Report: Woman sneaks across the border, gives birth at Border Patrol station


Chula Vista, California – According to a press release by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a Guatemalan woman who was suspected of illegally entering the United States gave birth while at the Border Patrol station this past Sunday.

Border Patrol agents tell us this is a common tactic used by people who enter the country illegally to capitalize on the Immigration and Nationality Act’s birthright citizenship, but also a dangerous avenue to pursue for women on the verge of giving birth.

The event took place on February 16th at roughly 2:30 p.m., when a Border Patrol agent had apprehended a Guatemalan family. The family consisted of a father, two children, and a visibly pregnant mother.

The agent who apprehended the family took note of the woman being pregnant, but at the time she showed no signs of discomfort or requiring medical attention. From there, the family was taken to the local station to be processed.



Whether medical aid is needed or not, on-site medical staff at Border Patrol stations still commences routine checks on those recently apprehended.

While staff were tending to the pregnant mother, she began to complain of abdominal pains. That’s when the medical staff realized that this wasn’t just stomach pains – she was going into labor right then and there.

Forced to immediately take action, both agents and medical personnel prepared an area for the baby to be delivered. At approximately 3:00 p.m., merely 30 minutes after being apprehended, the 27-year-old woman gave birth to a little girl.

While medical staff were tending to the mother when she was going into labor, other agents contacted emergency medical services. The mother and child were later transported to a nearby hospital for additional care following the birth. Both the child and mother are listed as being in stable condition.



Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke noted on the quick-thinking and action taken by agents on that day:

“Thanks to the medical resources available in our stations, this woman and her child were well cared for and received immediate medical attention. Our agents are well trained to manage the unexpected, and I’m proud of the work they did in caring for this mother.”

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Since July of 2019, many of the San Diego Sector stations have been outfitted with onsite medical staff for events just like this one.

Four out of the six stations that are running along that portion of the southwest border have medical trained professionals working around the clock.

These measures have alleviated agents from having to expel time transporting detainees to hospitals for minor medical issues. Thus, this leaves agents with more time to focus on border security.

According to the CBP, there have been 33 cases of pregnancy-related hospital visits just within the San Diego Sector since the beginning of fiscal year 2020.

When agents aren’t helping mothers on the verge of giving birth, they’re also protecting families from dangerous child abusers and rapists who they say are using our nation’s weak border security to sneak in.

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Tucson, Arizona – CBP officials released a statement regarding the apprehension of three previously deported child abusers and known-gang affiliates earlier this week.

In the early hours of Monday morning on February 17th, Tucson Sector agents working near Lukeville had encountered and arrested 39-year-old Juan Sergio Valencia Robles.

The Mexican national had a previous conviction from California of cruelty toward a child, drug possession, and amphetamine-intent to sell back in September of 2007.

That same day, agents who were working near the Cowlic area had encountered an unnamed, 24-year-old Mexican national. The unidentified individual had admitted to agents that he was a part of the dangerous 18th Street gang.


Report: Woman sneaks across the border, gives birth at Border Patrol station


Then on February 18th, also in the Cowlic area, agents had apprehended 43-year-old Gerson Garcia. The Honduran national had a conviction of rape – 1st forcible compulsion in New York from back in October 2002.

Currently, all three men are facing federal charges for immigration violations. 

In the meantime, former Vice President Joe Biden (D) says “nobody will be deported” from the United States until they commit a felony under his proposed national immigration plan.

During a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada on Monday, Biden promised that if elected president, illegal aliens will only ever be deported if they commit a felony.

Previously, Biden has said he does not consider drunk driving a felony, thus convicted illegal alien drunk drivers can expect not to be deported.

Politicians, from mayors, to city council members, to Democratic presidential candidates have been participating in sanctuary causes and protecting illegal aliens for quite some time now. 

Those policies, that were initially hidden and kept in small towns, counties, and leftist American states, have now become mainstream since most of the Democratic candidates support giving illegals a free ride on everything – welfare, medical care, and a full pass when it comes to breaking local, state, and federal laws. 

And of course, they’re breaking federal law just by being in our country, but that part is automatically swept under the rug and overlooked.

John Binder of Breitbart reports that Joe Biden recently had an exchange with a voter:

VOTER: I was wondering Vice President what you would plan to do to help the little children that are in the cages down on the border?

BIDEN: That’s not who we are … number one, no child period will be held in a cage, period, period, period. We will in fact … for me, immigration is all about family. All about family reunification.

Nobody will be deported who is here, in fact, unless they are in a position of having committed a felony while here or they engaged in a major felony we find out about.

We’re not going to be standing outside of mass, we’re not going to be standing outside of doctor’s offices, we’re not going to be standing outside and anxiety causing.”

