Retired FBI agents: Democrats want to tear America down so they can “build back better” – as a Communist country


In order to “Build Back Better,” you need to tear it down. According to four retired FBI agents, that is precisely what Joe Biden and the American Marxist cabal are in the process of doing.

In a four-hour symposium conducted on Nov. 14, four retired FBI agents discussed what they believe, as many of us do, that there is currently a Marxist revolution underway in the United States. Look no further than conservative Mark Levin, whose book American Marxism will run away as the number one book of 2021 and which has sold over 1.2 million copies. Clearly, a good number of Americans agree with these agents.

According to retired agent Terry Turchie, who spent 29 years in the FBI and who authored the book, In Their Own Words: The Democratic Party’s Push for a Communist America, part of the reason such an ideology is moving forward is because few in politics are willing to call it what it is.

“It’s time we made our voices heard,” he said. “There was a day when they warned in Congress about the perils of communism. You don’t see that anymore. And we are concerned about that.”

Turchie appeared along with three other retired agents—Cecil Moses, David Baldovin and Brian Shephard.

“We’re not from the Democratic Party, the Biden campaign or even the Republican Party, Turchie said. “We are speaking from experience…we saw firsthand what is going on because we were following people and heard what they were saying and heard from counter-intelligence informants so we know what they’re up to.”

Turchie noted the strategy being put forth by communists inside the U.S. is much different than what was done in either the old Soviet Union or Cuba. In those two countries, revolution took the form of violence, where in the U.S., it is more of a silent revolution, involving the infiltration of the U.S. government, schools, and major institution, more of a long-term strategy of undermining American culture.

“People will laugh at that. Certain people will say we’re all from the McCarthy era,” he said, noting that’s just a deflection tactic. “We don’t have to back away from that because in fact McCarthy [former Sen. Joseph McCarthy] was right.”

Turchie pushed those who were attending the symposium—either in person or online—to take what they shared and pass it on to their friends, which he said was the only way most Americans will be able to learn about what is going on and how this ideology is infiltrating the country.

In fact, Turchie said the indoctrination goes down as far as elementary school, including kindergarten.

“And one of the things is kindergarten through third grade. They’re teaching certain things in those grades, but not the awareness of communism,” he said.

In other words, he suggested they are disguising what in fact they are pushing on the children.

“We’re going to show you in their own words going back in time and how this comes together.”

As many have noticed, including us at Law Enforcement Today, the FBI isn’t currently what it used to be, a point made by Turchie.

“We want to highlight for you what has happened in the FBI. One of the perspectives is that, yes, the FBI has kinda fallen. Maybe it’s not even a matter of ‘kind of.’ You’ll have to make up your mind on that. The problem is our entire government and institutions have started falling to the critical race theory, the woke crowd. Critical race theory and the whole woke strategy is nothing more than Communism 2021.”

Turchie said the virus of wokeness has not only infected just the FBI, but the entire US. Government, noting the words on the FBI’s seal…”fidelity, bravery, and integrity”…should instead by replaced by “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Meanwhile Moses, who joined the FBI in 1957 and who served from Pres. Dwight Eisenhower through George H. W. Bush noted he had been involved in setting up wiretaps for a man named Gus Hall, the Communist Party USA leader who ran for president four times in the 1970s and 1980s.

What did he learn from that wiretap? “How they were planning to infiltrate all of our institutions back in the 1960s. This was the same Gus Hall [who former CIA director] John Brennan voted for a few years later [in 1976].”

Shephard worked for the FBI for 34 years, from 1972 through 2006. He worked on cases involving Soviet nationals inside the United States.

“I ended up working a case involving Archer Daniels Midland in the Midwest, a case that ended up becoming a movie called The Informant with Matt Damon,” Shephard said.

Baldovin said he started his FBI career in 1969, and initially focused on KKK meetings throughout the South in the 1970s, and eventually turned his focus to white collar crime.

Turchie noted he had worked on a case involving a Soviet KGB officer, Gennady Zakharov, who was arrested on Aug. 23, 1986, and had been working with the United Nations in New York City as a physicist.

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“He started to run and we had a scuffle on the subway platform,” Turchie said. “That was the last time we actually arrested a KGB officer.”

Just over a week later, on Sept 2, 1986, Nicholas Daniloff, an American journalist was “coincidentally” arrested by the Soviets on a Russian subway platform, which Turchie said was odd since “he was no spy.”

