Report: Embattled Baltimore prosecutor bought second FL home weeks before coming under investigation by the FBI


BALTIMORE, MD– According to an exclusive report by the BaltimoreBrew, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby purchased a condominium near Sarasota, Florida paying $476,000 for the two-bedroom property, which was described in real estate listing as “The Tree House.”

Land records show that 2934 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, was transferred from the Mustard Group LLC to Mosby on February 12th. The house was built in 1984. It was two bedrooms, two baths, and 1,433 square feet of living space. 

The property was described as having cathedral ceilings, walk-in closets, and access to the condominium complex’s pool. The real estate listing described its waterfront access as being publicly accessible just across Gulf of Mexico Drive, “four minutes away.”

Records also show that the property comes with a homeowners’ association fee of $1,045 per month and paid $5,349 in property taxes last year. Reportedly, Mosby took out a $428,400 loan from United Wholesale Mortgage to pay for the property, which she initially bid for in early January.

In an update to this story, the BaltimoreBrew confirmed another Florida real estate transaction by Mosby, which shows that on September 2, 2020, 1953 Nice Court was sold to Mosby for $545,000.

This property is located in Kissimmee, near Orlando and has eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, three master suites, and a swimming pool. On that same exact day, Mosby reportedly took out a $490,500 mortgage on the property from Cardinal Financial Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Longboat Key purchase, made at the end of February, was made just weeks before Mosby and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby, were notified that they are under investigation by federal prosecutors, who have subpoenaed multiple financial and other documents.

According to Nick Mosby’s lawyer, on March 10th, investigators approached Nick while he was conducting a virtual meeting of the Board of Estimates at City Hall. Sources close to the investigation said that agents also attempted to serve Marilyn at the couple’s Reservoir Hill home.

In recent months, a number of financial issues have shadowed the high-profile couple. Back in October 2020, the Mosby’s acknowledged that the IRS filed a $45,000 lien against them for unpaid back taxes.

Nick Mosby alleges that they have paid off the lien, but it is not clear whether they have actually done so. When asked about the Mosby’s $45,000 tax lien, the couple’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden said:

“That is being taken care of. It is being taken care of, period.”

At a November 23, 2020 press conference, Nick said in response to a BaltimoreBrew question about the tax lien, “I paid.” The reporter asked, “The full $45,000?” to which Nick responded by saying, “Yes, next question.”

Other issues that the BaltimoreBrew has disclosed involving the couple include:

Marilyn Mosby had created a side business, Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC, plus two subsidiaries, Mahogany Elite Consulting and Elite Travel that had not been disclosed to the Maryland Ethics Commission until after Brew reporters began reviewing her records;

A subsequent report by Baltimore’s Inspector General revealed that Mosby had used Mahogany Elite to deduct $5,000 in federal income taxes while reporting that the company was not active and had earned no income; and

The IG also found that Mahogany Elite paid for a plane ticket for Nick Mosby between California and Florida in 2019. Mosby was not an employee of his wife’s business.

The Brew also reported that several local churches, in which the Mosbys had reportedly taken tax write-offs where visited by FBI agents.

The scope of the subpoenas: tax returns, bank statements, campaign reports, canceled checks, spreadsheets, phone contacts, and more shows that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is looking at many aspects of the Mosbys’ dealings that were disclosed last summer and have continued as recently as March 2021.

Investigators are also looking into an obscure consulting business, Monumental Squared LLC, which was set up by Nick Mosby. 

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Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby, who famously overcharged officers in Freddy Gray case, under federal investigation

March 19th, 2021

BALTIMORE, MD- Karma has a way of catching up with people.

Such is the case of onetime Democrat darling Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore State’s Attorney whose claim to fame was prosecuting six Baltimore police officers in the Freddy Gray case, all of whom were either acquitted or had their charges dropped. More on that in a bit.

Mosby, along with her husband Nick Mosby are currently the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, according to Fox News and numerous other media outlets.

Fox reported that the grand jury issued a number of subpoenas in the case, including one to the Union Baptist Church, according to documents obtained by Fox 45. Nick Mosby is the president of the Baltimore City Council. Sources told Fox 45 that the F.B.I served the multiple subpoenas.

According to the outlet, one of the subpoenas was served on Marilyn Mosby’s campaign treasurer Sharif Small, who forwarded the subpoena to the State Board of Elections. Sources say the couple is being investigated over their income taxes, Marilyn Mosby’s campaign finance reports, as well as personal businesses.

Items being requested under the subpoenas include the couple’s tax documents and related schedules for the years between 2014 to 2020, as well as spreadsheets, notes, receipts checks and bank statements.

In addition to those items, the subpoena also asks for all political records, including campaign finance records from the “Friends of Marilyn Mosby.” The couple’s private businesses area also part of the investigation.

Prosecutors have requested records from a company started by Nick Mosby, Monumental Squared, LLC as well as three businesses started by Marilyn Mosby: Mahogany Elite Enterprises, LLC, Mahogany Elite Travel, and Mahogany Elite Consulting.

