Report: LAPD investigating racist and bigoted conversation between LA City Council members


LOS ANGELES, CA – A report from KTLA confirms that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has opened a criminal investigation into an audio recording of a conversation between Los Angeles City Council members and a prominent labor leader.

This secretive conversation that was leaked resulted in citywide unrest and calls for resignations.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore explained that his department is investigating allegations into eavesdropping of the private conversation between council members Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo as well as Ron Herrera, the President of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

California’s eavesdropping law prohibits anyone from “intentionally and without the consent of all parties to a confidential communication, use an electronic amplifying or recording device to eavesdrop upon or record confidential communication.” Moore said in a statement:

“Our Major Crimes Division is conducting that [investigation] and we will bring our results to the appropriate prosecuting agency upon completion of that investigation.”

The recording’s disclosure unleashed a scandal in the nation’s second-largest city just weeks before Election Day. Martinez resigned in disgrace and the two other council members have resisted widespread calls for their resignations.

The group, all Democrats who identify as Latinos, were allegedly captured on the recording scheming to protect their political clout in the redrawing of council districts during an hourlong, closed-door meeting that was laced with bigoted and derogatory comments.

They allegedly used racist language to mock colleagues as well as one councilman’s young black son, while they planned to protect Latino political strength in council districts.

It is still unclear as to who made the tape or why it was made. Under California law, all parties must consent to the recording or a private conversation or phone call. The state’s wiretapping statutes are among the strongest in the nation and allow the “injured party” to sue.

Moore said that on Friday, October 21st, more than two weeks after the recording, Martinez, de León, Cedillo and Herrera approached the LAPD asking the agency to open an investigation. He added:

“This [request] was done by the principals – this wasn’t done through some intermediary or otherwise.”

Detectives have since interviewed the group about why they believe the recording was made “unlawfully and surreptitiously.”

Pete Brown, a spokesperson for de León, said that the councilman had not been involved in the report to police and had not been interviewed by detectives. He added:

“Council member de León did not make a request for an investigation.”

A spokesperson for Martinez, Cedillo or the county labor federation have not immediately responded to request for comment by ABC7.

The labor federation previously called the leak of the recording illegal and unsuccessfully attempted to halt the LA Times’ publication of the discussion’s details. Moore said that no suspects have yet been identified. He added:

“We’ll also look, as far as possible, to understand how such a recording was made and identify, if possible, the person or persons responsible.”

Councilman Cedillo lost his reelection bid earlier this year and will leave his position in just a few months. de León’s term doesn’t end until 2024.

According to the California legislature, violating California’s eavesdropping law could result in a fine of up to $10,000 and one year in prison.

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This California city is paying $18K to each person that was just evicted from a homeless encampment at Marinship Park

October 5th, 2022

SAUSALITO, CA – According to reports, in February the city of Sausalito declared a state of emergency over the homeless encampment that occupied the fields and the tennis courts at Marinship Park.

The homeless camp began in 2020 and grew to be quite large, and in recent months, according to neighbors of the park, the camp started to become a problem.

The city has now closed the park, cleared everyone out, and is working hard to clean it up. This “state of emergency” came at a cost after the city of Sausalito reached a settlement with a group representing the encampment, the Sausalito Homeless Union.

The city has agreed to pay each qualifying homeless person a one-time stipend of $18,000 to find alternative housing elsewhere. At the time of clearing out the encampment, there were reportedly 30 people living in the park.

If all 30 homeless people qualify for the grants, it will cost the city nearly $540,000. The Sausalito Homeless Union will distribute the funds and then provide a monthly accounting of their use to the city.

City officials said that while half a million sounds like a steep price, the encampment has already cost the city $1.5 million, including legal fees, sanitation, and management. City Manager Chris Zapata said in a statement:

“The agreement is an innovative way to get people out of tents and into housing in advance of inclement weather. It’s the right thing to do.”

Sausalito Mayor Janelle Kellman said in her own statement:

“I am confident we have paved a humane course of action that allows each person’s unique needs to be met. This agreement will allow up to help folks restore their lives in a way that is far more compassionate and safer than the unfortunate circumstance of living outdoors.”

