Report: Homeland Security head teaches illegal immigrants on how to avoid Title 42, get to stay in America


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- Being the most incompetent cabinet official in an administration full of them is a tough hill to climb, yet there is Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas occupying the top spot.

On Friday, Mayorkas held a news conference in which he actually told illegal alien “migrants” how to circumvent Title 42 emergency COVID rules which permit border officials to exclude migrants due to the pandemic, according to Breitbart.

Mayorkas was engaging in typical Biden administration tactics of dodging, projecting, blaming others, and equivocating when he actually mentioned some exceptions to Title 42 which he is able to provide as secretary, one which he made sure to mention not just once but twice—those who are afraid of “torture” in their home country.

Maybe some of the January 6 inmates can ask for such an exception to escape the torture they’re undergoing in DC jails. However we digress…here is what Mayorkas said:

Number one [exception] is if an individual has an acute vulnerability, such as urgent medical care. And [number] two, if in fact, our operational capacity is such that we are not able to execute Title 42 authority…I should also say that there is a [third] Convention Against Torture exception if someone claims torture.

One little issue Mayorkas seemed to ignore is the fact that an overwhelming majority of the Haitian “migrants” came to the U.S. not from Haiti, but from Central and South American countries, where some have lived for years, at least until the “vacancy” sign was in essence posted by Biden and his lackeys.

In the event some of the “migrants” may have missed his first signal of what the talking points should be, he repeated it a second time:

If someone is not subject to Title 42 expulsion for the three reasons that I explained—acute vulnerability, operational capacity limitations, or a Convention Against Torture exception—then the individual is placed in immigration proceedings. That means they [can stay and work in the United States] until [they] go before an immigration judge in an immigration court.

His words will no doubt be seized upon by those migrants from countries such as Chile, Brazil and other countries whose only purpose in coming to the United States is to take advantage of economic benefits which the taxpayers are coerced into providing for any swinging d*ck (and their families) who wants to come here.

Under current DHS policy, it isn’t necessary for migrants to convince a judge that any such fear of torture is true.

All they have to do is claim it to border officials and they can “pass ‘GO’” and collect welfare, food stamps and all the other goodies courtesy of American taxpayers.

Based on statements Biden has made, they will also be able to apply for citizenship down the road and vote Democrat, at least that’s what Biden and his cronies are counting on.

As a matter of fact, once inside the country, they don’t even need to convince a judge that their claim is even valid because Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been banned from deporting illegal aliens who do not commit violent crimes.

Some noted that by making statements such as he did, Mayorkas is signaling migrants to claim “torture” in order to skirt the Title 42 requirements. One such person is former immigration judge Andrew Arthur, who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.

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He noted that with a low burden of proof, a number of migrants will claim torture through the Title 42 rule.

“Depending on how little has to be done to trigger the [torture] exception [at the border], the exception will swallow the [Title 42] rule,” Arthur told Breitbart News.

Typically, most migrants win torture claims. For example in 2000, judges granted 529 such requests out of 12.452 people who applied for Convention Against Torture protection. In 2019, only 1,157 such requests were approved out of some 66,000 people who applied.

One migrant from the Dominican Republic, Salvador Pena told the Houston Chronicle:

“Everyone’s dream is to know the United States,” with the Chronicle adding that even though the journey was “tough”, “life-threatening”, and “expensive,” it was “worth it.”

On Friday, Mayorkas admitted that so far 12,400 of the 30,000 migrants who were housed at Biden’s “internment” camp in Del Rio had been admitted to stay in the United States. Most have already been released to get jobs and milk off the American taxpayers in the U.S.

Mayorkas said there were an additional 5,000 Haitian migrants waiting to hear if they will be released or sent out of the United States (ROFLMAO), according to Mayorkas.

Some 2,000 illegal migrants were returned back to Haiti, some of whom assaulted Customs and Border Patrol agents on aircraft as they were sent back to Port au Prince.

It is estimated that around 8,000 migrants who originally entered the United States went back to Mexico fearing they would not be able to navigate the Title 42 cutouts put in place by Mayorkas.

One other cutout Mayorkas put in Title 42 is for people with so-called “acute vulnerability.” That term applies to those who bring children or who claim to be pregnant, which reports says is not verified.

