Lawmakers just called for change in the way officers can use deadly force in dangerous situations…


Democrats in Pennsylvania apparently care more about keeping criminals safe than they do about their officers.

If being in law enforcement in 2019 wasn’t hard enough already, lawmakers are aiming to put their protectors even more at risk.


If the proposed changes are passed into law – there is no denying the outcome… police lives will be lost in greater numbers.

The bill calls for changes in when cops can legally use deadly force in a situation with a suspect. Right now, law states that an officer fearing for his or her life can utilize deadly force to neutralize the threat. Lawmakers want that to change.

According to the measure’s legislation, law enforcement officials would have to attempt to use non-lethal means to take down a suspect versus going with their gut.

No one is arguing for police to run around shooting people, but the option to neutralize the threat needs to be there – and people who are found to ignore their training and use force when it wasn’t necessary should be the ones held accountable.

Lawmakers across the country are aiming to put invisible handcuffs on police. (Adobe Stock)


“We have to give the police the right to shoot people, we need to do that,” defense attorney Patrick Thomassey said. “And there are certain circumstances where they’re justified in doing that.”

“Our members are willing to engage in worthy discussions over how those who abuse power are held accountable, but not at the expense of unfairly burdening the men and women who are willing to make their own sacrifices to keep us safe,” said Republican spokesperson Mike Straub.

Annual line of duty deaths usually tally between 150 and 200 each year. These men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their communities. Some are taken by tragic accidents like being struck on the side of the highway or vehicle accidents on the way to emergency situations.

Others come from situations that 99% of people would never want to face. Dangerous scenarios. Armed threats. Mentally unstable suspects with a gun or a knife. Refusing to drop their weapon or comply. Criminals risking their lives to enact harm against innocent people. 

gun-toting father

“We have to give the police to right to shoot people. We need to do that.” (Little Rock Police Department)


These officers are fathers and mothers. Sisters and brothers. Parents. Friends. The guy that coaches your kid’s soccer team. The woman that sits in front of you at church.

So why are so many states aiming to put their lives in jeopardy?

How can so many people who have never been in a life or death situation call plays from the sideline?

New Hampshire and California are aiming to pass similar legislation, blaming police for too many officer-involved shootings. Funny how the blame always seems to lay on the officer – not the armed criminal refusing to comply with the law. It still blows me away that people will violently protest a death after their loved one broke a number of laws and put the lives of innocent people at risk.

But yeah… it’s the cop’s fault. Right.

Wake up, America. Stand for what’s right. Stand for law and order. And protect those that protect your rights every single day.


As far as the bills in New Hampshire and California are concerned…

If these laws don’t lead to an increased rate of officers being killed on duty, we don’t know what will.

These politicians are putting handcuffs on their own community protectors with the introduction of this legislation.

Why don’t we just take their guns away entirely? Let them fend for themselves against the peace-loving, tolerant citizens of NH. Because when looking at history, officers in New Hampshire have never needed to make that decision before…

Oh wait…

Another officer in Old Town, a small town in New Hampshire, just returned to work this week after being involved in the very situation that required him to make that split-second decision. Had he not acted, he may have been the one laid to rest.

Oh look, here’s another…

Supporters of the bill have claimed that they aren’t trying to tie the hands of police, but save lives. But in more than 100 reviews of police use of deadly force since 1990, the Attorney General’s office has never deemed that an officer should face criminal charges.

Notable law enforcement officials have begun speaking out against the action.

Franklin Police Chief David Goldstein said, “It will make it much more difficult, if not impossible, for us to effect our jobs in certain situations.”

Look, let’s be honest. Almost ever officer in America wakes up each day hoping and praying that they won’t run into a scenario where they’d have to discharge their service weapon. No one wants to take a life. But to take away the ability for a cop to save his or his partner’s life… that’s just wrong. We’d all love to live in a world where no human life would need to be taken by another, but that’s unfortunately a reality we can only dream of…


California is aiming for the same change.

With their proposed legislation, deadly force would only be able to be used if other de-escalation tactics were either unfeasible or attempted without success.

“This means they may use force only if there is no reasonable alternative, including warnings, verbal persuasion or other non-lethal methods of resolution or de-escalation,” Democratic Assemblywoman Shirley Weber said.


Weber claimed that she would try to set a countrywide standard to only allow police to use deadly force to prevent serious injury or death.

If you haven’t heard, New Hampshire is putting officer’s lives at risk as well.

If this passes, more officers in real and significant danger will not pull the trigger on their service weapons in fear for the public fallback and potential for going to prison simply for protecting their own lives. We are letting narratives control how our officers live and work.

In 2018 we lost around 150 officers while they were serving our communities. We refuse to let 2019 lead to another increase in this metric.

As it stands right now, officers are trained to use multiple techniques to remedy dangerous situations that put their lives and the lives of innocent civilians at risk. When these situations escalate, tough decisions must be made.

defensive handgun uses

California officers face new challenges with the proposed bill. (Photo courtesy LovableNinja)


Democratic Senate President Toni Atkins stated that, “We must acknowledge that we have a problem with disproportionate police use of force here in California.”

If you didn’t already see this racial narrative debunked by 2017’s deadly force stats, check out this article right here.

In fact, the number of California law enforcement-related deaths dropped by one-third last year, from 172 in 2017 to 114 in 2018…. with no major changes in legislation.

We are officers, supporters, family members, friends, neighbors, and patriotic Americans that are tired of seeing blue blood being spilled in the streets. We see the negativity in the media. We see the skewed narratives and bogus accusations that label every law enforcement officer as a racist murderer seeking bloodlust. And we are tired of it.