Report: US weapon and ammunition stockpiles ‘dangerously low’ under Biden amid growing threats worldwide


Washington D.C.: An alarming report was issued last week citing the ‘dangerously low’ weapon and ammunition stockpiles the United States is currently experiencing. The low inventory comes from months of re-arming the Ukrainian military in their fight against their aggressive neighbors to the east, Russia.

The current military stockpiles haven’t been this low in decades, experts say.

The United States have openly declared their commitment to ‘keep American boots off ground’ in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and so far, that promise has been kept.

But they also kept their promise to help Ukraine fight their war with Russia to fend them off and keep their fragile country intact.

According to a column in Breitbart authored by Kristina Wong, she stated:

Report: US weapon and ammunition stockpiles 'dangerously low' under Biden amid growing threats worldwide
Screenshot taken from US Military News YouTube Channel

“As part of $16.2 billion in support committed to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February, the Department of Defense (DoD) has sent approximately $8.4 billion worth of military equipment from its own weapons stockpiles through an authority known as ‘presidential drawdown.’”

A president drawdown is the term given to the act of providing military assistance, in this case stockpiles of weapons, to a nation or region experiencing a ‘crisis’.

Sometimes in only hours.

According to the government website, it defines presidential drawdown, it states:

“The use of the Presidential Drawdown Authority to direct a drawdown to provide military assistance under section 506(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) is a valuable tool of U.S. foreign policy in crisis situations. It allows for the speedy delivery of defense articles and services from Department of Defense stocks to foreign countries and international organizations to respond to unforeseen emergencies.  Such assistance can begin arriving within days—or even hours—of approval.”

According to the worrisome report, the current level of certain critical weapon system ammunition has reached a point that would be problematic during wartime conditions.

American has and continues to face threats across the globe.

Although the ‘war on terror’ has seemed to diminish over the recent years, the conviction of those individuals, like Al-Qaeda, wishing to harm America and its citizens remains strong.

China attempting to create "super soldiers", U.S. official says
Screenshot: YouTube video

Combine that with increasing global dominance of China. Their growing economy, scientific advancements and expanding military has emboldened Chinese government officials to push the envelope further and further each year.

Just a few months ago, Chinese officials launched a series of high-powered missiles near Taiwan soon after the departure of the unpopular politician and US house speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

The other major adversary is, and always has been a thorn on the United States’ side, Russia. The tension between the two world powers dates back over 70 years since the onset of the Cold War following the second world war.

Weapons Sent to Ukraine

The Department of Defense (DOD) initially began reducing the production of certain weapons systems. Many skirmishes in the middle east saw a lack of need for some surface to air missile systems.

They have instead focused on improving and growing smaller special operation units that are more useable in the war on terror.

However, since the DOD has been shifting its focus from sensitive areas in the middle east to the Pacific region, there has been an increase in demand for these traditional war weapon systems. Many of which have been slated to go to Ukraine forces.

Among these weapon systems are HIMARS, high- mobility artillery rocket systems. HIMARS are deadly, accurate, fast and travel great distances.

Report: US weapon and ammunition stockpiles 'dangerously low' under Biden amid growing threats worldwide
Screenshot of US Military News YouTube channel

According to the Breitbart column, it stated:

“‘HIMARS provide a highly effective precision fires capability. We’ve all seen how Ukraine has leveraged this system to push back against Russia’s war of aggression, disruption [of] ammunition depots, supply lines and logistical hubs far behind the front lines,’ a senior defense official said during a briefing this week.”

According to the column, in addition to 34 HIMARS,  a list of other weapon systems committed to the Ukraine frontlines include:

— over 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems produced by Raytheon;— over 8,500 Javelin anti-armor systems produced by Raytheon and Lockheed;
— over 32,000 other anti-armor systems produced by various suppliers;
— over 700 Switchblade Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems produced by AeroVironment, Inc.;
— 126 155mm Howitzers and up to 807,000 155mm artillery rounds produced by General Dynamics, Bae Systems, and various suppliers;
— 20 155mm Howitzers and 180,000 150mm artillery rounds produced by General Dynamics, Bae Systems, and various suppliers; and
— over 50 counter-artillery radars produced by Raytheon.”

The Biden administration and the DOD need to proceed carefully as there is a growing direct threat to the U.S. from multiple organizations and governments.

