Retired state trooper murdered, two more troopers wounded in cigar room shooting – in Chicago, of course.


CHICAGO, IL- We’ve lost another one.  This time it was a retired state trooper.

It happened Friday night inside of a cigar room near Chicago, Illinois after a shooting that left one retired state trooper dead and two others wounded. The saddening case was then pinnacled by the suicide of the alleged murderer inside the lounge.

Inside the Humidor Cigar Lounge in Lisle, retired State Trooper Gregory Rieves was shot in the back of the head, while another retired trooper and off-duty trooper were wounded as well. News reports stated that the Friday shooting was committed by 51-year-old Chicago resident Lisa McMullan.

Police obtained video evidence of the gunning down of retired Trooper Rieves through the lounge’s security footage.

Lisle police stated the following regarding the murder:

“Without apparent provocation, a female seated in a chair behind the victims stands up, draws a handgun and shoots the first male victim in the back of the head.

According to the video, she then fires several rounds at two additional male victims, before fatally shooting herself in the head.”

The off-duty officer was identified as 48-year-old Kaiton Bullock.

The wounded retired trooper was also identified as 55-year-old Lloyd Graham. Police stated that the shooter was familiar with the victims in the shooting, but to what extent that is hasn’t been mentioned or revealed.

There’s currently no motive behind the murder-suicide articulated at this time. Both of the wounded in the shooting are expected to recover.

Lisle police chief Ron Wilkes spoke with the Chicago Tribune about the limited evidence regarding the investigation:

“At this point, we have no idea why this happened. We’re interviewing a lot of witnesses and hope to get to the bottom of this.”

Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly made the following statement regarding the tragic loss of both retired Trooper Rieves:

“The Illinois State Police family have heavy hearts this morning.”

Our hearts go out to those affected by the loss of retired Trooper Gregory Rieves. We’ll report any further updates as more details regarding the motive behind this case are unveiled.

Earlier today, we reported on the loss of two more heroes.

Officers Down: One killed during high speed chase, one loses battle with brain cancer
Officers Down: One killed during high speed chase, one loses battle with brain cancer

One was a Long County Sheriff’s Office deputy from Georgia who died while engaging in a high-speed pursuit.

The second was a Norwalk Police Officer from Connecticut with decades of service to the force who died from brain cancer. Let’s take some time to remember the amazing officers.

44-year-old Deputy Sheldon Gordon Whiteman from the Long County Sheriff’s Office passed away this past Thursday morning in Long County, Georgia. He was involved in a high-speed pursuit that caused the deputy to lose control of his cruiser, which resulted in a fatal crash.

The events leading to Deputy Whiteman’s death started in Ludowici at approximately 3:00 a.m. that Thursday. Police noticed an individual was ignoring stop signs all throughout the city, and a local officer attempted to stop the motorist.

The driver sped off down Highway 57 towards McIntosh County, which led to Deputy Whiteman becoming involved in the pursuit.  While the deputy was engaged in the chase, his cruiser flew off of the roadway one mile from Tibet Road, causing him to crash into the woods.

Deputy Whiteman was immediately transported over to Liberty Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead after arriving.

The suspect that led the chase is still at large at this time. Investigators found the abandoned vehicle on Gobbler Lane in McIntosh County.

Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes noted that K-9 units were able to track the suspects scent to a primitive road nearby, but then the scent was ultimately lost.

Prior to joining the Long County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Whiteman spent four years with Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Sergeant Julius Johnson, who’s aligned with Chatham County, commented on the impact the deputy brought to the department:

“His smile was the thing that, you know, it represented him. As soon as you see it, ‘hey boy!’ and just the flash of his smile, it’s like, you knew everything was good.”

Deputy Whiteman leaves behind his wife, Alisa, and his three boys, 16-year-old A’ron, 13-year-old Arion, and 11-year-old Shiloh.

We’re also mourning the loss of an amazing officer who dedicated his life to serving his community.

In Norwalk, Connecticut, 71-year-old Norwalk Police Officer Cesar Ramirez passed away from brain cancer, having been diagnosed less than two months earlier.

Officer Ramirez had served the NPD for 32 years prior to his passing.

On December 13th, 2019, Officer Ramirez went on an extended medical leave status following the diagnosis of glioblastoma that month. When Officer Ramirez opted to go on medical leave, the Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling named December 13th as “Cesar Ramirez Day”, as a means to honor the man’s amazing career.

With full Honor Guard and police escort, the mayor presented the officer with a key to the city that day.

While the ceremony was underway, Officer Ramirez addressed those who came to honor him and stated the following:

“Stay strong, focus on your family and your health, do the right thing without expecting anything in return, and please respect others as you would like to be respected.”


Sadly, Officer Ramirez passed away roughly a month after having such an amazing sendoff from police and locals.

Before Officer Ramirez’s 32-year career with the NPD, he had also worked for the New York Police Department, the Norwalk Housing Authority, and the Second Taxing Commission.

Back when Officer Ramirez was first hired by the NPD, Mayor Rilling was at that time the deputy police chief.

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Retired state trooper murdered, two more troopers wounded in cigar room shooting - in Chicago, of course.


With the news of Officer Ramirez’s passing, the mayor had the following to say:

“He cared deeply about the community he served. He was a dedicated public servant in every sense of the word. His passing is a huge loss for our city, which I know he loved dearly.

It is a sad day in Norwalk, but I know his legacy will live on through the programs he started and the difference he made in the lives of residents. It was my honor to know him well.”

Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik was also saddened that the department lost such an iconic police officer:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.”

The officer was also highly regarded by State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff:

“My thoughts go out to Cesar’s wife Ana, their children and their grandchildren. Cesar was loved by all and one of the finest of the finest in the Norwalk Police Department.

I am glad we all were able to have a ceremony with Cesar, his family, and the community last month to honor his over three decades of service. We will miss you, Cesar.”

According to the NPD, Officer Ramirez will be laid to rest on January 28th. It’s a sad time having to report the loss of both dedicated and selfless individuals who embody what it means to serve and protect. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by the loss of these great men.


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