Revealed: Sex crimes against children are skyrocketing – and countless suspects are illegal immigrants


NORTH CAROLINA — There has been a tremendous increase in child sexual assault cases during the past year in North Carolina, but there are mixed reviews on who is responsible for the spike of sex crimes against children here and in other states.

One organization claims crimes are being committed mostly by native U.S. citizens while others say the increase is due to illegal immigrants with criminal histories coming into the U.S.

A recent study by the Cato Institute used crime data from Texas and concluded that legal and undocumented immigrants were determined to be more law-abiding than native U.S. citizens:

“The results in this updated brief show that in Texas in 2019, illegal immigrants were 37.1 percent less likely to be convicted of a crime than native‐​born Americans and legal immigrants were about 57.2 percent less likely to be convicted of a crime than native‐​born Americans. 

“The conviction and arrest rates for illegal immigrants were lower than those for native‐​born Americans but higher than those for legal immigrants. This result holds for just about every type of crime, including homicide, sex crimes, larceny, and most other crimes.”

The study further reported:

“The vast majority of research finds that immigrants do not increase local crime rates and that they are less likely to commit crime or be incarcerated than native‐​born citizens.

“There is less research on illegal immigrant criminality, but it shows that illegal immigrants have lower incarceration rates nationwide relative to native‐​born Americans, had lower conviction and arrest rates in Texas in earlier years, and had the same rates of re‐​arrest in Los Angeles County in 2002.”

Data from Texas was used because it is the only state that records criminal convictions and arrests by immigration status. According to Cato Institute:

“Texas has this information because its law enforcement agencies cooperate with federal immigration enforcement authorities at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who check the biometrics of arrestees in the state and track them through to their convictions.

“The Texas DPS keeps the results of these DHS checks, which then allow a more direct look at immigrant criminality by immigration status.”

In North Carolina, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) noted a 210 percent increase in child sexual assault cases. According to a report, there have already been 31 child sexual assault cases reported to the department in 2021. The number of cases at the same time in 2020 was 10.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Mecklenburg County is one of six counties in the state that is an official sanctuary zone that hosts illegal immigrants.

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The other five counties are Buncombe County, Durham County, Forsyth County, Orange County and Wake County.

The CMPD said in a statement released last month:

“It is never an easy discussion when a child is victimized in a crime. It is more concerning when there is an alarming spike in sexual assault cases involving children.

“Over time, CMPD’s Crimes Against Children Unit detectives had observed small changes in the cases from year to year but were alarmed when they observed the spike and rise for 2021.

“Detectives have experienced a 210% increase in sex assaults involving children since 2020. With that percent increase, there have been 31 cases reported in 2021, compared to 10 during the same time frame in 2020.”

The statement explained that the vast majority of their cases involve family members or someone known to them, but did not reveal whether the assailants were native-born citizens, legal immigrants or illegal immigrants.

During a recent press conference, Detective Jessica Hall discussed the belief that the spike might be due to a delay in reporting:

“Delay in reporting can result from the child remaining with their abuser or being in a situation where they feel unsafe to tell anyone. Due to the recent pandemic, COVID-19 removed children from student activities, thus taking them away from schools and places with a trusted adult.

“CMPD hopes to see more cases reported sooner now that children are returning to school and have the resources such as guidance counselors and trusted adults to report such acts.”

Cori Goldstein, deputy chief operating officer of Safe Alliance, which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, told The Charlotte Observer that 80 percent of adult sexual assault survivors know their perpetrator and that this number increases to 90 percent for child survivors:

“That idea of stranger danger and someone lurking outside the window is not typically who is assaulting others. It really is about power and control, and it’s someone known to someone.”

Goldstein also suggested that CMPD is actually seeing an increase in reports of sexual assaults after months of lockdown, which kept victims from coming forward sooner:

“I personally don’t see that there’s an increase in assaults that are occurring. I think more people are comfortable coming forward to share the assaults.

