Revealed: Mandatory Coca Cola training teaches employees ‘try to be less white’


ATLANTA, GA – Coke is “woke.”  And the Coca-Cola Company has demanded that its employees walk in lockstep with anti-white ideology.

The soft drink giant has reportedly implemented mandatory training via a Linked In course called Confronting Racism, presented by Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility:  Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism. 

The course promises to address “white privilege – the relative immunity white people (people of European origin) enjoy relative to the challenges people of color face.”

One eleven-minute segment of DiAngelo’s course, entitled “Understanding what it means to be white, challenging what it means to be racist,” has reportedly become mandatory training for Coca-Cola employees.

This revelation was first shared Friday, February 19, by organizational psychologist, writer, speaker, and YouTube personality Dr. Karlyn Borysenko.

Borysenko states that she received word from an anonymous whistleblower that that person had received an email from Coca-Cola regarding required viewing of the “Understanding what it means to be white” course.

The whistleblower sent Borysenko several screenshots of the training, which she shared on a viral YouTube video and via Twitter.

One slide in the course declares:

To be less white is to:

– be less oppressive

– be less arrogant

– be less certain

– be less defensive

– be less ignorant

– be more humble

– listen

– believe

– break with apathy

– break with white solidarity.

Clearly, the message here is that whiteness conveys oppression, arrogance, certainty, defensiveness, ignorance, lack of humility, inability to listen, inability to believe, apathy, and is imbued with white solidarity.

It does not get any more racist than that, folks.

The messaging did not end there, however.

Another slide proclaimed:

“In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white.

“Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.”

Glaringly absent from these claims is any sort of reference or footnote to back them up.

According to Dr. Borysenko, lack of scholarly references is the “M.O.” for DiAngelo.

In her YouTube video, Borysenko explains that there are “no academic references for a lot of the information” in DiAngelo’s book White Fragility.  

Borysenko asserts further that self-confessed racist DiAngelo in the book speaks from her own perspective and assumes that since she was racist, all white people are racist.

The LinkedIn training ends with a slide instructing viewers to:

“Try to be less white.”

Needless to say, after Borysenko broke this story on YouTube and shared the images on Twitter, social media users had plenty of remarks.

Some found the content objectionable.

One Twitter user wrote:

“How is any of this legal?  If we replaced white with any other race there would literally be hell to pay.”

Author and political speaker Candace Owens noted:

“If a corporate company sent around a training kit instructing black people how to “be less black,” the world would implode and lawsuits would follow.”

Other respondents were in favor of the anti-white training, with one writing:

“The people freaking out about this are the ones who need to take the training.”

Another explained:

“No other race has the kind of power that white people have the power in America.

“Other races face discrimination that white people don’t have to deal with.

“That’s why they have this type of training.”

As for Coca-Cola, the company has conceded that it has offered this course to its employees.

In a statement, Coca-Cola reported:

“The video circulating on social media is from a publicly available LinkedIn Learning series and is not a focus of our company’s curriculum.”

The statement goes on to add:

“Our Better Together global learning curriculum is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace.

“It is comprised of a number of short vignettes, each a few minutes long. The training includes access to LinkedIn Learning on a variety of topics, including on diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The statement concludes:

“We will continue to refine this curriculum.”

What is absent is an acknowledgement as to the mandatory nature of any of the training the company mentions, although noting the presence of “a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace” suggests that the company is aiming for widespread ‘education’ of its employees.

Given the availability of this LinkedIn course to any person or company who chooses to access it, Dr. Borysenko noted in a follow-up video that “probably thousands” of companies are implementing this training.

According to National File, the list of companies from which employees “liked” the course in question on LinkedIn includes:

“Microsoft, Singapore Airlines, the Philadelphia Eagles, the DNC, AIG Insurance, Adidas, Santander Bank, Walmart, LEGO, Carhartt, Regeneron, LA’s Unified School District, the UNHCR, the ADL, Nokia, Seattle PD, the Blue Cross, Tiffany and Co, Renault, Verizon, Dropbox, Vodafone, Western Union, and LinkedIn itself.”

Obviously, this list does not mean that these companies have mandated or even encouraged this particular course for their employees, but it is still significant in that it does show an interest in the course across multiple employees from different companies.

As it turns out, courses like DiAngelo’s may actually backfire when it comes to spreading ‘wokeness’ among the ‘privileged white.’

According to evidence cited in the Washington Free Beacon, studies have shown that “anti-bias tools” have a negligible effect and may, in fact, have the opposite influence of their intent.

The Beacon reports:

“A review of nearly 1,000 studies of anti-bias tools found little evidence that they have any impact. 