In response, President Ronald Reagan deported some 65 suspected KGB operatives from within the Soviet diplomatic corps.

“And the Soviet Union collapsed a few years later. They underestimated President Reagan,” Turchie said. “That decade of the 80s was what we called the decade of the spy.”

However moving ahead 34 years to present day, the FBI is now “taking a knee” to the Marxist-based Black Lives Matter movement, specifically during 2020’s summer riots.

“Agencies that used to fight communism are now promoting it,” said Brannon Howse, symposium moderator. “As I pointed out in my documentary, Siege: The Movie, in 1933 a group of Marxists came here from Germany at the invitation of John Dewey.”

Dewey is widely considered to be the “father of modern education,” and he believed that education wasn’t about teaching academics, but instead to help them “find their place in the world.”—a place of the government’s choosing, not their parents, according to Howse.

“So we have an army of managers and assign every person to their proper place. But when they came here in 1933, they couldn’t call it what it was, Marxism or communism, and launch a revolution. So they decided they would attack the culture instead,” Howse said.

“Their goal was to infiltrate education and other institutions and turn the values of the culture so that eventually, within the culture of the American people themselves, they would have a cognitive dissonance between the anti-American values they now held and the values of their own country.

So the people themselves would call for, be a part of, and carry out, the destruction of the nation in open revolution.”

The retired agents then turned their attention to what was clearly a politically-motivated raid on the home of James O’Keefe, co-founder of Project Veritas in which they were allegedly looking for a copy of Biden’s daughter’s diary.

“What if one of Trump’s kids had a diary and it was stolen by CNN, and then Trump uses the FBI to go after the media?” Howse asked. “We saw what the FBI did to Gen. Flynn and to Roger Stone because they wouldn’t lie. Now they’re going after James O’Keefe [of Project Veritas].”

“Well we can certainly say this,” Turchie added. “They went after James O’Keefe a lot faster than they went after Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

The double standard of justice has become “a real major concern,” Turchie added.

“If it happened once, twice, maybe you dismiss it as a mistake. But this has become a pattern, so you have to start asking questions. And if the mistake is always on the side of the Democratic Party, you should really be asking questions.”

Turchie said the FBI has gone off the rails over the past 20 years, losing site of its mission.

 “It was always supposed to be independent. And after Robert Mueller left, we got James Comey. He at one time had a personal debate with himself as to whether he should be a communist or a capitalist.

Then finally Christopher Wray. So we’ve had 20 years of this: Is it we the people who are the problem? How did we go in one decade from what Tom Brokaw called the greatest generation to the racist generation?”

Howse then played a famous clip from a 1961 John F. Kennedy speech:

“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility…I welcome it.

I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other nation…And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Ask not what America can do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

This led Turchie to ask: Could you imagine a Democrat president today speaking like that? We’ll answer…not likely.

The agents also addressed what they saw as a change in strategy for the Communist Party, noting that a 1974 pamphlet from the Weather Underground movement read: “We need a Revolutionary Communist Party in order to lead the struggle, seize power and build the new society.”

However in 2020, Emile Schepers, leader of the Communist Party USA, said, “Biden is no socialist, no anti-imperialist, no consistent friend of the working class…but Trump is more dangerous on all fronts and must be defeated on Nov. 3…so I’m voting for Biden and urge you to do so too.”

This was the first time in which the Communist Party in the U.S. asked its members to vote for one of the two major party candidates while not putting up a candidate of their own. It wasn’t necessary—after all, the values of the Communist Party and the current Democratic party align perfectly with each other.

“Why? Because they’re reading from the same script,” Turchie said. “They’re both reading from the Weather Underground script, thus the name of the book, In Their Own Words.”

“I have this feeling, and maybe it’s a good feeling, that people are starting to figure this stuff out.”

And what of the current Biden (Democratic) slogan, Build Back Better?

Straight out of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and a number of other leftist global cabals, however according to Turchie, the underlying meaning is basically a dead giveaway to what Democrats have planned. In fact, it’s out in the open for all to see.

“Think about the slogan, Build Back Better,” Turchie continued. “Building back assumes you’ve destroyed something before you’ve built it back. They want this so they can build a new society.”

“So you’re fine. You’re thinking is right,” he added. “JFK sounds just like we do…he was a passionate fighter for freedom. They have changed, we haven’t changed.”

If JFK were alive today, he’d be a Republican. The current Democratic Party in no way resembles what it was even 20 years ago.

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

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