Report: Suspect on the run after quadruple homicide, kidnapping of 6-month-old baby


INDIANAPOLIS, IN– According to WTHR, the Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD) is actively investigating multiple shootings on the city’s east side that left four people dead and another woman in critical condition.

On Saturday, March 13th, around 9:30 p.m. IMPD officers were dispatched to a report of a person shot at 253 N. Randolph Street. Upon arrival to the scene, officers located a woman who appeared to have been shot. The injured woman was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

After gathering additional information from the woman who was shot in the back and in critical condition at the hospital, officers were led to 338 North Randolph Street where four people, including a young child were also shot. Medics pronounced all four individuals dead at the scene.

Authorities have yet to share any of he identities of the four deceased individuals. According to police at the scene, they believe the shootings stemmed from a domestic violence situation.

Detectives released a person of interest, identified as Malik Halfacre, who they said fled the residence in a black 2012 Chevrolet Impala bearing an Indiana In God We Trust license plate number, CJA272.

Authorities said that a 6-month-old girl went missing while police were investigating the quadruple homicide.

She young child was located shortly after an AMBER Alert was issued overnight. The baby was said to be unharmed. Police believe that the girl was with Halfacre, who is still at large.

In the AMBER Alert, the suspect, Halfacre, was described as a 25-year-old black male, 5’8″ tall and weighing around 160 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans.

Police said that Halfacre is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information about the car or driver is asked to call the IMPD Homicide Officer at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477 (TIPS). 

Police added that this incident is not related to another domestic homicide incident that took place on Saturday, March 13th where police searched and safely round, a 7-year-old boy on the city’s southeast side. 

IMPD said that they learned that the child, Marco Antonio Jimenes Castro was missing when they responded to a fatal shooting in the 4400 block of Lickridge Court on the city’s southeast side.

The earlier shooting took place just after 7 p.m. when police initially responded to a report of a person being shot. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Police would not say if they believed the boy’s disappearance is connected to the shooting. 

Both of these violent incidents come just weeks after a teenager was charged in the slaying of five people and an unborn child, many of them members of his own family, in an Adams Street home. 

According to reports, the horror on Adams Street began with an argument that plays out in nearly every American family with a teenager: a battle of staying out too late. This argument, unfortunately, did not end in a scolding or a grounding, instead it ended in what police and prosecutors are saying is the worst mass killing in Indianapolis in more than a decade.

A family consisting of a mom, dad, two siblings, a pregnant teen and her unborn child were brutally murdered. Another brother escaped and tried to buy his life with $40, but he was shot and left for dead. He became the sole survivor of the massacre.

According to the 15-year-old survivor, his father’s last words to the son who allegedly killed him were, “I love you.” The Marion County Prosecutor’s Officer has announced that Raymond Ronald Lee Childs III has been formally charged with six counts of murder, attempted murder, and carrying a handgun without a license in Marion County.

Child, who is only 17-years-old, cannot be given the death penalty, but could face up to life in prison if he is found guilty of the murders. 

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Police: Suspect in homicide case arrested after baggage claim sticker leads to body found in suitcases

January 21st, 2021

On December 29th, 2020, Denver city employees were said to have discovered the body of 33-year-old Joshua Lockard, whose remains were reportedly distributed between two suitcases within the 1700 block of South Java Way.

As police were actively working and processing the scene, investigators happened upon a United Airlines baggage claim sticker on one of the suitcases. Upon examining said baggage claim sticker, investigators saw that the name “Satterthwaite” and the word “Den.” written on the sticker.

This name is what eventually led investigators onto the trail of 28-year-old Benjamin Satterthwaite.

As luck would have it on New Year’s Day of 2021, police had just so happened to have responded to a possible overdose death at the suspect’s apartment.

When police arrived at the scene of the apartment, they discovered one deceased individual who likely died of an overdose that was lying next to the suspect, who was also unconscious and likely experiencing an overdose himself.

During that response on January 1st, the suspect was transported to the Swedish Medical Center, where in doing so, police officers were able to obtain his fingerprints.

While this was transpiring, investigators also managed to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s home. What investigators allegedly found within the apartment was a suitcase that happened to match one of those found at the scene of the dismembered body.

That wasn’t all that was located within the apartment, according to police.

Via the use of luminal, police were also able to find excessive amounts of blood that were allegedly on the couch, in the bathroom and in the bathtub.

Within the arrest affidavit associated with the suspect, there was also a bloody saw blade found in the apartment which video surveillance evidence allegedly showed the suspect purchasing from a Walmart on December 27th.

According to witnesses interviewed during the investigation, the victim had been last seen on December 26th at noon while being dropped off nearby Alameda High School after the victim had just finished cashing a check.

From what witnesses told investigators, Lockard was dealing with various narcotics addictions – namely methamphetamine-  and had recently been kicked out of a rehab facility.

Further investigation suggested that the suspect and the victim were familiar with each other, with Lockard having allegedly stayed at the suspects apartment at various times prior to his death.

Police eventually arrested the suspect on January 8th.

As such, Satterthwaite is now facing one count of 1st degree murder and one count of tampering with the deceased human body. According to the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner, the cause and manner of the victim’s death is still being investigated.

