Report: NY Governor Cuomo missed 17 ‘Coronavirus Task Force’ briefings, still attacks Trump


ALBANY, NY – Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants America to believe that he is all-knowing when it comes to how to lead a state out of the pandemic. 

And yet, to be the all-knowing on a subject, one should be fully knowledgeable on the topic. 

And how can someone be fully knowledgeable when they miss over a dozen briefings?

Ask Mr. Cuomo, who feels that he is so enlightened and well versed on the subject that he had a book written called “American Crisis, Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.” 

And yet, he has reportedly missed 17 different meetings with the White House Coronavirus Task Force which was designed to inform state leaders on the COVID-19 vaccine.

News of Cuomo and his failed appearance at the meetings was first reported by the New York Post on November 11th

They noted that he has failed to attend the meetings and is now a vocal critic of President Trump’s vaccine plan. 

Although this is not surprising, it is sad that anyone, regardless of party, is not as informed on something as important to the safety and welfare of American citizens as this may be.

Instead of listening to what President Trump’s administration has to say, he instead stuck to the democratic talking points pre-election and said that the plan presented by the administration is “flawed.” 

In his words, he claims that he has spoken with other Governor’s to ‘fix’ the President’s plans or “stop it before it does damage.”

And yet, after the President’s administration sent someone to talk to Cuomo about his reservations about the plan, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, he allegedly refused to meet with him. 

According to the Post, Alexander Cochran, special council for Cuomo, refused to meet with Azar on October 22nd

In true partisan form, Cuomo alluded that he would not meet with anyone from the President’s administration because they were a ‘circus.’  He said:

“They do briefings once a week or something.  I’ve also missed circuses.  I don’t go to a lot of circuses.  Between the White House conference call and a circus, I think a circus would teach me more about COVID.”

Cuomo claimed that the news about the vaccine was flawed and alluded that he would block any plans on it being distributed throughout New York. Again, with missing over a dozen meetings that might have truly informed him on the topic.  He said:

“We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way that Trump and his administration is designing it.”

How can he truly know what the Trump administration had planned if he never met with them? 

It doesn’t matter, because whatever the Trump administration had given as a plan would arguably have been shot down by any democrat, regardless if it was of sound mind and science.

Cuomo, and members of his team, instead of hearing out what the President’s administration had to say about how the plan would be implemented, instead immediately tried to claim that the President and his team were racist. 

Cuomo’s team alluded that they were apprehensive because they did not know how the President would effectively distribute the vaccine to people of color.

And yet, instead of listening to the plan, Cuomo and his staff instead just imply ignored any opportunity to meet to discuss it.  However, Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson did accept the offer to meet with Azar. 

In that meeting, all concerns were met to the Governor’s satisfaction, which might have been the case had Cuomo listened instead of playing partisan politics. 


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Governor Cuomo says vaccine would be “bad news” if disbursed under President Trump

November 11, 2020

ALBANY, NY – In an interview with ABC News, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer would be “bad news” if disbursed under Trump. 

Pfizer has teamed with medical research firm BioNTech SE and announced that their vaccine, tested on more than 3,000 people, was 90 percent effective.   

 Pfizer spokespersons disclosed that according to preliminary data, they could request emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by the end of this month.

Cuomo went so far as to say that he would “stop” distribution “before it does damage”.

George Stephanopoulos of ABC News interviewed the governor on November 9th.  Cuomo explained:

“The good news is the Pfizer tests look good and we’ll have a vaccine shortly.  The bad news is that it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan. 

“The Trump Administration is rolling out the vaccination plan and I believe it’s flawed.  I believe it learns nothing from the past.”

Cuomo has discounted the Trump administration’s plan to have the vaccine distributed through active and guard military units for speed and efficiency. 

He offered a different perspective which conflicted with the plans of the current administration, and stated:

“They’re going to take this vaccine and they’re going to go through the private mechanism.  Through hospitals, through drug market chains, et cetera. 

“That’s going to be slow and that’s going to bypass the communities that we call health care deserts.  If you don’t have a Rite Aid or a CVS then you’re in trouble and that’s what happened the first time with Covid.”

Cuomo laid out his plan:

“What I said I’m going to do in New York is we’re going to put together our own group of doctors and medical experts to review the vaccine and the efficacy and the protocol. 

“And if they say it’s safe, I’ll go to the people of New York and I will say it’s safe with that credibility.   I believe, all across the country, you are going to need someone other than this FDA and this CDC saying it’s safe.”

Covid-19 has claimed the lives of more than 33,000 people in New York; more than any other state.  There is also a large amount of controversy surrounding Cuomo’s decision to place COVID-19 patients into nursing homes where elderly people lived and were especially susceptible to illness.

Last week on “The View”, Governor Cuomo slammed the nursing home scandal  and called it a “conspiracy”, then blamed thousands of COVID-19 deaths in his state on President Trump.

Cuomo has been widely blamed for a large majority of the 33,000+ COVID-19 deaths in his state after moving diagnosed Covid patients into nursing homes back in March. 

He reversed the order in May, but not before thousands of elderly and those with weak immune systems had died.

He said his initial idea was to free up hospital beds in most cities.  President Trump moved the 1,000-bed Navy hospital ship, Comfort, into New York’s harbor area. 

But Governor Cuomo and other state officials only sent a total of 156 people to the ship.

The governor’s brother, Chris Cuomo of CNN News, penned a book praising his brother’s response and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the book, Chris Cuomo predictably teamed up with his brother against the Trump administration.  Here is a series of quotes from his book concerning the nursing home scandal:

“They have played politics on this from day one, right? They have done a terrible job on Covid from day one and they want a counter defense.  What they were saying was, ‘Well, a lot of people died in nursing homes in Democratic states’.

“It’s not just New York, it’s all the Democratic states, and the truth is, a lot of people did die in nursing homes in Democratic states.

“The truth is, people are dying today in nursing homes in Republican states.  It’s just that Democratic states had the disease worse and earlier.”

Chris Cuomo wrote in his book that older people are more vulnerable to illness.  He wrote:

“If you look at how many people died in New York nursing homes, New York is No. 46 out of 50 states in the percentage of deaths in nursing homes.

“The way the law works is no nursing home in New York can accept a patient if they don’t believe they can care for that patient adequately and if they can do it within the safety of their facilities. 

“So, the conspiracy they’re trying to spread has no factual basis.  But yes, people in nursing homes died and they’re playing politics with the issue.”


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