“Survivors had to navigate through trauma during that time and then make the decision of do I want to move forward and report this? … Is it even safe to speak with someone? To go to a hospital? To go report and meet with law enforcement?”

Goldstein also did not mention the citizen or immigration status of the perpetrators.

We previously reported on Jose Angel Melgar Guardado, 42, an illegal immigrant in North Carolina who was sentenced for raping his own child and assaulting another. The report noted the media avoided mentioning his immigration status.

Guardado was sentenced to jail for 18 to 27 years after he pleaded guilty to incest with a child, statutory rape of a child, indecent liberties with a child, and two counts of assault on a child under the age of 12.

Although Texas records criminal convictions and arrests by immigration status, the 49 other states seem hesitant to do so for fear of being accused of xenophobia.

To fill the gap, one private group, North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE), maintains a database of illegal immigrants arrested and charged with various sex crimes against children in North Carolina during the past few years.

NCFIRE’s database specifically reveals how many sexual assaults are committed against children in North Carolina by illegal immigrants. However, the relationships between the criminal perpetrators and victims are not known.

NCFIRE said it verifies the illegal immigration status of each individual posted on its monthly reports by contacting the arresting agency of each individual:

“Pursuant to the state open records law, North Carolina General Statutes; Public Records § 132-1, Criminal investigations, § 132-1.4, and Access to Records, § 132-9, allow for NCFIRE to obtain and post the arrest records of any and all individuals arrested in North Carolina.”

According to NCFIRE, from January through June of this year 148 illegal immigrants reportedly were arrested and charged with various sex crimes against children.

James Johnson, who tracks the data on NCFIRE, was interviewed by The Epoch Times. He stated that he was only able to gather data from 30 of the state’s 100 counties, which means it’s probable the statewide count of sex crimes against children is much higher.

The Epoch Times noted:

“Johnson has tracked rapes and sexual assaults on children by illegal aliens since 2013, using original police reports and calling arresting agencies to verify immigration status.

“His data doesn’t cover every month, but for the 54 months he has recorded, an average of 34 illegal aliens per month were charged with 151 counts of raping or sexually assaulting a child in North Carolina.”

Johnson sends out a report documenting crimes by illegal immigrants to North Carolina’s legislators and more than 350 media outlets each month, but gets the silent treatment:

“It’s crickets—nothing, nobody.”

Johnson said the goal of his reports is to place more pressure on legislators to enforce immigration laws.

“Just plain and simply. Immigrants are fine, illegal aliens are not.”

Johnson also said the problem of sex crimes committed by illegals is a lot worse than what people may think, and he blames the government and media for not fully informing the public:

“If the public knew how much this was actually happening, first of all, they’d be just shocked. And secondly, I think there would be a revolt.”

Johnson told The Epoch Times that after six years of sifting through arrest records, he believes that more children are being raped by illegal aliens rather than by U.S. citizens:

“Just from my observations, this specific crime of child rape, illegal aliens tend to commit child rapes at a rate of four to one, compared to citizens.”

Johnson also said many of the illegals charged with sex crimes against children in North Carolina are from Mexico:

“We have a lot of agriculture and farms in North Carolina. And that’s where they initially started coming from.”

Another issue is six counties in North Carolina have sanctuary policies that shield illegal aliens from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), giving those who are criminals a place where they can hide and continue committing crimes.

The Epoch Times suggested in a report that some law enforcement officers are working against ICE and choosing to protect illegal immigrants instead:

“Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough said in February that he won’t honor ICE detainers that request correctional facilities to hold an illegal alien for up to 48 hours longer so ICE can take custody.

“Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden goes one step further and also refuses to notify ICE when the jail is releasing an inmate with a detainer. He says ICE still has access to the jail database and can find that out for themselves.

“So far, during McFadden’s tenure, three illegal aliens have been released from jail despite ICE placing detainers on them, according to a report released by ICE.”

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