“In fact, recent studies suggest anti-bias training’s primary effect may be to encourage discrimination: Firms with diversity training end up with fewer minorities in management, and field research finds that training both reinforces stereotypes and increases animosity against minority groups.”

Borysenko has promised in her follow-up YouTube video to continue to work on this story.

In an effort to find additional persons who have been subjected to the training course, Borysenko has invited persons whose companies have implemented “woke, anti-racist training” to contact her anonymously.

She added in her video:

“I’m happy to continue shining light on this stuff for as long as we need to, to get it out of training curriculums.

“It is racist, it is harmful, it teaches people to hate themselves, and it doesn’t contribute to the work environment in any way.”

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Professor claims gardening has roots in ‘racial injustice’, perpetuates racism

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

ENGLAND- In the midst of a pandemic, people have taken to hobbies such as woodworking, puzzles and gardening to pass the time. Where they previously might bowl, play softball or go to wine and paint nights, those options no longer became available.

However did you know that gardening is racist? Uh yeah, neither did we.

The Daily Mail is reporting that a new book in Britain claims that in some strangely convoluted way, gardening perpetuates racism. We will attempt to explain.

Corinne Fowler, who is apparently in need of a hobby herself, published a book comprised of 316 pages which looks at the ties between racism, slavery and Britain’s colonial past. Fowler, a Professor of Post-Colonial Literature at the University of Leicester says that gardening is rooted in racial injustice.

The title of her book can probably give away where her point of view lies, entitled Green Unpleasant Land.

Fowler is apparently somewhat influential in rural Britain. In fact, here writings have influenced (and not in a positive way) the National Trust, which has been one of the country’s “largest and best-loved charities” the Mail said.

She helped write a 115-page report which was published last September in which the authors “outed” properties belonging to the Trust and tied that into slavery and the nation’s colonial past.

Some of the properties involved included Buckland Abbey, the Devon seat of Sir Francis Drake, Ham House in West London, Wales’s Powis Castle, and even the family home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell.

This report set off a number of people who had left their homes to the trust, and also a number of the charity’s 5.6 million members who resigned over the situation. They were angry that Powell had gotten the Trust involved with what they called a “highly political witch-hunt.”

In fact, the head of the Charities Commission in Britain said the Trusts should concentrate on looking after the homes entrusted to it rather than getting involved in “broader political struggles.”

That matters not to Fowler, who has, according to the Mail “doubled-down” on trying to dig up the politically incorrect history of the Trust in yet another project that was started in 2018 with Fowler leading the charge.

The project was called, “Colonial Countryside: National Trust Houses Reinterpreted,” and was described as “a child-led history and writing project which seeks to make historic houses’ connections to the East India Company and transatlantic slavery widely known.”

The historians indoctrinated 100 elementary school children in Britain to look at the 11 Trust properties. Apparently they have been having teams of the school children lecture staff and volunteers, ostensibly about the “evils of colonialism.”

There was criticism among some members that the charity had been coopted by Black Lives Matter supporters (guess they have the same problem there).

However the Trust defended that stance, saying: “We always look for excellence, fairness, and balance in the assessment of all aspects of the history at National Trust places, often working with external partners and specialists to help us.”

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Of course, when academia is involved in anything, one needs to examine the underlying motivation for the program. So, the Daily Mail did so.

Fowler says that the land is “a hotbed of oppression, racism and exploitation.” Fowler even throws her own family under the bus, admitting that her family had connections to slavery and colonialism through involvement in sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

She admits in the book that she has “no claim to neutrality…our relatives either profited from empire or were impoverished by it.”

Fowler writes:

“The countryside is a terrain of inequalities, so it should not surprise us that it should be seen as a place of particular hostility to those who are seen as not to belong, principally black and Asian Britons.”

She continues that a lot of the country estates were financed by slavery and colonialism, and then drops the bomb about gardening, saying the origins were elitist:

“Knowledge about gardens and plants, in particular botany, has had deep colonial resonances,” she says.

“The scientific categorization of plants has at times engaged in the same hierarchies of ‘race’ that justified empire and slave and slavery…Inevitably then, gardens are matters of class and privilege.[emphasis added]

Not enough that gardening is apparently racist, but she also says that the heritage of the pheasant has been victimized by white privilege because they are apparently indigenous to Asia.

“This bird is habitually represented as native to England’s fields, hedgerows and woodlands…” however she says they are “a global bird not a local bird.”


Last year during the Black Lives Matter protests worldwide, Britain did not escape the mayhem and destruction. In Bristol, a statue of an English slave trader, Edward Colston was toppled.

Fowler was undisturbed by the vandalism.

“I think it can be a watershed moment. The important thing is tot ell the stories which are central and relevant to understanding these historic houses. If that makes it uncomfortable, then so be it.”

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