Retired State Senator, Marine Colonel issues urgent warning, says ‘globalists’ pushing the world toward nuclear war


WASHINGTON, DC – A retired Virginia State Senator and Marine Corps Colonel drafted a letter to Congress warning of globalists pushing the world toward “nuclear war.”

Retired Virginia State Senator and Marine Corps Colonel Richard Black has been speaking out about his concerns that the world as we know it is steadily marching toward nuclear war and has taken that concern now to the United States Congress.

Colonel Black’s letter speaks of his concern that world leaders are attempting to “acclimate Americans” that nuclear war is possible or probable. In his letter, he wrote:

“I am troubled by the loose talk about launching a nuclear attack on Russia. From time to time, senior Republicans and Democrats have suggested employing such weapons. This appears to be a deliberate effort to acclimate Americans to the idea of nuclear war.”

Colonel Black’s concerns come after a recent Newsweek article in which was titled, ‘U.S. Needs to Threaten Russia with Nuclear Strike.” In the article, Mykhailo Podolyak, a senior aid to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, urged the world to threaten Russia with nuclear strikes should they ‘think’ of using them in the war against them. In the Guardian, Podolyak said:

“The other nuclear states need to say very firmly that as soon as Russia even thinks of carrying out nuclear strikes on foreign territory – in this case, the territory of Ukraine – there will be swift retaliatory nuclear strikes to destroy the nuclear launch sites in Russia.”

Colonel Black went on to accuse the United States, the United Kingdom, and NATO of blocking peace efforts between Ukraine and Russia before the war started. He claimed:

“Within two months after Russia crossed into Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine were finalizing a draft peace agreement. However, [former U.K.] Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly flew to Kyiv to block its implementation, undoubtedly coordinating with the U.S. State Department beforehand. War would continue…

“NATO had ample opportunity for peace but deliberately chose war. The U.S. realized that, with Russia’s back to the wall, it would have no choice to but to attack.

In 2007, U.S. Ambassador to Russia William Burns pointedly warned that movement toward absorbing Ukraine into NATO might well trigger war between Ukraine and Russia.

“Nonetheless, the Obama administration overthrew the Ukrainian president and flooded in weapons, knowing that doing so would trigger war.”

Colonel Black went on to accuse that peace efforts between Russia and Ukraine were blocked by those who wished to make billions of dollars off of the war. He wrote:

“Today, wealthy globalists have billions at stake, and they intend to have their war profits even if it means gambling the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.”

The Colonel went on to accuse the Biden Administration of casting “caution to the winds” in terms of nuclear war. He wrote:

“Now, the Biden administration threatens to cast caution to the winds. Many of its allies suggest a game of one-upmanship where the U.S. and NATO fire nuclear missiles in response to Russia’s use of such weapons to defend its territory.”

The solution, according to Colonel Black, would be for the United States and its allies to turn Ukraine into a “non-aligned state.” In other words, somehow force Ukraine to remain neutral and cave into Russia’s demands of not joining NATO. He wrote:

“The U.S. can promptly end this war by making Ukraine a neutral, non-aligned state, just as we did during the Cold War with Austria in 1955. Yes, there would be some territorial adjustments resulting from the war.

But peace would end the ongoing bloodshed, avert a nuclear conflagration, and assure Ukraine’s long-term safety and independence.”

Biden admin has sent more money to Ukraine than spent in the first five years of the war on terror in Afghanistan

This editorial is brought to you by a veteran and staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC – While many Americans continue to watch prices for everyday necessities continue to climb, the Biden administration is writing another check to Ukraine.

Americans should be angered by the level of flawed policies and how the administration is handling foreign policy matters, especially when it comes to their fiscal response.

We have already seen the failure of this administration in Afghanistan. Can they do much worse in funding Ukraine while they do nothing to address to issues facing Americans here at home?

According to Fox News, yes. Yes, they can.

The amount of spending to aid Ukraine in their war with Russia already surpasses what the US spent to cover the costs of our first 5 years in Afghanistan in the war on terror following 9/11.

Let that sink in for just a second.

Biden has spent more over the past 5 months on a war that we aren’t even fighting than was spent in 60 months on a war we were fighting after we were provoked by evil people that September Tuesday.

Or, as Ilhan Omar said, “because some people did something.”

From 2001 to 2006, the US spent $7.4B in Afghanistan

To date, spread out over 15 aid packages, the Biden administration has committed more than $63B, per the Gateway Pundit. That equates to approximately $190 per American. Or as we like to say these days, two tanks of gas.


The latest package amounted to roughly $400M.

This administration’s thought process is mind boggling.

Record inflation in the US? Putin’s fault.

Baby formula shortage? Putin.

National average of gas prices in America? Also, Putin.

Yet we continue to fund a fight that prolongs that war even longer, so the results of Putin’s war will continue to impact Americans?

(For the record, I am not advocating that Ukraine throw in the towel and allow Russia to take them by force. But I am wondering why it is the responsibility of the American taxpayer to bank roll the effort.)

Putin and his war with Ukraine are to blame for all our problems, according to the Biden think tank.

Well, except COVID…that’s Trump’s fault.

Rising violent crime? That is the fault of the NRA and 2nd Amendment “crazies.” Oh, and also white supremacists, who are incidentally, Trump’s fault.

We aren’t making this stuff up. These are literal statements being made by the Biden White House.

According to the new Press Secretary, we are stronger economically than we have ever been in the history of our country.

Absolute lunacy.

But that is the ideological depravity that says American’s can flounder and struggle to make ends meet in this Biden economy, but by all means, let’s continue to fund someone else’s war.

The Pentagon alone has spent $8B on Ukraine.

Yet Biden and other world leaders have stated that they will continue to aid, support and facilitate Ukraine’s efforts to turn away Russian advances for as long as it takes.

Ironically, he also said American’s will have to suffer the prices at the gas station for as long as that takes too.

So, while Biden, his policies and his executive orders to stop drilling, shut down pipelines and sell oil from the strategic reserve to foreign companies that his son, Hunter, has stock in, continue to destroy our economy at home, it should not surprise any of us that he has no problem sending billions of dollars abroad to further his America last agenda.

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