The settlement allegedly comes after the homeless union sued the city regarding where the homeless people were permitted to encamp. According to reports, the homeless had been forced to remain in a fenced, sanctioned area on the tennis courts since February of 2021.

Those who chose to live outside the fence were getting ticketed by the city. There were also alleged reports that the nonprofit group, Urban Alchemy, who managed the sanctioned tent camps along with several others in San Francisco, and their staff were engaging in drug use and sexual harassment.

The camp was cleared out on August 15th and fencing and signs have been put up to keep people out. One resident, who lives near the park, said:

“I feel bad. I don’t now what to do to help.”

Haysa Epstein and other neighbors of the park said that the restoration of Marinship Park is a “mixed blessing.” She said what had started out as a good idea had become a problem, but she also worries what will happen to the people who were staying in the park. Epstein said:

“At the beginning, it was neat and clean because they had just arrived. But I walk by here every day and slowly you could see a lot of clutter and dirt and smells, and it got to a point where it was so overwhelming.”

Many of the homeless people who had been living in Marinship Park used to live in the city’s Dunphy Park. However, they were evicted from that park during summer 2021.

As of this writing, it is unclear when the park and tennis courts will be reopened for public use as the city is still working on a cleanup plan.

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Seattle Democrat activist invites homeless people to stay at her house, quickly regrets it and blames media

August 3rd, 2022

SEATTLE, WA – According to a report, one Seattle woman invited homeless people to her house and immediately regretted it.

The woman, a Democrat and activist, was upset that the city swept a homeless encampment. So, in response, she offered up her own home for the homeless to sleep in and within hours she admitted regretting her decision.

City workers reportedly cleared an encampment in SoDo that created dangerous, untenable conditions for both residents and nearby businesses.

Several activists, socialists, and city councilwoman Tammy Morales as well as staff at The Seattle Times complained that the move was taken “during a heatwave.”

One activist was so livid that she actually showed up to protest the sweep and when asked if she would house any of the homeless, she answered in the affirmative, even giving out her address.

Unfortunately, she had zero intention of following through and is now having a fit on social media.

Discovery Institute senior fellow Jonathan Choe spoke to activists protesting the sweep. He actually witnessed some of the activists move the homeless to a different part of the neighborhood, allowing them to avoid the offers of immediate shelter from the city.

So, instead those individuals stayed living on the streets in brown-down RVs and one woman was so angry, she yelled at Choe that the homeless are not the ones causing problems. The woman claimed:

“What’s the problem? Tell me what the problems are. What are the problems? Actually, there’s no (expletive) research at all in the city showing that crime is related to houseless people.”

Unfortunately, she was wrong because there are several problems, including assaults, rape, murder, and gunfire, which runs rampant at Seattle homeless encampments.

Seattle City councilman Andrew Lewis said:

“It is blatantly evident that a significant amount of the city’s crime and disorder is attributable to conditions in homeless encampments.”

Choe asked the woman if she would allow the homeless to stay at her place; she said yes and gave out her address on video. Now, she is claiming that Choe doxxed her. Watch below:

Rantz: Seattle activist invites homeless to her home, immediately regrets it

After Choe posted the video of the woman ranting and inviting the homeless to her house, she expressed her regrets. According to Choe, the woman then went on a private Facebook group to complain that she was doxxed by him.

According to a screenshot posted by Choe, the woman claimed that “Jonathan Choe … got our address and doxxed us publicly for disagreeing with him.”

She then claimed that people on his Twitter feed “suggested smashing windows” and asked community members to keep an eye out on the property.

The woman does not look like the same person in the video, but maybe that person lives with the activist. Choe did not dox anyone and the woman can be seen on video giving out her personal address.

The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH reviewed the original post and did not find any threats on the Twitter feed. It is still unclear if any homeless people actually showed up to the activist’s home.