Although most Americans want to see Ukraine defeat and push out Russia, we must not forget we must properly protect ourselves, too.


Report: US weapon and ammunition stockpiles 'dangerously low' under Biden amid growing threats worldwide

The Ukraine support is expensive, too.

Biden admin has sent more money to Ukraine than spent in the first five years of the war on terror in Afghanistan

Posted July 13, 2022

This editorial is brought to you by a veteran and staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC – While many Americans continue to watch prices for everyday necessities continue to climb, the Biden administration is writing another check to Ukraine.

Americans should be angered by the level of flawed policies and how the administration is handling foreign policy matters, especially when it comes to their fiscal response.

We have already seen the failure of this administration in Afghanistan. Can they do much worse in funding Ukraine while they do nothing to address to issues facing Americans here at home?

According to Fox News, yes. Yes, they can.

The amount of spending to aid Ukraine in their war with Russia already surpasses what the US spent to cover the costs of our first 5 years in Afghanistan in the war on terror following 9/11.

Let that sink in for just a second.

Biden has spent more over the past 5 months on a war that we aren’t even fighting than was spent in 60 months on a war we were fighting after we were provoked by evil people that September Tuesday.

Or, as Ilhan Omar said, “because some people did something.”

From 2001 to 2006, the US spent $7.4B in Afghanistan.

To date, spread out over 15 aid packages, the Biden administration has committed more than $63B, per the Gateway Pundit. That equates to approximately $190 per American. Or as we like to say these days, two tanks of gas.

The latest package amounted to roughly $400M.

This administration’s thought process is mind boggling.

Record inflation in the US? Putin’s fault.

Baby formula shortage? Putin.

National average of gas prices in America? Also, Putin.

Yet we continue to fund a fight that prolongs that war even longer, so the results of Putin’s war will continue to impact Americans?

(For the record, I am not advocating that Ukraine throw in the towel and allow Russia to take them by force. But I am wondering why it is the responsibility of the American taxpayer to bank roll the effort.)

Putin and his war with Ukraine are to blame for all our problems, according to the Biden think tank.

Well, except COVID…that’s Trump’s fault.

Rising violent crime? That is the fault of the NRA and 2nd Amendment “crazies.” Oh, and also white supremacists, who are incidentally, Trump’s fault.

We aren’t making this stuff up. These are literal statements being made by the Biden White House.

According to the new Press Secretary, we are stronger economically than we have ever been in the history of our country.

Absolute lunacy.

But that is the ideological depravity that says American’s can flounder and struggle to make ends meet in this Biden economy, but by all means, let’s continue to fund someone else’s war.

The Pentagon alone has spent $8B on Ukraine.

Yet Biden and other world leaders have stated that they will continue to aid, support and facilitate Ukraine’s efforts to turn away Russian advances for as long as it takes.

Ironically, he also said American’s will have to suffer the prices at the gas station for as long as that takes too.

So, while Biden, his policies and his executive orders to stop drilling, shut down pipelines and sell oil from the strategic reserve to foreign companies that his son, Hunter, has stock in, continue to destroy our economy at home, it should not surprise any of us that he has no problem sending billions of dollars abroad to further his America last agenda.

Destroying the USA: As Americans struggle to fill their gas tanks, Biden ships 5 million barrels of oil to Asia, Europe

The following includes content which is editorial in nature and which expresses the opinions of the writer. 

WASHINGTON, DC- As Americans continue to pay near record prices for gasoline and home heating oil, the economy wrecker-in-chief Joe Biden has seen to it that over five million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve which was supposed to be used to hedge against higher prices here instead released it to Asia and Europe, Reuters reports.

In October, Biden announced he was releasing oil from the reserves ostensibly to ease energy prices in the U.S. Instead, it has had little to no effect and in fact, energy prices continued to rise after Biden’s move. Still, sending much-needed oil overseas shows how much Biden truly cares about the American people.

Meanwhile, the New York Post says that the strategic reserve is now at its lowest level since 1986. Yet Biden, still licking the boots of radical environmentalists, refuses to restore our energy sector to Trump-era levels.

Last Wednesday, Brent crude futures rose about 1.3% to around $104 per barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate rose 0.65% to rise above $100 per barrel.

As the American economy roared toward a recession over the past few weeks, prices eased somewhat, however that hasn’t translated to huge savings at the pump.

