Story of the week: Retired Australian K9’s reaction to word ‘cocaine’ goes viral


QUEENSLAND, AU – A retired Australian K9 named Dante has become quite the viral hit online after his reaction to the word “cocaine” seemingly triggered some of his old instincts from his days as a narcotics detector.

The clip in question, originally uploaded to TikTok by Dante’s owner Davey Rutherford, was simply titled “sniffer dog knows English” and showcases Dante staring out of a window as his owner starts reciting off some words from a mock grocery list:

“All right, shopping list: Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine.”

The German Shepherd was unmoved throughout the reciting of the run-of-the-mill grocery items – until the word “cocaine” was spoken. Suddenly, Dante whips his head toward his owner, bearing the most curious of looks once the narcotic was mentioned.

The dog’s owner then cleverly said “just kidding.”

@daveywaSniffer dog knows English ##foryoupage ##dog ##foryourpage ##dog ##comedy ##fyp ##snifferdog♬ original sound – Davey Rutherford

While the post originated from TikTok, the video has since been ripped and reuploaded to other platforms like Twitter by various users – with reports noting that the video has been collectively viewed over 30 million times between the various rips online.

Law Enforcement Today has previously covered recent viral videos, such as one coming from Washington, DC where an officer offered a snappy answer to a silly question. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC – A video that recently went viral on Twitter showed a brief clip of a DC Metropolitan Police officer being heckled by some person behind a camera, hurling inflammatory rhetoric around on whether the police officer was going to kill him “like Ma’Khia Bryant.”

The officer’s response was fairly clever, rhetorically asking the heckler:

“Are you gonna try and stab someone like her?”

The broader context surrounding the video/interaction is really unclear, as it came via a TikTok video that was then re-uploaded to Twitter.

However, what is blatantly clear is that it’s a relatively recent interaction that happened in Washington, DC, where some heckler decided to film a DC Metro officer and ask the following:

“Are y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?”

Without missing a step, the officer asks the man filming:

“Are you gonna try and stab somebody like her?”

Apparently, this response infuriated the man filming, who had a mini-tirade of outrage caught on video:

“But she called y’all for help. Fuck is you talking ‘bout…get yo goofy ass…I can’t…and you just said that on camera. This shit going viral.”

Well, to be fair, the man behind the camera was accurate in pointing out that the video was going to go viral. But the reasons in which the video went viral are likely not in the manner that the young man filming would’ve suspected.  

Some comments were humorous. One Twitter user wrote in response:

“I’d rather be shot than be wrecked like this.”

Of course, others simply dropped memes in response to the video.

Then there were those more offended at the fact that the person who filmed this interaction had the nerve to film something in vertical mode:

“Of course it’s filmed in vertical.” 

With the response of:

“I’m not usually big on [government] interference but [people] who do that need to be sent to a reeducation camp.”

This entire videoed back-and-forth stems from the highly publicized incident that occurred in Columbus, Ohio, on April 20th. Law Enforcement Today has reported on the incident and the media response/handling of the matter. 

In the spirit of all things on the lighter side, Law Enforcement Today also recently shared a story outlining one of the most criminally underrated comedians on YouTube.

Here’s that article from earlier in April, in case you missed it. 


The following article contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today


A stand-up comedian and actor now turned YouTuber has managed to fill niche in the realm of political commentary on YouTube that we didn’t even know we needed: satirical impersonations of political and public figures with their images superimposed on this actor’s face.

Obviously when you use words to explain it, the concept doesn’t sound nearly as entertaining as it genuinely is.

But this relatively uncharted territory that Kyle Dunnigan has embarked upon seems to be serving the stand-up comedian and actor well – with many of his videos amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

One of Dunnigan’s most hilarious impersonations that he does in these videos is that of President Joe Biden.

In one video, Dunnigan is pretending to be Joe Biden having a strange conversation with himself after he sees his reflection in the mirror.

The Biden impersonation video finds the commander in chief confused over seeing his reflection, mistaking his reflection for that of another person:

“How’d you get in here? This is a security beach. Look, look…I got a surprise for you, your name isn’t Jarak O’Biden: it’s Barak O’Jiden! Who sent you? Vice Pina Colada Hairless?”

Clearly, Dunnigan has mastered the art of lampooning President Biden’s unique style of gaffes.

Dunnigan is in peak form again with his President Biden impersonation, where he does a satirical re-imagining of the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as it would be performed if President Biden fashioned the lyrics for himself:

“Well, I was born and raised in Scranton, P-A. Lifeguard by the pool is where I spent my days. Until a dude named Corn Pop, who wasn’t that cool, started making trouble at the swimming pool.”

In another video from Dunnigan, he put in double the work posing as President Biden and Ben Shapiro in a video lampooning the idea of what it would be like if President Biden made a random appearance on the Ben Shapiro Show.

When doing his impersonation of Biden calling into the Ben Shapiro Show, Dunnigan keeps the mocking of Biden’s gaffes going with:

“Look, look…I need your vote. I got a big erection coming up against the bad dude: Donald Duck! He’s got no pants man, orange legs.”

But this actor and stand-up comedian does more than just impersonations of Joe Biden or Ben Shapiro, he also has a hilarious routine that he does posing as Governor Andrew Cuomo while poking fun at his adoration of charts when holding briefings.

Considering that Dunnigan landed breakthrough roles in series like “Cedric the Entertainer Presents” and “Reno 911!”, it makes all the more sense as to how well he crafts his satirical videos of public figures.

The impersonations of Governor Cuomo get even better when Dunnigan pokes fun at the New York governor’s fondness of trying to contextualize complex or contentious topics by sharing a quick, personal story.

With all the craziness surrounding modern politics, this is exactly the type of content we need to just sit back and enjoy a cheap fun laugh at the nonsense that envelops everything today.


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