The mainstream media tries to push the narrative over and over that there’s simply no issues with immigration when regarding to people being illegally present in the United States. Yet, the U.S. government’s arrests of non-citizens more than tripled over the past decade, accounting for 64 percent of all federal arrests, according to the Department of Justice.

Flashing back to 2018, the Bureau of Justice Statistics cited:

“While noncitizens make up seven percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for 15 percent of all federal arrests.”

While non-citizens inhabited that 15 percent of all arrests, they represented nearly one-quarter of all federal drug and property crime arrests. Clearly, 2019 has proven to be an even larger problem with the explosion of arrests of non-citizens.

Warren: “Medicare for All” will be paid for by giving amnesty to 22 million who snuck into America

Warren is pushing for open borders while non-citizen crime is rising.


Making note of the crimes committed by undocumented immigrants was a staple in the Trump administration’s drive for increased border security, but the report showed that many non-citizens’ convictions were for criminal violations relating to immigration policy and not for violent crimes.

So while the uptick has been present for violation of immigration law, it’s telling of how inundated the country is with those illegally present.

Prosecutions for breaking immigration laws, particularly in border states, have overwhelmed the federal courts of the country.

During the two decades from 1998 to 2018, arrests of non-citizens for immigration offenses rose 440 percent, bringing the number of arrests from 19,556 a year to 105,748. On the other hand, the number of non-citizens arrested for other offenses increased by around 8 percent overall.

That enormous increase between the two mentioned years revealed that there was a 95 percent federal arrest increase stemming from immigration violations. 

When looking into the arrest statistics, the change in the immigration trend at the southern border was expressed quite clearly. In 1998, Central Americans accounted for less than four percent of all immigration arrests, yet climbed up to 34 percent by 2018.

Most of those prosecuted for immigration violations in the federal system during the 20-year period were from Mexico, representing 83 percent in 1998 and 60 percent by 2018.


Federal officials found 32 people stuffed into a refrigerated truck by the southern border. (DHS)


Some activists claimed that the number was unfairly represented, arguing that asylum-seeking migrants shouldn’t be lumped in with criminals – even in the cases where their asylum claims was denied and yet they remained inside the country – a clear violation of the law.

The amount and type of crime committed by undocumented immigrants has been a topic of discussion that has been escalating for decades. Earlier this year in June, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to characterize the Democrats by stating they “don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our country.”

Trump’s words aren’t that far off, as nearly every Democrat interested in furthering their political clout has taken some sort of stance similar to open borders or mass citizenship being granted.

Now while arrests have dramatically increased to levels higher than that of U.S. citizens from a federal scope, general incarceration rates differ between citizens and non-citizens. A study released in February 2018 by the Cato Institute cited that incarceration rates for illegal immigrants were around half of those for native-born Americans when sampling the state of Texas.

The study pointed out that U.S. born citizens were convicted of 409,708 crimes, while illegal immigrants were only convicted of 15,803 crimes; thus, creating the perception that illegals aren’t more prone to criminal behavior on a per capita basis. What the study ignores is out of the 1,758,199 illegal immigrants within Texas, 100 percent of them are actively engaged in criminal behavior by simply being illegally present.

The immigration debate is likely not going to cool down anytime soon with pro-wall proponents on one side and open-border advocates on the other end.

Meanwhile, ICE and the Department of Homeland Security came under fire after successfully apprehending more than 200 “students” who enrolled in a fake university designed to catch people committing fraud within the immigration system.

Overall, the sting was a massive success, landing in arrests of roughly 250 “students” that were enrolled in the blatantly fake university.

Yet, even though they were committing fraud, some people are still calling them poor, defenseless victims of a cruel mission.

Report: Non-citizens make up more than half of all federal arrests

The University of Farmington wasn’t actually a real college. But ICE officials say these “students” knew that when they enrolled. (Wikipedia Commons)


Officials within Michigan aren’t giving too much though to the outrage mob. Both the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan and the head of the investigative division of ICE in Detroit said the sting that ousted students trying to fake a college education were legitimate and aimed at fighting visa fraud.