But wait, many, many children were kept in “cages” as the left as claimed the Trump administration has done, but during the Obama/Biden years. 

The previous folks get a pass, though, as Creepy Uncle Joe explains that they were just “keeping them safe” and not “imprisoning” them.  Good play, Joe, but we see right through it.

Biden also touted his plan to provide a route to American citizenship for the nation’s entire illegal alien population, which stands at an estimated 11 to 22 million foreign nationals. Biden claimed the massive amnesty is necessary to keep Social Security solvent. Biden said:

“Look, here’s the deal, think about this: One of the things I’m going to do … and begin to implement it between now and the time that I get sworn in, we have now 24 out of every 100 students in school today is a Latino — 24 out of 100. Twenty-four.

We’re in a situation as well where we find that we have a population of people who have been here, over 11 million people, and they’re not all Latino, they’re Asian, they’re African, across the board. And in fact, I’m going to lay down a detailed … a pathway to citizenship that’s earned and make sure that everybody is able to get into that pathway.”

That paves the way for the exact scenario Ted Cruz described last week about Democrats trying to change the electorate forever.

Biden — who along with Obama oversaw thousands of deportations and detention of border crossers between 2008 to 2016 — has attempted to angle his national immigration plan to appease the open borders lobby that has blasted him for failing to commit, like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), to ending all deportations of illegal aliens, regardless of criminal history.

As Breitbart News has reported, research finds that deporting the 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens saves American taxpayers billions of dollars, compared to the costs they are forced to pay when illegal aliens are allowed to stay.

Deporting every illegal alien in the country would amount to a cost savings of about $622 billion over the course of a lifetime. This indicates that deporting illegal aliens is six times less costly than what it costs American taxpayers to currently subsidize the millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S.

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As mentioned above, related to the immigration game, Ted Cruz shows how if the Dems win big in 2020, they’ll rig the game forever (video below).

We often hear about the biggest election ever, or in sports, the winner-take-all game. 

Ted Cruz argues there is a distinct possibility of that Armageddon-style election actually happening, and he says the results would be dangerous to our citizens and permanently damage to our country and economy.

He pointed out that the frontrunners on the left don’t bother hiding their contempt for our institutions or even the rule of law.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) are marshaling the language of ‘crisis’ to push forward an agenda that even their own party members aren’t on board with.  Both politicians, and several of their compadres, have openly called for the abolishment of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and their sister organization, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). 

Both of these organizations have been branded by “woke” liberals as racist – the new code word liberals use when they can form or win a real argument based on facts and logic.

Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) spoke with Michael Knowles recently about how the Democrats win substantially with our country looking the other way on illegal immigration.

Ted Cruz explained that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has a grand plan to keep Democrats in power virtually forever by changing the actual electorate population. 

Cruz explained that illegal immigration is the key to this “takeover” via quick channels or paths to citizenship. 

He suggested that illegals would immediately become citizens and vote Democrat because they’re so grateful, and have been made to believe that Republicans are the bad guys.  He argues the quiet rumblings from Democrats indicate that they believe Latinos, especially the uneducated, are extremely impressionable and easy to manipulate.

Cruz stated to Knowles that the current illegal population in the US is the key to starting this juggernaut and Democratically-controlled landslide. 

Although no one truly knows the real number, it is estimated that the Hispanic illegal population in our country is between 11 and 25 million.  And remember to think about the margins of victory in the past few major elections.  Do the math.

Ted Cruz explained very carefully that even though he garnered more than 40% of the Hispanic vote in recent Texas elections, those numbers came from LEGAL Hispanic citizens. 

Democrats are convinced that newly-appointed and previously-illegal Hispanics will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Cruz also emphasized where the Hispanic voters (new citizens) would come from. 

Texas and Florida are strongly-entrenched red states that would easily flip blue.  Other states with large Hispanic populations like North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, and of course, California would flip blue and never look back.

Cruz also brought up something no one has talked about. 

Democrats want to increase the amount of US senators to they can increase their majority, should Democrats gain control in the senate. 

Making the District of Columbia a state has been discussed, and from an area that is 85% Democrat voters, two senate seats would appear, and you’d have two Democrat-controlled senate seats where those senators could never lose an election. 

The same goes for Puerto Rico and Guam – 4 more senators, 4 more permanent Democrats.

Another nugget Cruz passed along was the discussion among Democrats to immediately drop a bill for national, automatic voter registration. 

He noted that while they may sound mild and even helpful, the Democrats want a Federal takeover of voter registration for one main reason – voter registration at the state and local level, as is now the process, significantly fights and impacts the number of voter fraud cases. 

With those state and local offices and concerned citizens out of the way, the green light is given for massive voter fraud.