In California, where their governor is having delusions of grandeur about a possible 2024 presidential run, gas prices are averaging $6.22 per gallon, which makes that state’s gas prices the highest in the nation. Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom is paying for ads in Florida to take potshots at the best governor in the country, Ron DeSantis, while his state continues its declined into third world status.

AAA is warning that despite the fact gas prices have lowered by approximately 15 cents a gallon over the past three weeks, the relief being felt by motorists is likely short-lived, as summer driving season is upon us and that will likely stress the energy sector even more.

The Biden administration defended its decision to release oil from the strategic reserves, claiming that by doing so they prevented prices from rising even further, which most economists have dismissed outright. And now that we’ve learned they shipped over five million barrels overseas, their argument holds even less water.

“The SPR remains a critical energy security tool to address global crude oil supply disruptions,” a Department of Energy spokesperson told Reuters.

They added that the releases ensured a “stable” supply of crude oil.

According to U.S. Customs data, Phillips 66, the fourth-largest oil refiner in the country, sent about 470,000 barrels of sour crude from the Big Hill SPR storage facility in Texas to Trieste, Italy. That port is where oil is pumped into a pipeline to transport it to destinations within Central Europe. The EU is in the process of trying to replace energy sources lost as a result of sanctions placed on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Atlantic Trading & Marketing, a division of French oil company TotalEnergies, exported two cargoes of 560,000 barrels each, US Customs data showed. In addition, shipments of SPR crude were headed to the Netherlands and to a Reliance refinery in India, the Post reported, citing an industry source. A third cargo is headed to—wait for it—China, according to yet another source.

One other shipment of crude was being sent from a strategic reserve site in Louisiana sometime this month, another source said.

Inventories of US crude are at their lowest level since 2004 with refineries running near peak levels. Refineries on the Gulf Coast were at 97.9% utilization, the highest level in over three years.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was all over this story on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”:

Today in Energy reports however that due to the closure of a number of refineries in 2020, the atmospheric crude oil distillation capacity, a measure of refinery capacity in the United States, dropped 4.5% to a total of 18.1 million barrels per day at the start of 2021.

According to the source, at the beginning of 2021 129 refineries were either operating or idle in the U.S., down from 135 operable refineries at the beginning of 2020.

According to the Motley Fool, Chevron’s CEO Mike Wirth said he doesn’t believe another new oil refinery will ever be built in the U.S. He noted that even if oil producers such as Chevron increased their production, there’s not enough refining capacity to meet the demand for petroleum products such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel.

“You’re looking at committing capital 10 years out, that will need decades to offer a return for shareholders, in a policy environment where governments around the world are saying, ‘We don’t want these products to be used in the future,’” Wirth said, explaining why in today’s environment it doesn’t make financial sense for companies to invest in refinery capacity.

In other words, given the rhetoric coming out of Biden and the rest of the environmental wackos who populate our government, it doesn’t make sense for companies such as Chevron to  commit the time and capital necessary to build a refinery, given the desire to shift to cleaner, albeit far less reliable forms of energy.

Meanwhile, the incompetent boob in the White House has shifted from “Putin’s price hike” and “big oil” and found a new boogeyman to blame high gas prices on.

According to Fox News, Biden is now blaming gas station owners and franchisees for high gas prices, completely ignorant of the fact that such owners operate on paper-thin margins.

Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Convenience Association pushed back against Biden’s claim, arguing on Jesse Watters Primetime that his allegations are misplaced.

“I was pretty annoyed that [Biden] would make the suggestion that it’s the corner gas station, the quintessential small business in America that is causing this problem,” he told Watters.

Risalvato, a former gas station owner went on to slam Biden, claiming his statements are “so untethered from reality” that Biden either misspoke (doubtful) or completely lacks understanding of how pricing at gas stations work.

“[Gas station owners] are not making any more than they were a month ago, a month before, or even a year ago,” he said, noting that gas station owners have zero control over the price increases.

One gas station owner expressed his frustration over Biden’s brain-dead comments to host Todd Pirro on Fox & Friends First, telling the host:

“[Gas prices] are hurting us in a lot of ways possible,” said Faizan Sarwar. Wee really don’t have any type of control on these gas prices at all especially when these fuel companies actually email with what’s going to be next,” he said.

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