Furthermore, the DOJ didn’t mince their words when referring to ICE’s fake university, calling the participants as being engaged in a “pay to stay” scheme.

So, who were the most outraged in all this? Well, you needn’t look any further than the usual suspects that thrive off of outrage culture such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris. But it didn’t stop with them. They were also joined by Representative Elissa Slotkin, former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed, and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Progressives lose minds over fake ICE university. Turns out it was made under President Obama.

Progressives lose minds over fake ICE university. Turns out it was made under President Obama.


Slotkin chimed that the sting “raises a number of serious questions, and I’ll be following up to ensure they are answered,” while Kamala Harris labeled the operation as “a waste of taxpayer dollars. Officials must be held accountable for this.”

Certain folks are also pushing for House hearings, but from a legal perspective, the operation had its proverbial ducks in a row.

Warren took her rantings to Twitter saying:

“This is cruel and appalling. These students simply dreamed of getting the high-quality higher education America can offer. ICE deceived and entrapped them, just to deport them.”

Yet, did ICE really deceive and entrap them? Well Vance Callender, special agent in charge of the Detroit office of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, has a different take on the notion these students were tricked.

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Report: Non-citizens make up more than half of all federal arrests


In a recent statement, Callender set the record straight on accusations of exploiting oblivious students:

“HSI special agents, as part of this undercover operation, made it abundantly clear in their interactions with potential University of Farmington enrollees that the school did not offer academic or vocational programs of any kind. The individuals who enrolled in the University of Farmington did so intentionally.”

Callender doubled down on just well aware the students were with regard to the university being a blatantly fake one:

“[the students] knew the school did not offer courses or confer degrees, and remained enrolled for about 18 months, even though they never attended one single class. They violated the terms of their non-immigrant status in the U.S. by using the F-1 program as a pay-to-stay scheme. Investigations like these provide firsthand evidence of how people exploit the non-immigrant student visa system. This improves the agency’s efforts to uncover fraud, protects the integrity of the system for legitimate students and serves as a deterrent to potential violators.”

Now while the 250 fake students that were detained from this operations success arrived into the country legally via the F-1 student visa program, once they got involved with the university backed by undercover agents is when they violated the terms of their visas.

Attorneys for the accused students are claiming they were entrapped; but in order for entrapment to be proven, it needs to be demonstrated that they were not aware that they were breaking any law. The only claim to this is that attorneys are saying that the students didn’t know the university was “fake”; but whether fake or real, they certainly knew they’d been enrolled in a school over a year without a single class taken: meaning they knew they were violating the visas terms.

Trump Justice Department

(Photo courtesy DHS)


The University of Farmington, which was the moniker of the fake school, was listed on ICE’s website as an approved school by the U.S. government for students and it was also listed as an accredited school, which defense attorneys are also claiming reeks of entrapment. U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider is saying no-dice on that concept as well.

Schneider explained why this operation is as good as gold:

“This case involved an illegal practice known as ‘pay to stay’ because foreign nationals paid cash for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration status as a student – but with no intention of or interest in going to any class or making any progress toward an academic degree. If the ‘students’ truly wanted to obtain an education, they would have attended legitimate graduate programs at other universities.”

Schneider was also able to address the accusations of foul-play simply because the fake school appeared to be accredited online:

“The University of Farmington had no teachers, classes, or educational services – and this was no secret. Instead, the foreign nationals, who were all living and working throughout the United States, were scam artists who committed a fraud upon the United States.”

Some emails were also scrutinized as they reportedly depicted correspondence from someone named “Ali Milani” who was acting as the university’s president, communicating with students about their enrollment.



 According to immigration activists, this had to be the smoking gun that showed ICE was being no-good tricksters. Schneider was able to effortlessly counter this as well, saying:

“At the outset, they were told there would be no classes and no education. Month after month the ‘students’ willingly paid the ‘university’ so that they could fraudulently maintain their status and falsely obtain documents that would allow them to illegally remain, re-enter and work in the United States.”


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