It is reported that a majority of those Del Rio migrants who were released into the U.S. arrived with children. It is unknown if the children brought to the border with the migrants are in fact the parents of the children.

Ironically, many of those who make the dangerous trip to the U.S. who have so-called “acute vulnerability” come from safe countries, such as Chile.

That trek includes going through the Darien Gap in Panama’s southern jungle, where many people who start the trek in search of jobs being dangled by Biden and the Democrats actually die due to dangerous conditions.

The BBC reported one such example, a man named Fiterson Janvier, a Haitian national who came from his safe home in Chile with a three-year-old child.

According to the BBC:

As he took his young family across the Darien Gap, seven days through the dense jungle between Columbia and Panama, Mr. Janvier says he saw the dead bodies of other Haitian and Cuban migrants.

He describes being robbed of what little he had by “bandits”…He said some of the women were raped, although his wife managed to hide with the child when the gang appeared.

Mayorkas, despite the Title 42 barrier releases any youths and adults who claim (without proof) to be 17 or younger, nor does he test or exclude any migrants for coronavirus.

Mayorkas said that he wants to create additional opportunities for more illegals to enter the United States in conjunction with the already one million or so legal immigrants admitted to the country.

He noted that he uses his regulatory power to use factors such as belonging to a “particular social group” that faces “credible fear” of being sent home as additional criteria of those who can claim asylum.

He said that under current rules:

“The definition of a “particular social group” was significantly constrained—that’s an understatement—in the Trump administration. And there is a body of law that speaks to that definition and that definition is currently under review.”

Mayorkas is also in the process of rewriting regulations in order to circumvent the process of granting U.S. citizenship to migrants through judges and instead transfer that authority to low-level officials, he said.

Mayorkas conveniently skipped over the fact that federal laws require all migrants seeking asylum being detained pending their initial court appearance.

That law was stopped being enforced during the Obama administration claiming that the government didn’t have the ability to house tens of thousands of migrants.

The result of that decision was some three million migrants flooding the country, with the understanding they could work to repay their smuggling debts to Mexican cartels, while giving birth to “anchor babies,” thereby guaranteeing their ability to remain in the U.S.

Mayorkas is an illegal immigration fanatic and has made no secret of the fact that he is pretty much in favor of wide-open borders.

In May, he announced the department’s “highest priority” was to reunite foreign families and the children they left behind when the adults were processed and deported during the Trump administration.

“It’s not about righting the wrong of the past; it’s about restoring the conscience of our government,” Mayorkas said at the time.

In  June speech at the American Constitutional Society convention, Mayorkas said:

“The element of dignity [and] the rule of law. Those are two foundational guideposts as I seek to lead an agency, as we, as servants of the law, seek to bring justice in whatever we do. And here in the Department of Homeland Security, I think that must guide everything that we do.”

Mayorkas said the Department of Homeland Security exists to aid foreign nationals (funny, we thought it was to protect the homeland):

“In the government, we have the privilege of seeking to make systemic change, to bring dignity, or I should say, to reflect in what we do, reflect the dignity of the people we serve on a very impactful and systemic basis.

“But we cannot forget that the rule of law, that the law as an instrument of delivering dignity, can bring to that single individual. And we cannot understate the importance of doing so. And I think that sometimes the impact on one individual can reverberate throughout an entire institution and bring systemic change.”

Breitbart noted the emphasis on “people we serve” was added by the Department of Homeland Security transcript of Mayorkas’s speech.

As Breitbart noted:

“Mayorkas’ 82,100 word speech did not mention the lost dignity of the many millions of Americans who have lost income and wealth amid the inrush of poor migrants waived in by lax enforcement

“He did not mention the Americans victimized by un-deported migrant criminals or by the addictive drugs being loosed in communities by Mayorkas’s lax rules.

“He did not mention the Americans cast aside by companies eager to exploit the cheap visa workers delivered by Mayorkas’s agency.

“And Mayorkas did not suggest that he owes any debt of gratitude towards the children of the Americans who accepted him as a child migrant in 1960.”

Alejandro Mayorkas—just another clueless clown in a clown car full of inept morons.

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