Report: Under Armour forces white employees to attend critical race theory brainwashing


The following contains editorial content written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

The list of “woke” companies continues to grow, and it is probably getting to the point where people need to start talking with their money.

Last week, it was reported that Coca-Cola was forcing employees to attend a “training” (we call it brainwashing) which told its employees to be “less white,” along with other manner of critical race theory poppycock, according to a whistleblower. This week, it’s Under Armour.

According to Outkick, a whistleblower from that company has come forth and provided the Daily Wire with videos of a training only white employees were mandated to take last spring…an “anti-white” training at that.

The Daily Wire in reviewing the materials provided in the class, Under Armour “forced its white employees to participate in a training program that asked them to consider ways in which they might be racist.”

How far did this go? Employees were asked how many “virtually all white” weddings and funerals they’ve been to, and before anyone had the chance to even consider the question, the moderator interrupted and said:

“The last one should be something that you are thinking about if you are white for the rest of your life.”

Have you ever said, “I was taught to treat everyone the same?”

Yup, you’re a racist, apparently.

The host of the program continued and said, “I am hoping that those questions for most white people surface, that there’s a little more going on than ‘we just were taught to see everybody as equal.’”

Whenever you see something such as this, you need to flip the script. In other words, change white to black. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you know there is an issue.

Interestingly, this class was held before the death of George Floyd, which started a nationwide and even some might say a worldwide conversation on race. The whistleblower said that it was held in the Spring of last year.

Did your parents move to get you into a “good school?” Yup, racist.

“Did your parents care about what kind of school you went to? If so, why?” Gee, maybe because the parents wanted their children to go to a safe school where they might excel? The facilitator also added, “How often had you had a teacher of professor of your own race(s)?”

The training had a narrative called “Above the Surface: Dominant White Progressives Narratives,” white people supposedly use the narratives, “I have people of color in my family,” or “I used to live in New York.”

‘If you used to live in New York, don’t say it. It might be a deal-breaker.”

The Daily Wire reported that last summer, the company issued a series of new diversity and inclusion actions, including a commitment to fill 12 percent of director and above position with black hires by 2023. 

We’ve written on this a few times recently. Whatever happened to Dr. King’s “dream,” that someday people could be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?” Why are these social justice warrior, critical race theory zealots trying to undermine that message, a message that everyone can get behind?

Do these corporations think they are buying good will by accusing their white employees (only) of being racist? Racism IS a two way street…it goes both ways.

As Bobby Burack wrote in Outkick, “I’ve said on many occasions that I have a grave fear that Americans are losing the ability to see other Americans as individuals. Instead we are seen only boy our skin colors. The worst part is that most influential outlets and figures are pushing for more of that, not less.”

How exactly did we get to this point? How is it that by denying you are racist you are therefore racist? How is it that by denying you have “white privilege” that also makes you racist? Isn’t anyone allowed to be successful because they worked hard?

Lebron James is a billionaire. Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court Justice. Barack Obama held the most important position in the world, President of the United States.

There is opportunity in this country for anyone to succeed, if they have the tenacity, the courage, and the guts to strive for it.

Critical race theory is unraveling the very fabric of our country. Enough is enough.

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Last week, we reported on an employee at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts who was forced to resign her position over just such a ridiculous program. For more on that, we invite you to:


This editorial is brought to you by a former chief of police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

NORTHAMPTON, MA- We’ve written several times about how the message gifted to us by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is no longer valid.

Dr. King of course told all Americans in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial that he dreamed of a day “where a man would no longer be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Sadly, that ship has apparently sailed.

The most recent example comes to us from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, an extremely liberal institution in an uber-liberal community in a very liberal state.

Jodi Shaw used to work at Smith College. A divorced mother of two, Shaw was a graduate of Smith College and earned a whopping $45,000 annually, which as an article in Substack noted is less than the yearly tuition costs at the haughty institution.

Last October, Shaw became exasperated by what she saw going on at the college and after she had tried unsuccessfully to exercise other internal options.

Shaw became a reluctant whistleblower, posting a video on YouTube which unveiled an atmosphere of racial discrimination at Smith.

Not the type of discrimination that is alleged to be “systemic” in the country, but rather discrimination because she is white. 