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In other cases involving alleged incidents of mishandling the bodies of those deceased, a woman in Florida was arrested back in December for allegedly concealing her roommate’s deceased body in an effort to collect his social security checks. 

Here’s that previous report. 


BRADENTON, FL – Not to be outdone by all the stories about “Florida man,” a Florida woman has accomplished an unbearably disgusting task in order to collect benefit checks from a deceased man.

48-year-old Michelle Haney of Bradenton, Florida, a town south of Tampa bay, was arrested on December 9th, 2020 under several charges including abuse of a dead human body. 

She told Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies that she had come home one day in July to find that her roommate, Jon Leonard, had died in their home, a trailer in a mobile home park. 

Instead of notifying the sheriff’s department or other first responders, it is alleged that Michelle Haney put Leonard’s body in a closet for about three weeks.

Evidently, the smell of Leonard’s body inside the home became unbearable, so Haney put the decomposing man’s body in a trash bin and left it with a neighbor.  The neighbor was unaware, initially, of what was in the trash container.  Haney allegedly told the neighbor she’d come back for the trash bin later.

After two months, when Michelle Haney hadn’t returned to get the trash container, the neighbor decided to open the container and found the badly decomposed body of Jon Leonard.

Haney later admitted to deputies she had hidden Leonard’s body so she could collect his Social Security checks.

In another “Florida woman” story that is odd, and not quite as deadly, a woman from Miami beach was arrested in Marathon, a city in the Florida Keys on December 10th after a high-speed police chase.

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy witnessed a woman in a Mercedes-Benz sedan swerve around his patrol vehicle at a high rate of speed – his radar indicated she was going 56 mph in a 35-mph zone. 

The deputy turned his vehicle around in pursuit of the woman, as she extended her middle finger through the car’s sunroof, toward the deputy, and sped up.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reported that 36-year-old Christine Eliza Dayoub was recklessly passing other cars, driving on the shoulder and into oncoming traffic while going up to 90 mph at times.  She then got on the Seven Mile Bridge and sped to over 120 mph.

The sheriff’s officer reported that Dayoub appeared to intentionally strike the rear of a Tesla car, causing it to fishtail.  Deputies assigned to the Lower Florida Keys laid down tire spikes, but Dayoub exited the Seven Mile Bridge and pulled over on the Bahia Honda Bridge.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy approached the stopped Mercedes-Benz with weapon drawn, and indicated that Christine Dayoub was laughing and told the deputy that she wanted to go to jail. 

Two synthetic marijuana vape pens were found in Dayoub’s car, deputies said.

Staying with the weird Florida woman theme, a Miramar massage therapist has gained state-level attention and sanctions by performing massage processes she’s not licensed for.

Miramar, a Miami suburb is home to one Cristina Diaz.  For the past three years, the state has documented that Diaz has been performing “lymphatic drainage massages,” a process where tissues are massaged and bodily fluids, especially blood leaks out of a person’s body through surgical slits – slits in place after plastic surgery such as liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Diaz had posted several videos of these massages, and the bodily fluids, on social media accounts.

On December 1st, Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees issued an emergency order for Diaz to stop. The order stated that the way she did lymphatic massages endangered the public health and her license didn’t allow her to do them.

On December 3rd, however, she posted again under Instagram account bychrissdiaz:

“Available appointments in December! Book your appointment now!!!”

The video message contained hashtags for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), liposuction and lymphatic drainage massage.

The Florida Surgeon General’s Office released an official statement concerning Diaz:

“Ms. Diaz willfully abused her position as a massage therapist to advertise and engage in dangerous practices outside the scope of her license. 

“She subjected herself, her patients, the public and an undetermined number of associates to a needless risk of infection due to her failure to use the proper precautions for handling biomedical waste.

“Ms. Diaz’s actions demonstrate that she poses a significant danger to patients as long as she continues to improperly perform post-surgical drainage massages.”

A formal report by an expert assigned to the Surgeon General’s Office explained the problems with the procedures:

“Some posts show Diaz and others, the ERO said, ‘pressing around surgical incision sites to drain and forcefully expel large quantities of blood and other fluids from the patients’ surgical wounds.’

“A properly performed lymphatic massage uses ‘sequences of gentle strokes to stimulate the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system,’ and ‘the techniques used by Ms. Diaz and her associates create a dangerous risk of infection to both the therapist and the patient.

“The videos often show pads soaked with the expressed bodily fluids; however there do not appear to be any biohazard containers or other appropriate means of disposal for these fluid-soaked pads nearby.

“Also, Diaz and others ‘wear only gloves and face masks for personal protection.’

“The expert observed that Diaz failed to use proper universal precautions when handling bodily fluids.”

The Emergency Restriction Order (ERO) stated:

“Ms. Diaz’s conduct of expressing bodily fluids from surgical incisions in non-surgical, public areas, such as hotel rooms and other rental properties, exposes the public to health risks associated with blood-borne illnesses and her clients to increased risks of infection.”

A search of Instagram for the post quoted above and tied to “bychrissdiaz” has been removed.


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