It is definitely time to start paying attention to these political discussions – the takeaway from the conversation between Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles is that the devil is in the details.

In the meantime, earlier today, we reported on what’s happening as far as “dead voters” go in Michigan.

Joe Schoffstall of the Washington Free Beacon reported that liberal groups and high-powered New York attorneys swooped into Detroit this week to help the city fight a lawsuit over its voter roll irregularities, which included thousands of deceased individuals appearing on the rolls.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan and its Detroit chapter filed a motion to intervene on behalf of Detroit city clerk Janice Winfrey and Director of Elections George Azzouz.

Winfrey and Azzouz were sued in December by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), an election integrity group. The officials had ignored PILF’s requests to inspect Detroit’s voter registrations after the group discovered thousands of ineligible voters on the city’s rolls.

The Brennan Center for Justice, a progressive policy institute at New York University School of Law, will help the League fight PILF’s lawsuit.

Myrna Pérez, the center’s director of voting rights and elections programs, and Eliza Sweren-Becker, counsel in the center’s Democracy Program, signed on to the motion. New York-based attorneys from the Paul Weiss law firm, where former Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch is a partner, also joined the motion.

The liberal groups and attorneys are converging on Detroit as part of a broader campaign against alleged efforts to “purge” individuals from voter rolls.

Democrats have built a massive network of nonprofit groups, funded by George Soros and other liberal donors, to oppose Republican-backed voting initiatives such as voter identification laws. Michigan is a significant target for such efforts given its “swing state” status; Trump won the state by just 10,000 votes in the 2016 election.

“The national 2020 elections will be held in less than nine months,” the League states in its motion. “If a resolution of this matter—whether by court order or through a negotiated settlement—results in an aggressive purge and a heightened standard for voter list maintenance beyond reasonableness, the League may not have significant time to remedy the issue.”

Logan Churchwell, communications director for PILF, said the groups still must convince the court they belong in the room.

“This is yet more evidence of the left’s deep investments to preserve faulty voter registration records and the questionable procedures at the root of the problem,” Churchwell said.

PILF filed suit after discovering 2,500 deceased individuals among the city’s rolls and 5,000 duplicate registrations. In a city where only 479,267 individuals are eligible to vote, PILF found 511,786 registered voters.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan did not respond to a request for comment. Robert Atkins, the top attorney from Paul Weiss listed on the motion, also did not respond.

Many of the attorneys working with the League have donated to Democratic presidential and Senate candidates this cycle. Atkins, co-chair of Paul Weiss’s litigation department, has provided contributions ranging from $250 to $3,000 to the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker.

Atkins also donated to the Senate campaigns of Cal Cunningham, running in North Carolina, and Theresa Greenfield, running in Iowa. The IA/NC Senate 2020 committee, a joint fundraising venture between Cunningham and Greenfield, is bankrolled by dozens of attorneys at the firm, including Atkins and Loretta Lynch.

The committee has so far pushed $100,000 to each of the candidates. On Dec. 16, it disbursed $1,100 to Paul Weiss for catering and room rental.

Another attorney listed on the League’s motion, William Michael, has also given thousands to Democratic presidential candidates including Biden and Amy Klobuchar.

Employees at Paul Weiss provided more than $1 million to Democrats and $180,000 to Republicans so far this cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Democrats began their attempts to chip away at Republican voting initiatives prior to the 2016 election. After Trump’s victory, however, they mobilized to build a more robust infrastructure.

Marc Elias, a top Democratic lawyer at the Washington, D.C., office of the Perkins Coie law firm, led efforts to combat voter identification laws during the 2016 cycle.

Elias, who was Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer at the time, brought lawsuits forward in several states, including Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. The campaign was heavily funded by George Soros, who expressed a goal of expanding the electorate by 10 million voters.

Following the 2016 election, Elias joined the board of Priorities USA to lead its nonprofit arm’s efforts against state voting laws. Priorities USA additionally absorbed Every Citizen Counts, a nonprofit created by Clinton allies that focused on mobilizing Latino and African-American voters. The group began to zero in on voting issues.

Several organizations carrying the same mission sprang up around that time.

Let America Vote, a nonprofit established by former Democratic Missouri secretary of state Jason Kander, was one. It works with other liberal outfits and contains dozens of high-level operatives on its advisory board, including Elias, Stacey Abrams, and Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA.

Last month out of Chicago, we reported about how alarms have been raised over the years about government officials trying to “dumb down” the voter registration process.

From using so-called “motor voter” initiatives where people could register when renewing their license and/or registration to automatic voter registration programs conducted at the same times, the system is rife for abuse.