According to Shaw:

“I ask that Smith College stop reducing my personhood to a racial category. Stop telling me what I must think and feel about myself. Stop presuming to know who I am or what my culture is based upon my skin color. Stop asking me to project stereotypes onto others based on their skin color.”

In other words, Shaw is a victim of critical race theory, which is being shoved down the throats of government employees, public school students, and employees at private businesses such as Coca-Cola.

This past week, Shaw had enough after her complaints went unanswered…or ignored. Shaw turned down a settlement offered by the college, which no doubt included her silence. Instead, she resigned.

Following are portions of the resignation letter Shaw sent to Smith College President Kathleen McCartney, which Shaw provided to Substack and we will paraphrase it here.

In announcing her decision to resign as Student Support Coordinator in the Department of Residence Life at the college, she informed McCartney that her decision wasn’t an easy one, especially being a divorced mother of two children. She spoke of the economic concern she faces, which makes sense in the middle of a pandemic when millions of Americans can’t find work after losing their jobs.

In particular, Shaw was concerned about the racial environment and how it had adversely affected her:

“The racially hostile environment that the college has subjected me to for the past two and a half years has left me physically and mentally debilitated. I can no longer work in this environment, nor can I remain silent about a matter so central to basic human dignity and freedom.”

Shaw’s comments are likely reflective of a number of people who are subjected to this critical race theory being shoved down everyone’s throats.

Children as young as four years old in preschool are being taught they should feel guilty for the color of their skin. Didn’t we go through decades trying to teach that skin color didn’t matter?

Why is it that now it is permissible to discriminate against people to make up for past discrimination?

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Shaw spoke to being thrilled when she had the opportunity to return to work at her alma mater years after she had graduated, gushing about how much she loved her job.

That all changed, she said in 2018 when the “culture war” arrived at Smith College. That incident, where a black student accused a white staff member of calling campus security due to “racial bias” started a chain of events which led to Shaw’s ultimate departure.

As often happens in the age of social media, the “victim” in this case shared the account on one of those platforms, which brought unwanted attention to Smith College. And in this case Smith College decided to go on defense by playing offense.

Without as much as an investigation, the college issued a public apology to the student and placed the employee who was alleged to have possessed “racial bias” on leave, once again prior to any investigation.

Where things went off the rails was when the college said it was creating “new initiatives, committees, workshops, trainings, and policies aimed at combating ‘systemic racism’ on campus.”

When an independent investigation did occur, Shaw wrote, in which no evidence of racial bias was found, the institution instead accelerated their programs into warp speed, aiming to dismantle the alleged racism that was alleged to be running rampant on the Smith College campus.

What that did, Shaw said was serve “to support the now prevailing narrative that the incident had been racially motivated and that Smith staff are racist.”

Soon afterward, Shaw experienced first-hand how this new “woke” mentality at Smith would affect her personally.

She had been scheduled to present a library orientation program which she had put a “tremendous amount of time and effort” into. The program had been previously approved by her supervisors, however just days before the program was to be presented, she was told she could no longer go forward with her planned program.

Why? Because she had planned to have it done in “rap form” and was told that “because you are white,” it would constitute “cultural appropriation.” It was made clear to Shaw that the problem was not the content of the presentation, only her skin color.

What was the result? Shaw, who had been up for a full-time position in the library at that time was admonished that her ability to remain a candidate for the position was “dependent upon my ability, in a matter of days, to reinvent a program to which I had devoted months of time.”

That left Shaw, as she called it “humiliated,” having accepted the fact that her candidacy for the full-time position was now “dead in the water.” That led Shaw to accept a lower paying position, in which she until recently resided.

We’ll let Shaw explain what happened next.

“As it turned out, my experience in the library was just the beginning. In my new position, I was told on multiple occasions that discussing my personal thoughts and feelings about my skin color is a requirement of my job. [emphasis added]  

“I endured racially hostile comments and was expected to participate in racially prejudicial behavior as a continued condition of my employment. I endured meetings in which another staff member violently banged his fist on the table, chanting ‘Rich, white women! Rich, white women!’ in reference to Smith alumnae.

“I listened to my supervisor openly name preferred racial quotas for job openings in our department. I was given supplemental literature in which the world’s population was reduced to two categories—‘dominant group members’ and ‘subordinated group members’—based solely on characteristics like race.”

