Report: Soros-backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner broke law by failing to report gifted trips…repeatedly


ST. LOUIS, MO.- Meet Kim Gardner. If you’re not familiar, she is the St. Louis, MO., circuit attorney who recently had two citizens who were protecting themselves from a violent mob arrested when they defended themselves with firearms.

She’s also the circuit attorney who released the rioters who destroyed the city in the wake of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis.

She achieved her position like so many other far-left district attorneys courtesy of an influx of cash from billionaire busybody George Soros. Kim Gardner also seems to have her own issues following the law.

According to KMOV-4 in St. Louis, an investigation they undertook shows that Gardner has been jet-setting around the country and beyond, apparently with organizations who are looking to implement criminal justice reform; in other words, activist groups. Not a big deal, right? Well it appears that Ms. Gardner forgot one little detail—she did not report the trips.

The station said that their sources tell them that Gardner is a “frequent flyer.” Since her election as prosecutor, Gardner has apparently been leaving her office several times a month, touring the country and the world on someone else’s dime.

Gardner has been seen on social media in places such as Portugal, in New Haven, Connecticut, mugging for the cameras in Houston, and linking arms in Selma, Alabama. These trips were evidently taken during 2018 and 2019, but Gardner neglected to complete travel reports, which is required under state law.

Gardner, who looked far and wide to find an excuse to charge Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending themselves and their home seems to have a little old problem with the law herself.

The Washington Examiner said that Patrick Ishmael of the Show-Me Institute, a Missouri-based think tank noted, “When something isn’t reported, the public has a right to ask, ‘Well, why wasn’t it?’”

“Elected officials have an obligation to be transparent, and that’s especially true related to their duty because the public wants to know their officials are working for their interest and not someone else’s.”

According to law, any elected official in St. Louis is mandated by law to disclose travel no matter if it is funded by public or private money. Moreover, Missouri has statewide laws that recover disclosures in some cases as well.

One of the trips Gardner took was funded by a far-left organization, Fair and Just Prosecution, which praised her decision to prosecute the McCloskey’s. Ironically, Fair and Just Prosecution is, according to its website a “fiscally-sponsored project of The Tides Center,” which is a George Soros funded organization.

This group targets prosecutors on local and state levels, once again according to their websites. It says:

“Criminal justice policy is primarily set at the state and local levels. Local prosecutors exercise tremendous control over who will come into the justice system, what charges they will face, and the trajectory of their case.

“Local elected prosecutors, including District Attorneys and State’s Attorneys, are on the front lines of change in our nation’s criminal justice system.”

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In 2017, Gardner did disclose trips funded by their organization, which included destinations such as New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Philadelphia, which KMOV obtained through a public records request. It appears that Gardner spends more time traveling the country than she does doing her job. 

The Examiner also said that sources within the city mentioned that Gardner’s travel was “problematic” because she was often unable to be reached while traveling.

While Gardner’s office admitted she had traveled with that organization, they denied that any prosecutorial decisions were made as a result of the partnership.

 “Since shortly after her election, Circuit Attorney Gardner has been an active member in Fair and Just Prosecution’s network of progressive prosecutors. She was invited to participate because of her beliefs, values, and goals. Those goals are in line with FJP’s priorities and the same as policies the Circuit Attorney has promised to deliver for St. Louis since day one. The suggestion that there is any quid pro quo involved here is patently absurd,” Gardner’s office said in a statement.

The statement continued:

“Her work with FJP has benefitted the office and, by extension, the people of St. Louis. Circuit Attorney Gardner refuses to apologize for seeking [reasonable] opportunities to further her knowledge and access prosecutors from throughout the nation for best practice. The suggestion that she would be persuaded to follow an alternative that is not focused on addressing the root causes of crime for a few plane tickets and hotel rooms is insulting.”

You mean like pursuing two citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights by protecting themselves from people who threatened to kill them and burn down their house after they broke into their property? That kind of alternative?

FJP is also supportive of other radical prosecutors such as Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, who famously overcharged six Baltimore police officers in the Freddy Gray case, which were subsequently either dismissed or saw the officers exonerated. Mosby has also been jetting around the country, KMOV said although she claims they were properly reported.

In addition to Gardner, St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell also accompanied FJP on trips including one to Europe, but it is not known if he disclosed them.

Ishmael said, “Whether it’s one or 100 trips, trips like that should be reported and I think the public should expect it.”

He also said the law needs to be enforced.

“If you are going to violate the law, there has to be some consequence to that,” he said, saying the public has the right to know who is paying for what. “The best disinfectant is to have sunshine come in.

KMOV reached out to FJP for a statement, to which they responded that they typically pay for prosecutors’ food, lodging and airfare for their events. They say this is a standard practice for nonprofits, however they would not tell the station how many trips Gardner or Bell have earned from them.

They also claimed that they obtain funding from many sources and claimed that “only a fraction” came from the Tides Foundation, Soros’ funnel for sending cash to elected officials in order to accomplish liberal priorities.

Kim Gardner…another hypocritical left-wing hack just like Paul Howard in Fulton County, Georgia, another Soros-funded radical district attorney.

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