As a retired police officer, serving in the Israeli police I have responded to over fifty calls where terror or terror related incidents were part of my daily routine throughout the years 1999 – 2005.

I have physically been present at 16 events of terror and have witnessed suicide bombers blowing themselves up literally meters away from me. I have caught and arrested those that had intent of blowing themselves up while at the same time killing as many innocent bystanders as possible.

I would however respectfully request to make it very clear that once a potential suicide bomber has entered what I call the “inner zone” and he or she is within a circumference of people (at a mall, school, disco or stadium for example), there is no possible way to tackle the suicide bomber.

In almost all cases that I have been witness to, the suicide bomber carries the detonating switch in his or her hand and not strapped to their stomach.

I have read, studied and practiced Krav Maga and other martial arts and while “Steven Segal or Chuck Norris” type tactics and methods of dealing physically with a suicide bomber are great for the movies and stunt men, they will not work in real life.

During intensive training at the Israel Police Academy, the very best of instructors have been working for years, to find a method of neutralizing a suspect suicide bomber and the final conclusion is that the hand is simply quicker than the eye. This is a pure physiology fact.

A simple light switch can be either clicked “on” or “off” or moved “up” or ‘down” long before even a well trained professional expert can even get close to the suspect. One must remember that a suicide bomber is not going to run away or put up a fight; the intention is to kill and injure as many people in the vicinity and cause as much carnage as possible.

I feel that it is my duty to advise my fellow law enforcement officers and the military personnel that are consumed in preparing themselves for an event of this nature, not to even attempt to tackle a suicide bomber suspect in this manner.  If you are a law enforcement professional or a military person serving your country in a battle zone and are 100% sure that you have recognized a suicide bomber suspect, get close enough to fire a round into the suspects forehead and hope that the suspect does not manage to hit the switch.

The comments I would like to make in full and share with you is certainly far too long for publication on this site at this time.

Certainly providing information of this nature should be openly free as is the constitution in the US but one should express emphatically that our methods, tactics and techniques should be somewhat guarded against those that seek to use this very information against us.

Be Safe and remember that the greatest danger in planning for tomorrow is using yesterdays logic.

Written by Marc Kahlberg
MK International Security Consulting