Hear that? That’s the sound of the mic dropping. 

We’re not about to sit quietly and let self-made experts convict cops over the internet. Make sure all of our brothers and sisters see this. 


Living out of their parent’s basement or tucked away in the corner of a spare bedroom sits a social media champion. Experts in nothing with an opinion on everything, these keyboard warriors stand ready to dispense their assumed knowledge to a large section of society. Bored with how little they’ve accomplished in real-life or just dumbfounded by the stagnant pace at which they find themselves, they stand ready to attack. They have all longed for a good fight and they have a huge cache of justice to dispense.

With the growth of a generation of Americans unable or unwilling to research things before forming an opinion, we have essentially dumbed-down America.

We as a society need to hold those truly accountable to the fire, we need to elevate those who are actual experts to their proper position and we need to remember that as individuals we hear everything, verify everything, question everything and most importantly wait for everything to come out.

Social justice warrior


There is an old saying, “Everything comes out in the wash,” and without a doubt, the saying is absolutely correct. When we bother to listen to self-described experts of any field that spew their take on issues, particularly those that are very controversial prior to the actual experts (Doctors, Investigators, Lawyers and Verified and Vetted Experts) concluding their evaluation, we are doing a grave injustice to all. We have seen this time and time again in recent years, from Mike Brown to Atatiana Jefferson. We have watched it unfold with Brett Kavanaugh and Nicholas Sandmann. We owe it to ourselves to do better, as the current philosophy is pulling us further apart.

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As technology has advanced, allowing anyone and everyone to have a platform, we have turned to a public trial on social media rather than the facts being presented by the experts in a court of law.

The effect of doing so leads to a spread of false information or half-truths spread and reinforced by unscrupulous media outlets looking for headlines rather than the truth. Average citizens are bombarded with these fallacies and disingenuous headlines before walking into a trial as potential jurors with seeds of doubt already planted in their minds.

Imagine being Officer Aaron Dean of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Imagine for a moment that you just shot someone and have yet to even give a statement. You have yet to even sit down with your legal counsel or union rep when you find out people online have already solved the case.

Aaron Dean was jailed on a murder charge Monday in the deadly Fort Worth shooting. (Tarrant County Corrections Center)

Officer Aaron Dean was jailed on a murder charge in the deadly Fort Worth shooting. (Tarrant County Corrections Center)


Imagine that the body hasn’t even been removed and the crime scene team has yet to close shop, but some armchair tactician has already broken down the entire shooting.

Imagine that you have not even been served an arrest warrant and the chief and mayor are already releasing your body camera footage from the incident and are using words like ‘criminal’ and ‘justice’.

Imagine a famous nobody who made his money from Monday night quarterbacking everything posting a breakdown of that video to his 1.2 million followers using words such as ‘murder’ and ‘guilty’.

Would you get a fair trial? Could you trust that the jury pool would untainted? Would a change of venue be enough to afford you a constitutionally protected right to a fair trial?



For the Monday night quarterbacks among us, I say, “How dare you?”

You are playing a game with people’s lives so that you can make a few more pennies from your click bait. You are risking a total miscarriage of justice against all involved.

Your actions feed hope to those who seek justice; you spread misinformation to those who don’t care to seek the truth; you give fuel to those who only have ill intent and bring despair to those left holding the pieces once the courts make their ruling.


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