Sounds like Marilyn Mosby has a lot of time on her hands outside of trying to prosecute trumped up charges on Baltimore police officers.

An attorney for the Union Baptist Church in Baltimore confirmed to Fox 45 that they had been served with a subpoena and the Mosby’s were the target of the investigation.

According to Robert Fulton Dashiell, federal investigators were focusing on how much, if any the couple donated to the church during a specific time period.

Dashiell confirmed a small donation by the Mosby’s, who are not members of the church, however described the contribution as miniscule.

“I spend more monthly at Starbucks than the Mosby’s gave during the time period,” he said.

He did not give a specific amount, however said it was much less than $200.

Mosby’s attorney slammed the investigation and referred to it as a “witch hunt” when its existence was first revealed by Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun.

“On behalf of Nick and Marilyn Mosby, my clients are progressive change agents, making them unfair targets of unnecessary scrutiny by federal investigators.

Nevertheless, I can assure you and the people of Baltimore, they have done nothing illegal, inappropriate, or unlawful. This is a political witch hunt in its purest form, and both of them will vigorously and fully defend themselves.

In the interim, I’ve advised them to refrain from making any further comments, on these matters.

As they’ve done with every other baseless charge and investigation lodged against them, they have every intent to fully cooperate with the investigation lodged against them, they have every intent to fully cooperate with the investigation, to fight for the truth to come out, while continuing to fight for the citizens of a city that they both love and are blessed to serve.”

Fox 45 reported that reaction to the news has been muted thus far, with acting U.S. Maryland Attorney Jonathan Lenzner saying he wasn’t “in a position to say anything” about the investigation when queried about I Friday afternoon.

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Meanwhile, Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), who worked with Nick Mosby when he was a state delegate also didn’t have much to say.

“My first thought was to think about their two daughters and my heart goes out to them,” Ferguson said.

He continued that the investigatory process existed for a reason and noted that more details would be forthcoming as the investigation proceeds.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” he said.

Fox 45 said the Mosby’s have been the center of some questionable matters during their time in Baltimore politics. For example, the inspector general’s office was told that gifts given to Marilyn Mosby were auctioned off for charity at a “Winter Solstice Gala.”

Moreover, according to a recent report from that office, there was no evidence that some of the gifts had in fact been donated or auctioned off.

However, a spokesman for Marilyn Mosby’s office, Zy Richardson told Fox 45 in a statement that:

“Any insinuation suggesting the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] found ‘no evidence’ that gifts were donated by the State’s Attorney is outright false and purposely mischaracterizes the truth.”

Last October, the IRS filed a tax lien against the Mosby’s home, claiming failure to pay $45,000 in back taxes for the years 2014 through 2016.

Nick Moby defended himself against those accusations in a statement:

“I have been in ongoing conversations with the IRS for five years about the tax consequences of an early withdrawal from my retirement savings plan, which I did to support unplanned expenses after a series of family tragedies. I expect to have the issue resolved in the coming days.”

Numerous questions have also been raised about Marilyn Mosby jet-setting around the country without approval. Baltimore’s OIG found that she should have received approval fore 15 of the 24 trips she took which are currently under investigation.

Nick Mosby meanwhile also has some funky stuff going on with his campaign for City Council President. He had a gap of $100,000 in his campaign finance filing, and miraculously filled that gap with campaign finance filings after Fox 45 released the report.

Fox 45 has repeatedly asked Nick Mosby to release his tax returns, a request which has thus far been ignored.

Marilyn Mosby is also a “Friend of KH” [Kamala Harris]. In September 2019, Mosby posted a picture of her husband and her with Kamala Harris at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner in Phoenix, Arizona.

Harris also helped fundraise for Marilyn Mosby along with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) at a fundraiser in 2017 in Los Angeles.

In May 2015, Marilyn Mosby charged six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddy Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died of a severe spinal cord injury ostensibly while in police custody in April of that year. The officers were charged with crimes ranging from murder to manslaughter and assault, MSNBC reported at the time.

Gray had been arrested for possession of a switchblade, and then while enroute to a Baltimore PD lockup somehow sustained the spinal cord injury.

Mosby was widely criticized for the theater of her press conference where she announced the charges against the officers. Some theorized that Mosby charged the officers to avoid the typical riots that follow such incidents, especially if officers do not face criminal charges, even if there is no probable cause.

Mosby said during her words that:

“I assured his family that no one is above the law, and I would pursue justice on their behalf,” while using her family’s ties to law enforcement as some type of proof that she wasn’t biased in her “investigation.”

The following statement, however, is what drew the ire of a lot of people, including police officers nationwide:

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace.’ Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

However, by July of the next year, three officers had been acquitted of all charges, and Mosby was forced to drop charges against the other three officers.

For someone who was once considered a rising star in the Democratic party and who some had suggested for either the Senate or Congress, her star fell faster than Kevin Harvick at the Daytona 500.

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