Sorry, Brandon, the facts are in – and it turns out white supremacists are not the leading cause of mass murders


This article contains editorial comments brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

U.S.A. – Despite what the Biden administration would have us believe, white supremacists are not the leading cause of mass murders.

According to an exposé and analysis by The Federalist:

“Democrats are lying to Americans about the most likely motivations for mass murderers and the prevalence of guns in violent crime.”

The lies come straight from the top, of course.

Joe Biden declared in an October, 2021, speech:

“Domestic terrorism from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.”

According to The Federalist, after the recent mass killing in Buffalo, Biden declared:

“Look, we’ve seen the mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina; El Paso, Texas; in Pittsburgh. Last year in Atlanta. This week in Dallas, Texas, and now in Buffalo. In Buffalo, New York.”

He continued:

“White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison. It really is. Running through our body politic. 

“And it’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. No more. I mean, no more.”

Biden’s statements appear to involve some serious cherry-picking, as evidenced by data from, which showed that only 9 percent of mass public shootings between 1998 and 2021 were committed by white supremacists.

CrimeResearch goes on to state:

“The Government Accountability Office has a report identifying white supremacists and neo-Nazis from 2000 through 2016. 

“There were 52 mass public shootings over that period and the GAO identifies four of them who are either white supremacists or neo-Nazis (7.69%). 

“Over the 1998 through May 20, 2021, there were 82 mass public shootings and between 7 and 9 attacks that involved people who were white supremacists, neo-Nazis, visiting neo-Nazis or white supremacist websites, or anti-immigrants (8.5% and 10.97%).”

The Federalist also points out that many of the white attackers are environmentalists, who are very much in line with leftist thought.

For example, according to CrimeResearch, the perpetrator of the mass shooting in El Paso, TX, was an “environmentalist extremist” who “didn’t want immigrants because he thought they would have more children, which would harm the environment.”

Also for example, the Buffalo shooter, according to the Washington Examiner, “is a self-described ‘ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist’ who loathes libertarianism and conservatism in particular.”

The Federalist also points out that another top Biden administration official, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is also pushing the false narrative of white supremacists being the primary cause of mass shootings.

According to a Fox News report, Mayorkas claimed in an April 2022 House hearing that white supremacy was the “top terrorism threat” in the U.S.

However, when pushed on the issue, Mayorkas could not name even one case of white supremacy that was referred to the Justice Department.

In the words of Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), who intently questioned Mayorkas on the matter:

“Despite claiming domestic terrorism is the #1 threat to the homeland, [Secretary Mayorkas] can’t name a single case that he referred from DHS to DOJ for white supremacy or domestic terrorism.”

In terms of population representation, The Federalist points out that whites commit far fewer mass murders than other ethnic groups in proportion to their percentage of the population.

The publication notes the applicable statistics as follows:

“While non-Middle Eastern whites make up about 64 percent of the population, they make up 58 percent of the mass public shooters. 

“Another 9 percent are carried out by people of Middle Eastern origin, who make up only 0.4 percent of the country’s population. 

“That makes Middle Easterners the most likely ethnic or racial group to carry out mass public shootings.” bolsters these claims, stating:

“The claim that these killers are so overwhelmingly white is also misleading. 

“While whites (excluding those from Middle Eastern descent) make up the majority of mass public shooters, that is 6.4% below their share of the population. 

“Hispanics are even much lower than their percentage of the U.S. population. 

“By contrast, those of Middle Eastern descent, Asians, blacks, and American Indians are all above their shares of the population.”

Furthermore, according to, very few mass killers have “obvious political or religious reasons” for their actions.

The site notes that 72 percent of mass killers have no mention of political affiliation, with “Islamic Extremism” being the top association at 10 percent.  “Conservative or Republican” and “Liberal or Democrat” both followed at 3 percent.

The Federalist also cites statistics that show that Biden’s focus on guns, or the banning thereof, is “misplaced.”

Biden claimed recently that his 1994 “assault weapon ban” was successful in keeping gun crimes down, saying:

“We can keep assault weapons off our streets. We’ve done it before.

“I did it when I passed the crime bill last time, and violence went down, shootings went down.”

Not true, say the statistics.

According to The Federalist, the percentage of mass shootings with so-called “assault weapons” actually rose from 22.2 percent to 23.5 percent after the ban went into effect.

Then, after the ban ended, those shootings fell from 23.5 percent to 18.2 percent during the following ten years.

Thus, despite the Biden administration’s propensity for blaming guns and white supremacy for mass shootings, statistics indicate that the focus appears quite misplaced, and, frankly, false.

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LET Unity

Domestic terrorism: Black Lives Matter activist attempts to assassinate mayoral candidate

Originally published February 16, 2022

LOUISVILLE, KY – A mayoral candidate in Louisville, Kentucky, was targeted for assassination by a Black Lives Matter activist who walked into his campaign office Monday and opened fire.

The Democratic candidate, Craig Greenberg, said he and four members of his campaign team were in a morning meeting near downtown when a man walked in armed with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol about 10 a.m.:

“When we greeted him, he pulled out a gun, aimed directly at me and began shooting. We barricaded the door and the suspect fled.”

The gunman was standing in the doorway as he fired his weapon multiple times, Mr. Greenberg said, and a member of his campaign staff slammed the door shut before helping to build a barricade out of tables and desks.

No one was injured in the attack, but the narrow escape left Greenberg’s sweater with a bullet hole in its back.

Police responded to the scene and took the shooter into custody. He is identified as Quintez Brown, 21, a local political activist and writer.

Mr. Brown is facing charges of attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment, according to a Louisville Police Department spokeswoman. Brown, a former intern and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday. The judge ordered him held on $100,000 bail.

Police have not offered a motive for the attack, and his attorney said the case was about mental illness, not a hate crime targeting the Jewish candidate. Attorney Rob Eggert pointed to an incident last year when Brown disappeared for about two weeks before turning up on a park bench in New York.

Brown, 21, has been prominent in the city’s civil rights activism, including Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. He had recently announced a run for the city’s municipal council.

Brown is a senior at the University of Louisville, where he is an MLK Scholar. He has served as the opinion editor for the school newspaper, the Cardinal.

Back in June 2020, Brown was interviewed for WDRB News during the Black Lives Matter protests and calls for police to be removed from Jefferson County Public Schools. Brown, at the time a college junior, said:

“We are really having a shift in our narrative about policing, and here in Louisville after the deaths of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, people here are really starting to say is policing really the best way forward.

“Security should not be our goal here with the security force. Safety should be our goal. More police does not equal safety. More guns in school does not equal safety. We need to really look at where we can best put resources to better serve our students at JCPS.”

U of L professor Ricky Jones told the Courier-Journal that Brown was “one of the most brilliant kids I’ve ever encountered”:

“He seemed like a kid out of his time, who was misplaced, like he actually belonged to a different generation with his level of consciousness and concern,

“I’d place him in the top five students that I’ve taught in my 26 years at this school.”

Greenburg praised his staff for their heroism and professionalism during the incident, including the staffer who forced the door shut on Brown:

“I’m very fortunate to have a great team of great people who responded in that way.”

At a press conference addressing the shooting, Greenburg stressed that gun violence needed to be reduced in the region by the community working together:

“It’s been the number one issue I’ve been talking about since I launched my campaign. (The incident) has just given me even more resolve … to work together with the community to end this senseless gun violence.”


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