public Displays

Whilst a minor gesture, sometimes big, flashy shows can be incredibly beneficial for the esteem and sense of solidarity. With the media sometimes biased and people difficult to work with, it’s crucial for law enforcement officials to feel a sense of support and solidarity from the public—and they haven’t disappointed.

These displays have ramped up over the past year to coincide with President Trump’s’ time in office. In fact, the POTUS announced in May last year that he would turn the White House blue for police on every Peace Officer Memorial Day. Further federal recognition of the heroism of our law enforcement officials can be seen in the multitudinous Medal of Valor receipts amongst the police force.

Monetary Benefits

It goes without saying that law enforcement officers are placed in situations that go far above and beyond what most people face in their working life. Whilst remuneration is reasonable, as are pensions, many local communities across the USA have set up funds for local law enforcement officers to have a bit extra during and after service, usually supported or advised by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. With the digital age, it has only become available to give welcome help to law enforcement officers through the increased use of charity fundraising apps and services.

Law enforcement officers across the United States perform a job that many others wouldn’t, or couldn’t. Sometimes it can feel thankless, but across the nation, people are organizing to create deserved benefits for our law enforcement heroes.

– Jackie Edwards, researcher, editor and writer