Revealed: It was an illegal immigrant driving drunk who killed three Thin Blue Line motorcycle members


KERR COUNTY, TX. –Members of the Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club were driving on Highway 16 in Kerr County, Texas on Saturday when a vehicle operated by an illegal “immigrant” veered into their lane, striking six motorcyclists head on. 

Three of those who were struck died while nine others were seriously injured in the crash. 

It is tragic when a traffic crash results in any kind of death, but it is worse when the party at fault is alleged to have been intoxicated. It is even more frustrating and unexplainable, actually downright maddening when the person responsible should never have been in the United States to begin with.

In this case, the driver of the vehicle to blame in the crash was identified by police as Ivan Robles Navejas, who was arrested and charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter and six counts of intoxication assault. 


The men killed in the crash were retired police officer Joseph “GT” Paglia, retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Jerry “Wings” Harbour, and retired US Army officer Michael “Psycho” White. They were riding in the group of mainly active and retired military and law enforcement members when the crash happened. 

Revealed: It was an illegal immigrant driving drunk who killed three Thin Blue Line motorcycle members
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Along with the three who died at the scene, active police sergeant Joseph Lazo was also injured.  Lazo suffered multiple injuries and his sister, Jenni Ward, and his family have started a GoFundMe page to help offset the medical bills. 

Ward told the Plainfield Enterprise:

“He had a 12-hour surgery initially to try and repair his leg and he has rods and screws and at this time, they are just monitoring how well the leg will heal. We just don’t know at this point what the outcome will be.” 

Ward said that he is “in good spirits and just wants to get back up this way.  The hospital has no visitors because of COVID, so as much as we wanted to jump on a plane and get there for him, we can’t get in.  All we can do is talk to him on the phone.”

The man who caused the crash, Navejas, is no stranger to law enforcement as he has been arrested several times in the past, including for driving under the influence.

Revealed: It was an illegal immigrant driving drunk who killed three Thin Blue Line motorcycle members

According to KTSA, he had been arrested in 2013 and 2016 for DUI, while he also is out on bond stemming from an incident in 2018 in which he is alleged to have struck a man with his truck, pinning him between the truck and another vehicle.

He then bit the man’s ear off and then bit the victim’s back. 

Navejas was arrested for the later incident and has been out on a $65,000 bond since that time awaiting trial. 

Regardless of Navejas’ record, something in which an illegal alien is supposed to be deported for, he was protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

This program protected juveniles who came into the country illegally, and had not committed any crimes, and thus be allowed to legally remain in the United States and have the ability to work. 

Navejas filed for and received DACA status from 2013 until 2015, he only now, in 2020, is eligible for deportation.  Not even his felony arrest for biting another man’s ear off was sufficient to deport him prior to the order expiring last year. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement  told Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz that Navejas had been protected from deportation by DACA and he is not the only one.  ICE officials worked at locating and apprehending illegal aliens that were to be deported back to their native countries. 

Of those arrested, they netted over 80,000 DUI arrests combined. That does not count the other crimes that those who were deported also committed while in the country illegally. 

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Earlier this year, Law Enforcement Today reported on the number of illegal “immigrants” who were released into the country last year. For more on that, we invite you to: 

I know, I know.  President Trump and his administration and everyone who supports and agrees with him are a bunch of cold-hearted, unfeeling jerks.  Especially when it comes to the border and illegal immigration. 

The only people trying to come into our country are sweet, innocent families and children fleeing terrible circumstances in their homelands.

Never mind the staggering number of pedophiles, rapists, gang members, drug peddlers, and murderers that are caught and reported.

The far left wants to cry about how mean the Trump administration is and how they’re capturing women, children, and families at the border and locking them up before throwing them back into the drug-infested communities from whence they came, waiting to get raped and shot by the first cartel member they come across.

Well a glimpse at the Customs and Border Patrol apprehension numbers proves that completely wrong.

The thing is, you can’t argue with numbers.  Well you can, but that’s pointless.

According to information obtained by the Washington Examiner, over 375,000 of the 473,682 illegal immigrants caught crossing into the US by way of the Mexican border with a family member were released into the country.  This is without the immigrants even having to seek asylum.

Those released would be allowed to go anywhere within the United States.  They were given documents called a notice to appear, which tells them when to show up for a hearing to determine whether they will stay or return to their own country.

That high number of 375,000 is just a fraction of the 3.2 million illegal aliens who are in the country and have been released by federal immigration agents also awaiting their hearing. 

What’s more, in November of last year the Examiner reported that over 75% of the 473,682 people who illegally crossed the border as a family unit from Mexico during fiscal year 2019 did not seek asylum, and yet they were still released into the country.

Yes, Trump is so unfeeling.

Of these family member units, only 105,000 said they had “credible fear” of returning to their home country.  Senior Homeland Security authorities said this is an indication that “migrants believe they can enter illegally and successfully remain without having to present a legitimate reason for doing so.”

The Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, Ron Johnson, said at the time:

“The bottom line is we literally let hundreds of thousands of people in, and they didn’t even have to claim credible fear.”

People who enter the country illegally and claim asylum can’t be deported until their case is investigated and resolved.  But these numbers show that a large majority of the families that cross into the US are simply let go to roam free about the country, in the hopes that they’ll show up for their hearing.

“That is pretty noteworthy. I mean, I want people to understand that. We just let people in. They didn’t even have to claim that unbelievably low standard,” Johnson said.

You know who is getting deported?  The aforementioned pedophiles, rapists, gang members, drug peddlers, and murderers.

Law Enforcement Today has brought you story after story of this type of immigrant getting stopped and arrested at the border.  Some of them have been in our country avoiding their hearing for years and they victimize our legal and law-abiding citizens.

Just this week, LET Staff Writer Mitch McKinley talked about Norvin Leonidas Lopez-Cante, a 17-year old illegal alien who impregnated his 11-year old cousin.  She gave birth to the baby in a bathtub because all adult in the home claimed they didn’t know she was pregnant.

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