Report: DEA seized another Hunter Biden laptop during a raid


It looks like that there was a second laptop purportedly owned by Hunter Biden that was inadvertently seized by the DEA back in February during a raid where Hunter wasn’t actually the target.

Here’s what is known about this mysterious second laptop, discovered during a raid of a coined celebrity psychiatrist.

A report by NBC news was questioning the allegations of the recently unveiled story of a laptop left behind at a computer repair shop. The outlet noted that if the laptop is indeed Hunter Biden’s, then it would be “the second time he has left behind a laptop” that was seized.

The report stated:

“If [Hunter Biden] did leave the machine in Delaware, it would have marked at least the second time he has left behind a laptop.

“According to two people familiar with the matter, a different Hunter Biden laptop landed in the custody of the DEA in February when they executed a search warrant on the Massachusetts office of a psychiatrist accused of professional misconduct. The psychiatrist has not been charged with a crime.”

NBC noted that when Biden’s laptop came into custody of the DEA, the reason for the raid had nothing to do with Hunter Biden at the time. But even the outlet had to concede that it was strange that a Biden laptop was left behind at a site that was raided by federal authorities.

It went on to say:

“Hunter Biden was not a target of the search or the investigation, and his lawyer ultimately got his laptop back. It’s not clear why his computer was left in the doctor’s office.”

The person who was the subject of the raid was psychiatrist Keith Ablow, which the local NBC News Boston outlet referred to as a “former celebrity psychologist” when reporting on the matter in February of 2020.

Apparently, Ablow was accused of medical malpractice months prior to the DEA raid that uncovered the laptop. The malpractice was reportedly linked to Ablow engaging in both abusive and sexual relationships with patients he was treating.

While Ablow did not receive any criminal charges related to the raid, he did settle a lawsuit relating to three victims claiming the aforementioned malpractice.

As of this time, no one from Hunter Biden’s legal team have been willing to comment on why the laptop was inside the psychiatrist’ office that garnered the attention of federal authorities.

So while we may never know what was on the laptop discovered in February that was returned to Biden’s lawyers, it appears that Hunter Biden has a history of leaving behind computers.

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Apparently Hunter Biden’s laptops have been a subject of interest for some time. 

Earlier this month, we reported on how the FBI issued a subpoena last year for Biden’s laptop that was apparently related to a money laundering investigation.

FBI issued subpoena last year for Biden’s laptop, apparently related to money laundering investigation. Yes, last year.

WILMINGTON, DE- Law Enforcement Today has learned that yet another shoe has dropped in the daily news coming out about possible corruption involving the Bidens. According to National Review, the FBI last year issued a subpoena for a laptop and hard drive that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

Documents obtained by Fox News show that the subpoena was issued in connection with a money laundering investigation late last year. However, it is unknown whether the investigation remains open or if it directly involves Hunter Biden.

Last week, a report from the New York Post said that purportedly the same laptop contained emails that suggested Hunter Biden may have introduced his father, then vice president under Obama, and a Ukrainian adviser to Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy firm. 

Those documents, which were reportedly retrieved from a computer dropped off at a Delaware repair shop, were delivered to the paper by Rudy Giuliani.

Fox News reported that a senior federal law enforcement official confirmed the authenticity of the emails. A source confirmed to Fox News that the FBI is in possession of the laptop.

One of the documents showed that the FBI made contact with the owner of the computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac.

The document showed a “Case ID” section, filled in with the number 272D-BA-3065729, which according to multiple officials, designates money laundering (272D) and “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity].”

This designates a White Collar Crime Program, FBI documents confirmed.

One government official told the outlet that “272D” is “transnational or blanket.”

The letters “BA” designate the case was opened in the FBI’s Baltimore, MD, field office and the documents show the subpoena was served in Wilmington, DE, which is under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore field office.

According to a senior government official:

“The FBI cannot open a case without predication, so they believed there was predication for criminal activity.”

This means there is sufficient evidence to believe there was criminal conduct,” i.e. “probable cause.”

According to the report, the subpoena served on Isaac to testify before the U.S. District Court on Dec. 9, 2019 shows what appears to be serial numbers for the laptop and hard drive, which were taken into possession.

Due to the date on the subpoena, an official said the case would have had to be opened prior to Isaac’s subpoena.

The official noted:

“If a criminal case was opened and subpoenas were issued, that means there is a high likelihood that both the laptop and hard drive contain fruits of criminal activity.”

On cue, the Biden campaign blew off the allegations. Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told Fox:

“The Attorney General of Delaware’s office indicated that the FBI has ‘ongoing investigations regarding the veracity of this entire story.’

“And it would be unsurprising for an investigation of a disinformation action involving Rudy Giuliani and those assisting him to involve questions about money laundering, especially since there are other documented inquiries into his dealings.

“In fact, Donald Trump’s own national security adviser warned the president that material furnished by Giuliani should be considered tainted by Russian interference.”

Here we go again—damn Russians!

With that said, the FBI would not confirm or deny if there was indeed an active investigation taking place, however officials at both the FBI and the Justice Department backed up Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s statement that the laptop “is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

The information has been forthcoming fast and furious over the past week or two.

In the original trove of emails released by the Post, they reveal that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, then-vice president Joe Biden, to a top executive at Burisma Holdings.

This meeting occurred less than one year prior to the senior Biden pressuring officials in Ukraine to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was in the midst of an investigation into the company’s corrupt founder.

Biden is alleged to have met with the executive, Vadym Pozharskyi in Washington, D.C. in April 2015. The Biden campaign has denied that the vice president met with him.

Before the emails were revealed, Joe Biden has repeatedly denied speaking with Hunter Biden about any of his business dealings, which seems to defy logic, especially since his son accompanied him to China.

In yet another email obtained by Fox, dated May 13, 2017, it includes a discussion of so-called “remuneration packages” for six people, relative to dealings with a Chinese energy firm, CEFC China Energy, Co.

The email implicates that Hunter Biden was the “Chair/Vice Chair depending on an agreement with CEFC,” apparently referring to the now-bankrupt energy company.

In addition, the email notes that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.”

In a proposed equity split, it references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy,” with no other details or references.

It is reasonable to assume that “H” stands for Hunter Biden, while the “big guy” appears to refer to his father, Joe Biden.

The latter part was confirmed by Fox News, which spoke to one of the people copied on the email who confirmed its authenticity, saying that “the big guy” was indeed referring to Joe Biden.

Biden has not commented publicly on the email, since he’s been secreted in his basement for four days prepping for a 90-minute debate with President Trump.

However, his campaign said his tax returns and financial affidavits show he is not invested in China. Still, it is easy for any such dealings to be held in offshore banks, where they would not be subject to government inquiry.

Last week, Fox News obtained another email that said Pozharskyi wrote an email to Hunter Biden on May 12, 2014, in which he asked for “advice” on how he could use his “influence to convey a message” to “stop” what the company considered to be “politically motivated actions.”

The email was part of a larger email chain obtained by the outlet, which seems to be referring to Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky, being under investigation by Ukrainian authorities.


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