Fox News and retired NYPD cop talk NYC crime, a broken legal system and the disaster known as Mayor Adams


Retired detective interviews on Fox News primetime to expose dire state of crime in New York City, says burglaries up 24%, violent crime spikes 33%

New York City, NY: As the city struggles to combat a rising tide of crime, a former NYPD detective has spoken out about the dire state of affairs in New York.

In a Fox News primetime interview with retired detective Rob O’Donnell, he revealed that burglaries are up 24% and violent crime has increased by a staggering 33%.

These alarming statistics come as the NYPD is grappling with a crisis, with many officers leaving the force due to a lack of support and resources, as well as poor leadership from Mayor Eric Adams.

But the problems don’t end there.

O’Donnell also highlighted the failures of the judicial system, which he claims is failing to keep violent offenders off the streets.

He cites the case of a serial pilferer who was recently caught by police in the act of breaking into a home while a 10-year-old child slept upstairs. Despite having 26 prior arrests, mostly for burglaries, and skipping out on a court-ordered drug program, the individual was released and told to attend drug rehab.

Why It Doesn’t Work

O’Donnell warns that this kind of leniency towards career criminals puts the public in danger and that tragedies could be avoided if judges were able to use their discretion to keep violent offenders behind bars.

When asked about how and why judges would release suspects with criminal history lists a mile long, O’Donnell responded:

“Unfortunately, our great legislators in Albany have tied the hands of our judges.”

The NYPD has created a Public Safety Team, which O’Donnell referred to as a sort of “anti-crime unit” of old. This unit goes out and actively pursue criminals. But an issue that has come up is, how are the officers when they see suspects get arrested but released over and over again?

O’Donnell told Fox News:

“It’s frustrating.”

He continued

“You’re seeing the lack of recruitment to come back into the NYPD.”

The Frustration

With the NYPD seeing a mass exodus of officers who are fed up with the lack of support and the constant struggle to keep up with the rising tide of crime, the situation has reached a breaking point.

O’Donnell, who worked with Adams during his time with the Transit Police in the 1990s, claims that the mayor lacks the necessary skills and experience to lead the department and keep the city safe.

He said:

“I worked with Eric Adams back in the transit police back in the early 90’s. He just does not have the skillset to lead a police department like he portrayed during his campaign.”

He points to Adams’ limited number of arrests during his 20-year career as evidence of this.

When asked about the Officer Adams performance as a cop, O’Donnell said:

“Well, he was really good at sitting at a desk. I don’t believe he has more than a handful of arrests for his 20-year career. You have your active officers who have 4 or 500 hundred arrests. I think that speaks for itself.”

Change Needed

The crisis in New York City is a wake-up call for lawmakers and city officials. It’s time to take action and give the NYPD the support and resources they need to keep the city safe.

It’s also time to hold judges accountable for their decisions and ensure that dangerous criminals are not released back into the community to wreak havoc.

The safety of New Yorkers depends on it.

This is not just a problem for the NYPD, but for the entire city. O’Donnell’s revelations paint a grim picture of a city struggling to cope with rising crime rates and a judicial system that is failing to keep dangerous offenders off the streets.

It’s clear that something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now. The safety of New Yorkers is at stake, and it’s up to city officials and lawmakers to take action and turn the tide against crime.

It’s time to give the NYPD the support and resources they need to keep the city safe and to hold judges accountable for their decisions. The time for action is now.

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Fox News and retired NYPD cop talk NYC crime, a broken legal system and the disaster known as Mayor Adams

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