‘Knockout games’? Residents on edge after a series of violent and unprovoked attacks in this quiet suburb


WALTHAM, MA – Residents of the western Boston suburb of Waltham are on edge after a series of violent street attacks.

An older gentleman was out for an evening walk when someone came up behind him and hit him in the face with an object.  Another person was taking out the trash and was ambushed and beaten.  A United States Postal Service worker was badly assaulted while delivering mail after dark.

Residents of Waltham, Massachusetts, are on edge after police said at least ten men have been targeted by a mystery assailant in a string of unprovoked assaults that have occurred since November 10.

Detective Sergeant Steve McCarthy of the Waltham Police Department issued a statement:

“Waltham police are using all means necessary to bring these cases to an end as quickly as possible.

The latest attack occurred around 8 p.m. on Friday when a culprit came up behind a man walking on a residential street, hit him in the face with a blunt weapon and ran off under the cover of darkness. As in the other cases, the person responsible for the serial assaults appears to be lying in wait and attacking victims by surprise.”

This past Saturday, police released surveillance video of an individual they described as “a suspect in the string of recent assaults around Waltham” and urged the public to contact them with any information on the person’s identity.  The video shows a man dressed in a dark hooded coat, light blue jeans and sneakers running down a street. Police did not specify when or where the video was taken.  Investigators only have a general description of the assailant, saying he appears to be a black male, 5-foot-6- to 5-foot-10-inches tall, and 160 to 180 pounds.

Police have also taken the unusual step of making reverse 911 calls to alert residents of the city, cautioning them to be vigilant and remain aware of their surroundings, especially after dark.

Detective Sergeant McCarthy added that in all the random, unprovoked attacks, the suspect has struck between 5:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

It was initially reported that the assailant was attacking people around a certain apartment project, as several of the attacks were centered in that area.  The attacks have since spread out into other sections of the large city, including downtown.

One of the victims, David Cameros, told ABC affiliate station WCVB-TV in Boston that he was attacked Wednesday night outside his apartment complex. He said he had just taken out his garbage and was talking on his cell phone while having a smoke when he was clobbered in the head by what he believes was a baseball bat.  Cameros said he was knocked unconscious and left with a fractured skull.

“I don’t know if it is only one or there are more attackers. The aggressor always attacks from behind.”

Emerson, another victim who only wanted to give his first name, said that he was walking Wednesday evening.  He said the attacker came up behind him like a “coward” and that he did not have a chance to see his face.  He is still in a hospital, suffering from fractures to his face and skull.

He told ABC affiliate station WCVB-TV in Boston,  “I did not have the opportunity to defend myself.”

He added that he is awaiting surgery on his face.

Melissa Gallant, a friend of Emerson, said she and other residents of the city have been left rattled by the attacks.  She spoke to WCVB-TV:

“I know he’s beat up bad, bad, bad and he’s such a nice guy.  It’s heartbreaking. It’s not right. He helps everybody. He’s a very good man.”

A total of eleven assaults have occurred since November 10t, with the most recent one being Friday night in downtown Waltham.  Five of the incidents occurred near the Gardencrest apartment complex, and another six in the city’s downtown.

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After wild chase, police capture three homicide suspects who they say were ‘indiscriminately firing at people’

November 30, 2020


BOUSE, AZ Arizona Department of Public Safety officials recently confirmed that three suspects linked to a Nevada homicide were fired upon by a DPS trooper and sergeant following a highway chase that ended in the suspect’s vehicle rolling over. 

The three suspects involved in the incident were identified as 30-year-old Shawn McDonnell, 28-year-old Christopher McDonnell, and 25-year-old Kayleigh Lewis. 

From what officials have revealed thus far, the trio of suspects was allegedly involved in a drive-by shooting at a 7-Eleven outside of Henderson, Nevada on the morning of November 26. 

Said incident resulted in one person killed and four others wounded from the shooting.

Investigators linked to the investigation of the 7-Eleven shooting say that it appears the suspects involved were indiscriminately firing at people. 

Later that day, authorities in Parker, Arizona were notified of several incidents involving occupants in a dark-colored vehicle shooting at vehicles along State Route 95

Officials say that the vehicle description from the Henderson, Nevada incident matched up with the shootings that transpired in Parker, Arizona. 

While a DPS trooper was heading east along State Route 72 near  Bouse, he spotted the suspect vehicle and began pursuing.

While the trooper was in pursuit, the suspect vehicle had reportedly veered off the roadway and rolled over. 

A sergeant had responded to the scene to assist the trooper in conducting what was referred to as a “high risk” stop, and the two reportedly issued commands for the suspects to exit the rolled-over vehicle. 

McDonnell allegedly produced a firearm and pointed it at the trooper and sergeant. The two then opened fire on the suspect, non-fatally wounding him. 

Thereafter, the trooper and sergeant were able to close in on the vehicle and extract the three suspects.

All three suspects were later transferred to a local hospital. McDonnell was treated for the gunshot wounds, and the other two receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the rollover. 

Since the incident, reportedly Lewis was the only one released from the hospital and has been booked into the La Paz County Jail. 

The remaining suspects involved will be booked into jail upon release from the hospital.

There is no word on how the alleged state-crossing crime spree will be handled in terms of charges rendered by the respective police agencies and jurisdictions involved. 

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