Workplace conflict is one of the most challenging and stressful experiences for LEOs to understand how to handle.  What do you do when the stress, confrontation, and conflict are not coming from the streets you patrol but from one of your own trusted co-workers, supervisors or managers?

“Living the dream” is what officers say sarcastically when they feel frustrated, irritated, and feel there is just no way around the constant daily stress of workplace conflict often called politics.

Officers often think that the stress endured at the office will not interfere with their personal life.  That somehow they can leave work at work. But the truth is we do carry it home and it shows in our short temper, disconnection, and lack of sleep.

For an LEO already showing signs of compassion fatigue, burnout or secondary trauma stress, having to deal with workplace conflict can be a heavy weight to bear.

When I was a trooper, I can honestly say experiencing workplace conflict made the work on the road much more stressful and challenging. It was not until I took some time off from work and began an investigation of a different kind that the course of my life changed forever. I would later come to title my investigation and the tremendous insights I learned as The investigation of SELF. 

In the eBook-Workplace Conflict 101, I share 7 strategic steps to reduce workplace stress. Joseph Gillen, PhD shares his expertise in cognitive overload and stress on the body. Read about Sgt. DiBona of the Seminole County Florida Sheriff’s office and his personal experience.  Learn how he had to focus on his own well-being in order to turn what was happening within him around.

Sgt.  DiBona writes that it was not an assailant who almost killed him; it was the workplace conflict that drew his mind and thoughts to a dark place where he began having suicidal thoughts.  .

Dr. Gillen states that “Continued workplace stress is similar to driving your vehicle down the highway at 80 miles an hour in first gear. Yes, something bad is going to happen!

For a free copy of the eBook- Workplace Conflict 101- 7 strategic steps to reduce workplace stress, visit the author’s website linked below.

Debbie Gutierrez, LPN is a retired state trooper, licensed practical nurse, writer, conference speaker, and founder of The Investigation of self, LLC.  Learn more about Debbie and her work here: