Report: State Troopers refuse to give Antonio Brown a ride to the airport after a bizarre exit during NFL game


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, reportedly asked state troopers for a ride to the airport from the stadium, which was refused.

On January 1st, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off with the New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

While the Buccaneers were the odds on favorite, they looked outmatched by the New York Jets who have a losing record for the year.

During the third quarter, the Buccaneers were down 24-10 and it looked like they could not get anything going. It was at that point, with just over two and half minutes remaining in the quarter, that wide receiver Antonio Brown appeared to meltdown.

Brown was on the sidelines and began taking off his pads which he threw onto the sideline near the player’s bench. Then he took off his undershirt and threw it into the stands before he took off running around the field attempting to get the crowd enthused. 

After a run around the field, Brown ran towards the tunnel, flashed a peace sign, and was gone for the rest of the game. It was in the tunnel that he approached members of security and state troopers who he asked for a ride to the airport.

Security personnel reported that they were unsure who Brown was when he approached him and thought perhaps he was nothing more than a fan who had made his way into the tunnel.

A security officer told ESPN:

“We thought we had a jumper. He [Brown] was shirtless and didn’t have his wallet.”

After the game, it was learned that Brown’s antics started after Buccaneers head Coach Bruce Arians had allegedly tried to put the wide receiver back in the game.

When he was told to report to the field, Brown allegedly refused which prompted the coach to leave the field.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Brown’s refusal to enter the game came after he alleged he had injured his ankle while playing. Brown allegedly told the coaching staff that he was too injured to play, something that Arians denies.

During a press conference between reporters and Arians, the coach was asked about Brown’s status who refused to speak much on the case, other than to note that Brown was no longer a “Buc.”

While this would imply that he was cut from the team, as of January 4th, that is not the case.

Brown has yet to hit any type of waiver wire which means that the Buccaneers still hold his playing rights. While there are different opinions as to why Brown has not been cut as of yet, Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk said:

“The Bucs could be looking for a way to not have their cake and not let anyone else eat it, keeping Brown off the roster while also not having to worry about him resurfacing with another contender [in the playoffs].”

Brown has had troubles in the past with other NFL teams that have led to suspensions and fines for refusing to play or practice with the teams he was on. Brown has also faced troubles off the field when he was sued for sexual assault in 2019.

As the NFL investigated the sexual abuse claims against Brown, he signed with the New England Patriots until he was waived when he was accused a second time of sexual misconduct by a different woman.

In that case, Brown allegedly sent threatening text messages to the woman making the allegation.

After Brown was cut by the team, he received an eight-game suspension from the NFL for reportedly attacking the driver of a moving truck. Brown was arrested for the alleged criminal act and it appeared his career was over.

That is until Tom Brady, future NFL hall of famer, convinced the Buccaneers staff to give Brown a shot, and in 2020 he was signed with the caveat, he mess up once he would be cut. Throughout the remainder of the 2020 season and until now, Brown had seemingly been keeping his nose clean, that is until January 1st.

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NFL, which funds anti-police groups, publishes marketing map falsely showing Taiwan as part of China

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The National Football League (NFL) is being accused of taking a knee for Communist China after showing Taiwan belonging to China in a map announcing the NFL’s international marketing.


The world map shared by the NFL colored the People’s Republic of China and the independent Island nation of Taiwan the same red, labeling both as part of “China,” with the red and yellow CCP flag.

Neither Taiwan nor its red, white, and blue flag were featured on the map.

China has long claimed Taiwan as a Chinese territory under the Communist country’s control. Taiwan is a self-governing country with United States military backing, despite the U.S. refusing to recognize the country’ independent status in political arenas.


Open relations between the U.S. a Taiwan ceased after the U.S. agreed to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese mainland in 1979. However, the U.S.-Taiwanese relationship and cooperation are an open secret in diplomatic and foreign relations channels.

U.S.-China relations have soured in the past few years, and there are growing concerns that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may try to invade the Taiwanese island. Yet, the NFL is warming up to the CCP as part of an international marketing push.

The NFL has suffered a declining U.S. audience following the “take a knee” debacles of the 2016 through 2021 seasons and has never been popular overseas. The marketing push by the NFL is an attempt to gain favor with foreign nations like China to increase profits.

As part of that push, NFL Communications announced the creation of a marketing program:

 To “(The NFL has created) International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) for 18 of its 32 teams. The scheme provides teams access to international territories for marketing, fan engagement, and commercialization.”

According to the NFL, teams will be granted access to international markets for five years. During this period, the teams can engage in activities similar to in their home market in the U.S., such as marketing, corporate sponsorships, fan events, youth football events, merchandise sales, and co-marketing relationships with other sports and entertainment firms in the market.


The NFL plans to enable all 32 of its teams to play at least one game overseas over the next eight seasons. The league pledged that it will “use its efforts” to ensure that teams will be able to play their international games in their international home market.

Christopher Halpin, the league’s chief strategy and growth officer, said in a press release:

“NFL fandom begins with our clubs. This important initiative enables NFL teams to develop meaningful, direct relationships with NFL fans abroad, driving fan growth and avidity globally.

“We were very pleased with the number, creativity and level of commitment of club proposals across the board in this initial application period and look forward to teams launching their efforts early next year.”


The map was released as part of the announcement. The map showed that the Los Angeles Rams had been granted access to China, which, according to the map distributed by the NFL, included Taiwan.

The NFL map received panning from several online sources, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who tweeted:

“The NFL, which is chasing dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, shows Taiwan as part of China. Disgraceful cowardice.”


Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez (R-FL) called the map shameful:

“Hey @NFL , why are you depicting China and Taiwan as the same country? Do you not believe in the freedom of Taiwan? Stop shilling for the #CCP. It’s shameful to profit off the oppression of the Taiwanese people and the slavery of the Uyghurs.”

Political commentator Stephen L. Miller commented:

“Maybe the NFL should cease weighing in on social issues until it figures out why giving the LA Rams both China and Australia was a hilariously naïve move. The LA Rams are going to be conducting delicate international diplomacy between China and Australia . This is how nuclear war happens.”

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