Retired black police officer: “Defund the police” is first step toward federalizing law enforcement


Brandon Tatum is a former Arizona police officer, and he is also a black American, therefore he has a unique perspective on Black Lives Matter and the defund the police movement, which has become the cause celebre for the far left in our country over the past year.

He believes there is a far more nefarious reason for wanting to defund the police—a federal takeover of law enforcement, according to The Epoch Times.  Tatum also has a podcast simulcast on YouTube.

The death of George Floyd was seized upon by leftists, including the Black Lives Matter movement as justification for “reimagining” policing, a fancy word for defunding the police. Major cities across the country, from Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Dallas started cutting funding for their police departments.

In some extreme cases such as the city where Floyd died, Minneapolis, the city council actually introduced a bill to abolish their police department, even as crime spiked out of control.

Tatum however believes there is a bigger agenda behind the movement to defund the police, and we happen to agree with his premise.

“I believe it’s an agenda to completely destroy and dismantle local police departments so that the government can have control of law enforcement in this country, and push a nationwide agenda,” Tatum said on “American Though Leaders,” a program on Epoch TV.

Tatum believes that by federalizing law enforcement, some unconstitutional restrictions, such as for example gun control or mandating vaccines would be more easily enforced by a central police agency.

“I believe that the government has a lot more leverage federalizing these agencies, and that’s the end goal,” Tatum said. “I don’t believe it has anything to do with racism, police brutality…that is a talking point to push an even bigger agenda,” he said. 

Tatum isn’t the only one who feels that way. On Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, Candace Owens, a black conservative icon, also suggested the defund the police movement is an attempt to move toward a federalized police system.


In addressing out-of-control crime in Chicago, she then got into the defund movement, and noted that as she had previously pointed out:

“Democrats…don’t do anything without a purpose. They are always taking up part and parcel of a Machiavellian scheme. I said to you, Tucker, that they are going to start requesting, while the streets are getting bad enough until they say we now need federal help. And at that moment you’re going to see them start talking about federal police,” Owens said.

She continued, “This is what is happening in Biden’s America, and I believe that this is just, really what we’re seeing is just a faster spread toward America shifting towards a federalized police system in this country.”

Tatum said the left’s agenda “is really the cause of a lot of the turmoil we see in law enforcement ant the crime rate that we see spiking around the country.”

The Fraternal Order of Police reports that murder rates over the past year since Floyd’s death have skyrocketed, especially in cities where police departments have been defunded.

For example, in New York and Chicago, murder rates year over year are up 22 percent, in Los Angeles up 27 percent, in Washington, D.C. 35 percent, Philadelphia 40 percent, Minneapolis 56 percent, and in Portland an unsustainable 800 percent.

And that is just murders. All across the board, violent crime is exploding while at the same time leftist politicians blame the police despite the fact that Democrat district attorneys have turned the criminal justice system into a revolving door.

Tatum grew up in the inner-city in Texas and said the most pressing issue for the black community is the homicide rates in the inner cities, where he noted black people are getting primarily killed by other black people.

“You know, police brutality is a small fraction of the drama, chaos, and confusion that goes on in the inner city. So, if they are pushing this as is if it’s a pandemic or epidemic, then they are already being deceptive from the beginning.”

Tatum, who cofounded the BLEXIT movement with Owens, said that it isn’t a conspiracy theory to recognize that statistically, twice as many unarmed whites are shot by the police every year than unarmed blacks. That is in direct contrast to the narrative being put forth by the far left.

Also, while activists claim that blacks are “unfairly” targeted by police, statistics from 2018, the most recent year where data is currently available, showed that blacks make up 53 percent of homicide offenders in the United States and committed around 60 percent of robberies; yet they only make up 13 percent of the population.

Tatum noted that his grandmother and those who came before her had a good reason to point out racism and inequality, because unlike most of today’s blacks, they actually FACED matters such as slavery, segregation and racism.

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“However, that pain and suffering and that mistrust for white Americans has been passed down unjustifiably to next generations, later generations, and we don’t deal with those things,” Tatum said.

“And when you have that and you have a political climate where a certain particular party that wants your vote, they’re going to tell you what you want to hear and try to play this savior to an invisible problem, you know, they are going to push an agenda.”

Tatum then addressed the elephant in the room which has been identified by people such as former President Donald Trump, black thought leaders such as Thomas Sowell and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—that strong families are the most important factor in dealing with issues in the black community. Tatum also said that the politicization of issues isn’t solving the problem.

“The solution is not to politicize anything, this just should not be about politics—Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, libertarian—it should have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with real people that are being hurt in this country,” he said.

“You need a dad. I don’t care what nobody says, I don’t care what any psychologists want to put out there and make up a myth on you—you need your father. And the reason why I’m here today is because I had a strong Father,” Tatum said.

According to a 1988 study cited by the Heritage Foundation, it found “the percentage of single-parent households with children between the ages of 12 and 20 is significantly associated with rates of violent crime and burglary,” noting that race was not a factor, only whether or not the family was intact.

Tatum also held nothing back when it comes to Black Lives Matter, an organization which has actually endorsed the dismantling of the traditional nuclear family, dismissing the role of fathers in having an impact on criminal offending among black youth.

Tatum noted that BLM, a neo-Marxist organization which has raised millions of dollars by shaking down major corporations and private donors, has done nothing to use those funds to lift up the black community.

“But to the unsuspecting person that seems very bizarre that the founding of Black Lives Matter is to do the very thing that has damaged the black community the most. And that’s to believe in the absence of the father, they want to destroy the nuclear family,” Tatum said.

“I’m just here to be a messenger of things that I know, and I have experienced and researched. But I think it’s invaluable for us to empower ourselves with knowledge. And everybody should do their own research to prove that whatever you hear from me, from anybody else, is true and it’s factual,” he said.

Owens noted that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has lost total control of her city in the midst of defund the police mania, was seen begging for help, of course from the federal government.

“So the Democrats put this plan into place and now it’s speeding up. So she’s not helpless. She’s saying we need help from the federal government, we need help from the federal government so that eventually people on the streets are gonna say please, anybody help us.

And you’re going to start to see real crimes from the federal government when they put their boots on the ground and start saying, okay, now we have complete and utter control. It is now chaos. From chaos dictatorship arises. That is the lesson of human history,” Owens concluded.

Democrats better be careful what they ask for. They thought Trump was a dictator? They’re paving the way for the next one.

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