REVEALED: The Exploitation of Babies by the Political Left


REVEALED: The Exploitation of Babies by the Political Left

We’ve all seen the “pictures” from the border of poor, innocent kids separated from their law-abiding parents (I wish there was a font for sarcasm).

But what if I told you that you were duped? That the media had been used?

What if I could prove to you that there’s a LITERAL PLAYBOOK for how to manipulate you? For how to get you to share images of these “poor children” on social media?

That the left colluded and organized a disinformation campaign with the media?

What if the left had put – IN WRITING – how to use information warfare to convince you to get angry with President Trump and the Republicans?

That document exists … and was written after a massive raid by US Immigration authorities in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2007.

And it details step-by-step how to manipulate people into blatant disregard for the law … by twisting information.

Guys – I have IN WRITING how you are used as a political pawn.

It’s a Carnegie Corporation Case Study called: “Reframing The Immigration Debate: How the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition Retooled its Communications Strategy”.

I stumbled upon the document after interviewing Eric Caron, the author of Switched On – The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent.

To give some context … Eric is a former special agent with 25 years of domestic and international experience. His investigations ranged from U.S. defense contractors and CIA going rogue, to WMD programs of Iran, China, Russia and more.

political left
Eric Caron taking a person into custody for violating federal immigration law. (Photo courtesy Eric Caron)

On March 6, 2007, Eric led a massive raid with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on a leather factory in New Bedford, Mass. The factory was a defense contractor manufacturing tactical military vests. It had received $230 million in contracts since 2004 … along with $57,000 in tax incentives from the town for hiring local.

This was $57,000 for hiring local residents, … which turned into hiring illegal immigrants. This occurred in a city with some of the highest unemployment rates in the state, failing schools and high crime.

There were 300 federal agents and other law enforcement officials who stormed the factory … arresting more than 350 workers. We’re talking about illegal immigrants working at a defense contractor.

But prior to the raid, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) had been tipped off. That gave the organization, an “immigration reform advocacy group,” time to plan.

Before we dive into just how MIRA ultimately lead to attacks on ICE agents … let me start by sharing with you the recommendations made in the document to other progressive organizations looking to manipulate you and the media regarding immigration and replicate their “success.”

They include:

  • USE IMAGES OF CRYING BABIES, CHILDREN AND MOTHERS to create a “strong, direct and sympathetic emotional response … that overcomes the politics of fear propagated by anti-reforms.”
  • USE NPR reporters and then leverage their stories to bring on other media coverage.
  • Coordinate large events that draw hundreds of people and the media.
  • Surround politicians with women and crying babies for press opportunities. “[G]ive the elected officials an opportunity to enjoy positive media coverage while advocating for immigrant families.”
  • Keep media coverage focused on a “crisis.”
  • Use “bona fide crisis response organizations such as the American Red Cross.” Why? It “mainstreams” the messaging to the media about “the plight of women and children.”
  • Use all of your networks to educate and “motivate” people to action (can you say ‘social media’?).
  • Use African-American and religious leadership at a national level. After all – people will listen to outspoken black leaders and men of God, right?
political left
Honduran children. (Wikipedia)

Now let’s dive into what happened that led to this “success” by MIRA after they were tipped off about the upcoming raid.

According to the Carnegie Corporation Case Study:

This tip gave the team an opportunity to put all their communication smarts to the test. Immediately, they called reporters in mainstream and ethnic media. Community leaders were identified and given talking points. The main message coalesced around the forcible separation of families and the impact on children … MIRA was ready to hold a press conference denouncing the raid by 3:30 that same afternoon.

Hmm … sound familiar? Sound anything like what’s happening at our nation’s borders right now?

You know who was also tipped off?

The Democrat governor. But it wasn’t a tip to the governor … it was a request for support in the raid.

And how did he respond?

By order of the governor, Patrick Mass State Police were not authorized to assist ICE with arresting any illegal alien and the mayor, who was briefed prior to the raid told Eric and his boss that, “this conversation never happen.” The details are all in the book, if you want to learn more about those conversations.

It gets better.

More from the Carnegie Corporation Case Study:

“There were the first day articles,” recalls (Ali) Noorani. “We were able to get our response into those stories. We came to a realization that press would be there another day and we had to give them a story. We saw during the Swift raids [in December 2006 when about 1300 immigrant workers at six Swift meat processing plants in Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Iowa and Minnesota were rounded up by ICE] that kids were left alone, and we were hearing that kids were showing up at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in New Bedford. So we decided that would be the next day’s story. In the morning, we sent an advisory about a press conference to be held at the church. We framed the March 7 press conference with a headline: “March 6: The Day That Destroyed the Immigrant Family.”

Ohno continues the story: “We were able to set up a central location in the church for the press that didn’t have local contacts. We had a plan, so that while the media looked for interviews, the Church—which was also the central address for support services—had a dual role as the press center. By the time of our March 7 press conference, we were thinking about the next day’s press. …”

“I thought of how the Red Cross kept the focus during Katrina on individuals, so we kept the focus on individuals, not on immigration policy,” elaborates Noorani. “We had the visual of diapers and food on a big [collection] table. We found a key community leader to do the press conference so that there was local leadership buy-in.”

