Revealed: Pelosi was for capitol building riots, storming government buildings before she was against them


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Okay, in fairness to Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), she probably doesn’t remember when she praised insurrectionists storming a government building.

In fact, it’s likely Pelosi, who has the mental acuity on par with Joe Biden, doesn’t remember what she had for breakfast along with her couple of martinis.

Yet, in 2011, Pelosi praised violent protesters who stormed the Wisconsin state Capitol.

Last week, the mainstream media was drooling over Pelosi’s theatrical production of “The Great Insurrection: We Remember, #NeverForget1/6/21” Ok, we made that last part up.

But the whole shtick of the January 6 “memorial ceremony,” with candlelight vigils, the cast of Hamilton singing a song, Pelosi tripping over her tongue, and media waxing about suffering from PTSD, it was almost too much for sane people to bear.

However just as we reported earlier about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “come to Jesus” moment, being for insurrections until she was against them, so too did Nancy Pelosi also love her some violent government building incursions, according to Breitbart News.  

Hers was in February 2011, when (who else?) union members stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol building, just as they did in Lansing, Michigan around the same time.

In the case of Wisconsin, the not-so-peaceful union thugs were protesting collective bargaining reform, known as Act 10.

As Fox News reported, “thousands of demonstrators managed to enter the building by violently breaking down doors and shattering windows.”

For Pelosi however, the took to Twitter to praise the violence.

“@WeGotEd @thelastword I stand with the students & workers of #WI, impressive show of democracy in action #solidarityWI.”

Pelosi also wanted to express her “solidarity” with the violent protesters as they attacked the Capitol, which forced state senators into hiding for their safety until police were able to remove the violent thugs from the building.

As Fox News contributor Mark Thiessen wrote last year after Democrats went ballistic over the Capitol siege, he reminded readers about a newspaper post which described the storming of the Capitol:

“Thousands of protesters rushed to the…Capitol Wednesday night, forcing their way through doors, crawling through windows, and jamming corridors.”

That paper, however, Thiessen noted was talking not about the US Capitol siege, but the one in Madison, Wisconsin in 2011.

Scott Walker (R) was governor of Wisconsin back then, and while the US Capitol siege was taking place, he actually texted Thiessen, telling him, “It’s like I’m having PTSC from a decade ago.”

So what was the difference between last January and the Madison riot over 10 years ago?

Well in the case of the US Capitol, a majority of conservatives and Republican lawmakers loudly and vociferously condemned those who breached the Capitol on January 6. That was not the case in 2011, Thiessen noted.

He reminded readers of Pelosi’s words we noted above, how she had praised the Madison rioters for an “impressive show of democracy in action” and said that she continued “to stand in solidarity” with the rioters.

As Thiessen noted, Democrats were for insurrections before they were against them.

Thiessen then described what took place in Madison, and it was in some ways not unlike what occurred on January 6, 2021. He and Walker collaborated on a book called “Unintimidated” in which they described the Wisconsin Capitol attack.

“Let us in! Let us in!” the rioters yelled as they broke though the doors. A small contingent of police assigned to the state Capitol building were quickly overcome, he wrote.

He spoke of protesters ripping hinges of an antique door at one entrance, and streaming inside. The rioters who had gained entry soon started letting others into the building until literally thousands had gained entry, Thiessen said.

Police ended up retreating, abandoning the first floor, then the second. “This is what democracy looks like!” the protesters said as they ran amok in the building.

Then, unlike those who entered the US Capitol on Jan. 6 from all reports, the Madison mob started to search for Republican senators whom they felt had defied the will of the unions. Police were able to sneak them out of the building.

However a Democrat posted on social media and let the mob know the senators had been escaping through the tunnels. When they emerged on the other side, the mob was waiting.

Police were able to form a human wall to protect the Republican lawmakers, and get the senators onto buses. Once the senators were on board, “the mob on the street began punching the windows and shaking the vehicle…The police told the senators and staff inside to keep their heads down in case a window shattered.”

Just as with the Capitol siege, nobody was killed (of course except in the case of Jan. 6, Ashli Babbitt). However Walker, Thiessen said, continued to receive a plethora of death threats against him and his wife.

Moreover the rioters left chalk outlines of fake dead bodies with Walker’s name on the floor, while carrying signs that read “Death to tyrants,” “The only good Republican is a dead Republican,’ and one that had a picture of Walker in crosshairs with the words, “Don’t retreat, Reload.”