In Illinois, it is being reported that a technical error has resulted in more than 500 non-U.S. citizens being registered to vote in the state, sparking criticism of the state’s automatic voter registration system.

State lawmakers and election authorities were understandably angry over the news, Republicans in particular.

Republican Representative Rodney Davis, along with other Republicans in the state legislature are working to address the “integrity of Illinois elections,” according to a tweet by the Illinois State House GOP.

Matt Dietrich of the Illinois State Board of Elections said:

“We view it as a significant problem.”

Thank you Captain Obvious.

 Dietrich said that individuals should not have been able to register as voters after they checked the “non-citizenship” box.

“The way that that’s supposed to work and the reason that box is there is that if someone checks that, they are instantly excluded from the automatic voter registration system.”

Apparently, not so much.

There has been a call among state lawmakers to have the auto-registration system suspended. They have further demanded a “zero tolerance policy” for voter fraud, as well as an investigation into the Secretary of State’s office.

In a letter, Secretary of State Jesse White’s office said that a “programming error” in a signature pad at driver services facilities let to hundreds of non-U.S. citizens accidentally being registered as voters.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, the problem had been fixed last Tuesday, however lawmakers are only now raising questions about the incident.

The “Automatic Voter Registration” bill was signed by former governor Bruce Rauner in 2017. The law requires eligible Illinois citizens to be automatically registered to vote when they apply for or renew a driver’s license or ID, unless they opt out. Knowing Illinois, they are probably also automatically registered as Democrats.

“For whatever reason that technological programming error did not properly remove the individuals,” the letter said. “The individuals who are applying for driver’s licenses were inadvertently pooled into the automatic voter registration.”

You see, this is the problem with trying to idiot-proof things such as voter registrations.

While Democrats in Congress worry about voter fraud caused by invisible “Russian bots”, the real fraud is caused by programs such as automating registrations and electronic game playing with voting machines.

According to a spokesman for the Secretary of State’s Office, non-citizens who were registered to vote are here legally. They are not undocumented immigrants, and they did not lie on their forms; it was the state error that signed them up to vote.

I mean, that would “never” happen.

“We discovered an error, and we fixed it. And then we notified the State Board of Elections and the local election authorities and the individuals that were impacted,” they said in the statement.

While the scale of the problem is relatively small, it does highlight the possible glitches that can happen when you dumb down the process. It has been reported that of the 574 people who could have been registered, only 16 actually cast ballots.

The State Board of Elections said three of the non-citizen ballots were cast in Chicago. They are working with local election authorities to make sure anyone who was mistakenly registered is taken off the rolls.

“Even though, in the grand scheme of our election registration numbers and the voting numbers, the figures that we’re looking at are very small,” said Dietrich. “This issue is significant in terms of we want to make sure there is complete integrity with our automatic voter registration system.”

Republicans have long been concerned over potential voter fraud with the system and says that the error undermines the integrity of state elections.

“I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Secretary of State’s Office right now,” said Illinois State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield).

He is demanding a House investigation into the secretary of state’s office.

“He may or may not have known about this, I have no idea. But he needs to be held responsible for it; it’s his operation that allowed this to happen,” Butler said.

In a written statement, the state Republican chairman said that people needed to be held accountable:

“It simply is inexcusable that non-citizens voted in Illinois and potentially affected the outcome of elections across the state. Those in the Secretary of State’s Office who allowed this to happen should be terminated from their employment with the State.”

In response to the glitch, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an election integrity firm, has requested records from the State Board of Elections. The group complains that Democratic politicians are pushing automatic voter registration at the expense of election integrity.

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Ted Cruz: If Democrats win in 2020, here's how they'll rig the game forever


The same type of program that was implemented in Illinois has also been implemented in 18 other states, plus the District of Columbia. The group feels that the issues highlighted in Illinois make it possible that non-citizens in other states are also making their way on to voter lists nationwide.

“States have no business experimenting with automatic voter registration until they can zero out the risk of ineligible noncitizens passing through traditional Motor Voter,” said Logan Churchwell.

He’s the communications director at PILF.

“This is not a new problem for Illinois. That state’s Motor Voter system made national news in 2017, well before policymakers foolishly installed automatic voter registration,” Churchwell said.

“States like Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, Georgia, Florida and more have demonstrated how foreign nationals can and do enter voter registries through the Motor Voter process, regardless of automation.”

“The Foundation fully expects there are mor eforeign nationals still registered to vote in Illinois—and some of them voted in 2018,” he said. “We just don’t know who they are yet since they haven’t felt the need to self-report—but their time will come.”

Perhaps Adam Schiff and the other headhunters in the Congress would be better served by looking for collusion and voter fraud where it really exists—in the Motor Voter programs nationwide.

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