Activists exploit the homeless and get to play hero. They portray themselves as fighting for their “houseless neighbors,” but they’re not heroes; they are villains.

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Former US Olympian brutally attacked by homeless man in police-defunded, Democrat-run Los Angeles

July 13th, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – Former US Olympic volleyball player and silver medalist Kim Glass was enjoying lunch at a Los Angeles eatery. As she and her friend finished their meal and their visit together, they left the restaurant and stood on the sidewalk out front saying goodbye.

That is when she says a homeless man ran up to her and hit her in the face with what she described as a metal pipe.

According to Fox News:

“As I was leaving lunch, I was outside saying goodbye to a friend and this homeless man ran up.

He had something in his hand, he was on the side of the car in the street, and he just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes and as I go to tell my friend I think something is wrong with him, before I knew it a big metal bolt like pipe hit me.

It happened so fast, he literally flung it from the street,” she said.

She also recounted the experience with Inside Edition.

“He scurried up…and he looked at me like this, and it was just like rage in his eyes.” 

And that is when he hit her.

As extensive as the damage to her face is, she said that she will not require surgery and her optometrist said that her retina is “solid.”

As seen in the video provided by Inside Edition, passersby came to her aid as well as subduing the suspect while they waited on emergency responders to arrive.

The alleged assailant was identified as 51-year-old Semeon Tesfamariam.

According to police, he was restrained by individuals at the scene, and they took him into custody. He was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently being held without bond.

Based on the video interview we have seen; Glass seems to be in good spirits given the ordeal she experienced.

She has acknowledged that it could have been much worse.

She received several stitches and has multiple fractures in her orbital region.

Her message to everyone?

“Guys, just be safe out there. Keep your head on a swivel, off your phones. I mean, mine wasn’t, but still I wasn’t ready for it. There’s a lot of mentally ill people on these streets right now. You shouldn’t have to be fearful when you walk, but it’s true,” Glass said.

The LA streets are teaming with homeless individuals and violent crime, like that experienced by Glass, is increasing. And in the midst of all this, the soft-on-crime LA District Attorney, George Gascon, is facing the possibility of a recall.

Report: LAPD investigating racist and bigoted conversation between LA City Council members

Nothing to see here: Los Angeles accused of hiding homeless from the Super Bowl spotlight


LOS ANGELES, CA – The left-wing government officials in Los Angeles County continued their practice of sweeping the homeless crisis under the rug by moving homeless encampments to other areas as the Super Bowl approached.

Community leaders have called out the county once again for moving homeless encampments near locations experiencing high tourist traffic, such as Los Angeles airport, to more quiet neighborhoods as the county prepared to host the big game, according to Fox News.

Resident Yolanda Gonzalez said she noticed a tent erected in front of the library across from her house near the Venice Beach boardwalk, and the number grew as the game approached:

“It started with one tent, and then, eventually, in less than three weeks, all of a sudden, all these tents went up. How many tourists come through here, and right now with the game’s coming, people walk up our streets.

“What have we got to show for? This is embarrassing.”

The homeless camp grew not long after an encampment near the Los Angeles airport was cleared by authorities. Yolanda estimated 40 tents were part of the new encampment.

HAAVEN Shared Housing founder Heidi Roberts called the City and County’s efforts to hide the homeless “waterbed syndrome”:

“Like, you press here and it bumps up over here, press here, it bumps up over here.

“So, it seems like they’re spending millions and millions of dollars just to shift people around to different neighborhoods when if they were smart about this, I mean, they could actually solve the problem.”

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin, representing Venice, issued a statement regarding the homeless situation:

“I am fighting every day for more housing, shelter and services to get people off the streets, here and elsewhere — and my efforts are consistently opposed by obstructionists who say they oppose encampments but try to block every alternative.

“In just the past few months, we have housed hundreds of people who were unhoused in Venice, and are on track to do much more —even as hundreds of more people are forced into homelessness in LA every day.”

He said that solving the homeless problem though housing and other services is the proper course of action, not hiding the problem by moving them from one place to another:

“It is ironic that many of the people claiming encampments are moving from one neighborhood to another are the ones advocating for failed policies that do just that.”