“The decision not to talk policy was important due to the rancor on both sides of the immigration debate. So we’d been thinking, with our national colleagues, what does move [opinion] and what does resonate? Children and mothers …” (Shuya) Ohno adds.

It’s worth noting that MIRA had received a grant from the state of Massachusetts, which created a “general communications position.” Ali Noorani was the executive director and Shuya Ohno was appointed to communications. Ohno is the man that then controlled what became an attack on ICE and the agents who lead the raid. We’re talking about ICE agents lives being threatened. Congressional investigations. Careers destroyed. All for doing their jobs.

Barack Obama

A month after the raid, Caron was brought into his conference room and interviewed by congressional staffers. He and the men and woman of law enforcement became the targets of the political left calling for congressional and OIG investigations.

It’s easy to imagine why there were MS-13 death threats.

But the actions of the media and liberal politicians were just flat out un-American.

But according to the Carnegie Corporation Case Study, this was all by design:

In the first 12 days after the raid, MIRA coordinated a total of 11 press conferences and 4 large events, drawing hundreds of people. They were able to maintain a “push” on media outlets to focus coverage from different angles, while also finding compelling stories, voices and visuals to build public support.  

At the same time, MIRA staff members were busy learning the art of rapid response op-ed writing. After a request from the Boston Globe for an opinion piece with a turn- around time of only a few hours, Noorani was sitting at his computer in the church urgently drafting the op-ed with the organizers on the ground, with Ohno back in the Boston office doing the fact checking. It paid off. The framing and message of Noorani’s Boston Globe op-ed was followed up by editorials in The New York Times and Washington Post, along with entries on popular blog sites like Daily Kos, Huffington Post and elsewhere.

On the third day after the raid, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick showed up at Our Lady of Guadalupe church with his Secretary of Health and Human Services, fully briefed in advance by the Coalition staff. MIRA decided to close the church basement to the press during the governor’s visit, except for an NPR reporter to record the interaction, along with one video and one still photographer from the pool to capture the visuals. “The Governor being surrounded by 300 people, women handing him babies saying ‘find the parent;’ it was brutal,” says Noorani. We had to do it this way, balancing press needs and community needs. In his public response, the Governor used the phrase “humanitarian crisis,” which led to more press and more headlines.

On Sunday, Massachusetts’ best known politician, Senator Ted Kennedy, came on the scene, leading a state congressional delegation. A photo of the Senator surrounded by women and children soon appeared on the MIRA website homepage. By engaging local and Congressional elected officials, MIRA staff garnered additional coverage and built momentum. They had two goals: to keep the coverage on the crisis strong and to give the elected officials an opportunity to enjoy positive media coverage while advocating for immigrant families.  

What a hell of a press opportunity.

Shortly after the raid, countless liberal politicians led by Ted Kennedy bashed the men and woman of law enforcement and flocked to the city like ambulance chasing lawyers posing for photo ops with crying babies.

The New York Times then wrote a lead editorial about New Bedford, which attracted the attention of Bill O’Reilly. In the editorial, it was claimed that ICE agents “ripped a baby from a mother’s breast.” They wanted the executive director of MIRA to come and debate O’Reilly, who thought the entire thing was made up.

Turns out MIRA had video of the baby who had been breastfed and wasn’t drinking milk after, so they claimed the baby was dehydrated and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The health center caring for the child didn’t want to get involved. Wonder why? Well, it’s not just because of HIPAA. It’s also because it turns out the kid had pneumonia, … which had NOTHING to do with the arrest.

Not a single media outlet reported on the broad national security threat of illegal aliens manufacturing defense goods.

Remember, terrorist and state sponsors are only limited by their imagination. Have we forgotten that 19 students and visitors flew planes into our buildings here in America on 9/11?

Are you angry yet? You SHOULD be. This might have happened 11 years ago in New Bedford, Mass. But it’s happening again … right now … in an attempt to discredit President Trump and everyone who wants to see America protected.

This isn’t about children. Nobody wants to see children separated from their families.

This is about how the left is USING falsified images and stories to manipulate you. Let’s not forget that our president was simply enforcing policy set by President Obama.

Notice how this controversy arose just after the Inspector General’s report on the FBI? And right after the coverage of Trump effectively negotiating the denuclearization of North Korea?

Caron appropriately quotes Malcolm X quote in the book:

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. That’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Pay close attention. Whenever there’s positive coverage of President Trump or negative press coverage impacting the left … you will be manipulated.

The conversation in the media will change. The articles and images being pumped out on social media will change.

This is no longer just identity politics. This is a war that’s been launched in our own country against you and me. It’s a battle to use our emotions and our families as political pawns.

The greatest threat America faces is no longer outside of our country. It’s in it.

And it’s time we wake up and fight back.

Kyle S. Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, creator of The Whiskey Patriots and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.

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