All of this is to draw comparisons between the January 6 US Capitol siege, which Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have referred to as an “insurrection” and “threat to our democracy.”

Contrast that with what happened in Madison, Wisconsin just over ten years ago, where Pelosi praised those who were actively and loudly seeking out Republican lawmakers with the intention of doing damage.

Most of those we’ve seen enter the US Capitol on video acted peacefully, and most of the “action” took place outside, while those who actually made it into the Capitol didn’t appear to be looking to doing much other than taking selfies.

That’s not to say whatsoever that those who assaulted police, damaged our US Capitol building, or otherwise committed violence on January 6, 2021, should get a pass. Absolutely not.

What all of this shows is the sheer hypocrisy of the left in this country. Just as we saw in 2020, if it’s their people who are doing the rioting, looting, assaulting, vandalizing, and killing it’s all ok. They only get indignant when it’s the other side.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

In case you missed the article on Whitmer’s hypocrisy, we’ve included it below:


LANSING, MI- Last January 6, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was briefly considered as a possible running mate for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, spoke out on Twitter, speaking in condemnation of the “insurrection” at the US Capitol building, according to Gateway Pundit, citing an exclusive from 100 Percent Fed Up.

An apoplectic Whitmer told the Twitterverse how “appalled” she was over those at the Capitol “who are trying to stage a coup” and “wreak violence on the very foundation of our democracy.” Gretchen was very, very angry.

“It’s appalling and abhorrent,” Whitmer said. She then pleaded for “people of goodwill on both sides of the aisle” to join her to “work together” and “move forward” and just go along and accept the outcome of the November 2020 election.

Now, let’s rewind the wayback machine to 2012, when Whitmer was serving as a Democratic State Senator in Michigan. Ten years ago, Whitmer bragged about allowing an angry mob to storm the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing be allowing them to climb through her office window.

Last week, Tudor Dixon, a Republican seeking the nomination to run against Whitmer for governor, released a video that showed Whitmer wasn’t always opposed to “insurrections.”

As noted, Whitmer not only condoned the angry mob staging a coup at the state Capitol, but also helped them gain access.

The incident came about after the Republican-led majority in the Michigan legislature in 2012, along with a Republican governor were poised to sign a right-to-work bill into law, which would allow Michigan residents to decide if they wanted to join a union or not.

At the time of the protests, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) had sed up a tent which basically served as a “safe space” for bill proponents to gather.

As is typical of unions, leaders hung around the tent in order to intimidate bill proponents, and directed their union attack dogs to tear down banners erected by right-to-work advocates.

Revealed: Pelosi was for capitol building riots, storming government buildings before she was against them
Violent union thug intimidating right to work protesters-Rumble screenshot

The union activists rushed the stairs, knocked over speakers playing speeches by former President Reagan and attacked AFP leader Scott Hagerstrom, who was attacked by multiple union members.

On the third day of protests, union activists cut ropes holding the AFP tent in place, which was occupied by a number of people, including a woman in a wheelchair with a portable O2 tank.

Conservative Steven Crowder, who was attending the protest attempted to intervene with the union thugs, demanding they top destroying the tent while warning there were people still inside and was also assaulted by a union member.

Revealed: Pelosi was for capitol building riots, storming government buildings before she was against them
Union thug punches conservative Steven Crowder-Rumble screenshot

The violent union thugs attacked State Police, and the Capitol building went into lockdown as police attempted to control the violent mob.

In 2018, Whitmer actually bragged about the incident, boasting that she “threw open the doors to the Capitol” in 2012, and also bragged about how she “led the resistance” of the attempted coup “from my office.” Apparently Whitmer believes that coups are ok, depending on who is staging them.



The video released by Dixon shows footage taken outside the Michigan Capitol building. As an angry mob shouts, “Let us in, let us in!” the video shifts over to Whitmer, standing on an elevated platform while inciting the angry mob.

“We’re gonna fight, are you?” she shouted. While all of this is going on, with threats and violence being committed by Whitmer supporters, who were also attacking police, shouting, “The police are the army of the rich!”


The protesters eventually breached the Capitol building and while the mob of thugs filled the Capitol, yelling “Shut it down! Shut it down!”

Whitmer, who was now inside with the angry mob and where her legislative colleagues were working, shouted out to professional protester and race-baiter Jesse Jackson, and then pivoted to turning it into a race issue. “This is a social justice issue!” Whitmer shouted while pointing her finger at the sky.

So either Whitmer has had a come to Jesus moment, or she’s a flaming hypocrite.

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