“The way to end homelessness is housing and services, which is why I oppose failed policies that criminalize homelessness and push encampments from one neighborhood to the next.”

Soledad Ursua, a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, told Fox News that the city wants to hide the homeless problem from the Super Bowl spotlight:

“The city has always done this. They moved homeless encampments last April for the Oscars, and so that’s really their approach. They just want to hide it. They don’t want tourists to see this coming in.”

She said that despite the efforts of the city to hide the problem, the homeless crisis is in open view:

“For tourists who are coming in for the Super Bowl, this is something they’re going to see. Homelessness has now spread to every part of L.A. City.”

Los Angeles is known for trying to push the homeless out of sight for major events. In April 2021, the city ordered homeless encampments moved in preparation for the 93rd Academy Awards, which was held at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

DJ, a man living in a tent in downtown Los Angeles, said at the time:

“They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars and they told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna (sic) just demolish our stuff.

“They forced us to go to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station, so it looks better for the image.”

Report: Los Angeles hides homeless population at Union Station for Oscar award ceremony

April 26, 2021


LOS ANGELES, CA- The 93rd Academy Awards has come under fire as the city of Los Angeles is being accused of hiding the homeless as Hollywood prepared to toast itself ahead of the Oscar’s on Sunday, April 25th.

According to reports, for the first time in its history, the celebrity-studded ceremony was being held at Union Station in Los Angeles, which is an area replete with homelessness. However, come Oscar Sunday, the homeless was not seen anywhere near Union Station.

DJ, a man living in a tent in downtown Los Angeles said:

“They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars and they told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff.”

DJ stated, however, that the city did offer an option. He said:

“They forced us to the Grand Hotel on 3rd and Figueroa and they kicked everybody out of Union Station so it looks better for the image.”

Andy Bales of Union Rescue Mission, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless through food, shelter, education, counseling, and long-term recovery programs, said that he is not exactly surprised by the city’s actions.

He said anytime there is a big national event, Los Angeles tries to sweep its homeless problem under the rug. He said:

“We shouldn’t be about putting on a good show, we should be about doing good for our brothers and sisters, our neighbors who are suffering on our streets.”

Los Angeles city council member Kevin De Leon denied the claims, saying:

“While the 93rd Academy Awards are being held at Union Station this year and despite irresponsible rumors, no unhoused residents are being forced to relocate.”

He added:

“Since being sworn in, my office has been painstakingly working to house those experiencing homelessness throughout my district and we were able to offer housing options to unhoused residents in the vicinity of Union Station.”

DJ offered the following advice to the city of Los Angeles:

“If you’re gonna have your awards show, don’t have it were the homeless people are and you don’t have to worry about it.”

Reportedly, a massive wall of security fencing has been erected around the event venue and while the homeless were ushered elsewhere, celebrities present at the Oscars enjoyed gift bags containing free liposuction, designer skin creams, gold-plated cannabis vaporizers, affirmation candles, vegan bubble bath, IV vitamin infusions, and more.

On Tuesday, April 20th, a federal judge overseeing a sweeping lawsuit about homelessness in Los Angeles ordered the city and county to find shelter for all unhoused residents of Skid Row by October.

The judge’s filing was made one day after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti vowed to spend nearly $1 billion in the coming year to get people off the streets. The judge has since ordered that $1 billion to be placed in escrow, with a spending plan “accounted for and reported to the Court within seven days.”

Skip Miller, an attorney representing LA County said that the judge’s order “goes well beyond” what the plaintiffs asked for in their preliminary injunction. He said:

“We’re not evaluating our options, including the possibility of an appeal.”

Miller added that the county has spent millions on “proven strategies” that have “produced measurable results” throughout the region, not just on Skid Row.

Reportedly, earlier in the year, the judge called all parties to a hearing outside of a Skid Row shelter and said that if politicians could not provide solutions, he would explore what powers the court has to order and oversee remedies.
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