Shaw continued that she saw everyday her colleagues managing conflicts between students “through the lens of race, projecting rigid assumptions and stereotypes on students, thereby reducing them to the color of their skin.”

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Shaw too was placed in the same place as her colleagues, and all were forced to “support a curriculum for students that teaches them to project those same stereotypes and assumptions onto themselves and others.”

Shaw said that she is not alone in being troubled and upset by the direction the school has taken, however others are “too terrified to speak about it.” That, she said is creating a hostile environment at the college.

It was about to get worse for Shaw and other members of the Smith College staff however. In January of last year, the college conducted a mandatory staff retreat for Residence Life staff.

The hired facilitators, no doubt far-leftists, asked a series of personal questions about race and racial identity to each member of the department.

Shaw’s turn came, at which time she said, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about that.” She was the only one in the room who refused to play along with the woke leftists.

Later on in that workshop, Shaw would be targeted by the facilitators, who told those in the room that a “white person’s discomfort at discussing their race is a symptom of ‘white fragility.’” Taken right from Robin DiAngelo’s book of the same name.

The facilitators claimed her refusal to discuss her race was in fact a “power play.”

“In other words, because I am white, my genuine discomfort was framed as an act of aggression. I was shamed and humiliated in front of my colleagues.”

Shaw filed an internal complaint about the hostile environment she experienced at the workshop.

The process, which took around six months, left her feeling like her “complaint was taken less seriously because of my race. I was told that civil rights law protections were not created to help people like me.”

After Shaw filed her complaint, she said she began to experience retaliatory behavior, including having certain parts of her job responsibilities removed without explanation.

She accused the school, “under the guise of racial progress,” of creating a racially hostile environment. She wrote in her letter that the college encourages “individual acts of discrimination and hostility.”

Further, she wrote, “people’s worth as human beings, and the degree to which they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, is determined by the color of their skin.”

By way of comparison, Shaw compared the “critical race orthodoxy” at the college to “some kind of McCarthy-era loyalty oath,” complaining that refusal to commit to critical race theory was “grounds for public humiliation and professional retaliation.”

Shaw next wrote:

“I can no longer continue to work in an environment where I am constantly subjected to additional scrutiny because of my skin color. I can no longer work in an environment where I am told, publicly, that my personal feelings of discomfort under such scrutiny are not legitimate but instead are a manifestation of white supremacy.

“Perhaps most importantly, I can no longer work in an environment where I am expected to apply similar race-based stereotypes and assumptions to others, and where I am told—when I complain about having to engage in what I believe to be discriminatory practices—that there are ‘legitimate reasons for asking employees to consider race’ in order to achieve the college’s ‘social justice objectives.’”

Shaw recognizes the damage the ideas such as “critical race theory” and using present discrimination to make up for past discrimination” can do. As she notes, such programs “tap[s] into humanity’s worst instincts to break down into warring factions, and I fear this is leading us to a very twisted place.”

She addresses the psychological abuse inflicted on people who are told that any disagreement or discomfort with admitting white supremacy or white privilege are somehow displaying exactly that. It’s absurd.

Shaw wrote that she is not the only one who feels that way, however others are afraid to speak out due to fear of “professional retaliation, social censure and loss of their livelihood and reputation.”

She attempted to do the right thing by raising an internal complaint, hoping to convince the administration of the college that bowing to social justice warriors was damaging and “causing real, measurable harm.”

Failing at that, she attempted to draw public attention to the issues at Smith College via her YouTube whistleblowing video, hoping public pressure on the administration might convince them to scrap the SJW philosophy present at the college.

When all else failed, and with Smith College apparently committed to what she called a “toxic ideology,” Shaw felt she had no other choice than to resign from her position at an institution she used to call home and which she held close to her heart.

As she said, “It is completely unacceptable that we are now living in a culture in which one must choose between remaining in a racially hostile, psychologically abusive environment or giving up their income.”

In closing her letter, Jodi Shaw said in part:

“My need to tell the truth—and to be the kind of woman Smith taught me to be—makes it impossible for me to accept financial security at the expense of remaining silent about something I know is wrong.

My children’s future, and indeed, our collective future as a free nation, depends on people having the courage to stand up to this dangerous and divisive ideology, no matter the cost.”

God Bless you Jodi Shaw. You are courageous and you are a patriot.

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