Report: Group that worked with firm tied to Hunter Biden now under criminal investigation


WASHINGTON, DC- The walls appear to be closing in and if there was an honest media (or the subject’s last name was Trump instead of Biden) more people would be hearing about it. However just as the walls are closing in on the COVID phony Dr. Anthony Fauci, so too may they be closing in on one Hunter Biden.

The Daily Wire reports that there is a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the work of a Democrat lobbying firm that worked with Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden found himself on the board of directors, despite having zero experience in the energy field.

In this case, in a rare case of actual journalism, Politico reported:

“The probe comes as the Justice Department ramps up its scrutiny of foreign governments’ efforts to influence U.S. politics through covert lobbying operations,” the outlet said.

“Much of that enforcement work has focused on Republicans linked to former President Donald Trump, including an active probe of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The existence of the investigation into Blue Star, meanwhile, shows that DOJ’s torqued-up enforcement efforts may also create legal jeopardy for firms and operatives aligned with the Democratic Party.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware already has a separate criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial hijinks, also has apparently opened a criminal investigation into Blue Star Strategies. It is believed a federal grand jury has already been convened in the case.

“One focus of the investigation is whether the firm failed to comply with disclosure requirements under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), a law that requires Americans to disclose lobbying and public affairs work for foreign officials and political parties,” the report said.

“There is no indication that Hunter Biden is a target of the investigation into Blue Star. Karen Tramontano, one of Blue Star’s co-founders, testified that Hunter Biden did not direct any of the firm’s work for Burisma.”

The Daily Wire said that between 2014 to 2018, David Laufman oversaw FARA enforcement at the Justice Department under both Presidents Obama and Trump.

He said that the department’s “enforcement of FARA is now considerably more rigorous, seen not only in high-profile criminal prosecutions but also in day-to-day regulatory enforcement such as administrative inquiries into why parties are not registered, accountability for deficiencies in filings, and inspections of books and records.”

Laufman noted that, “the risks of non-compliance with FARA are therefore greater than in years past.”

FARA isn’t the only problem facing the former drug-addicted son of Joe Biden. There is a call for an investigation into an October 2018 incident where he purchased a firearm, ostensibly lying on a federal background check form when he did so.

Legally, based upon his former drug problems, Hunter Biden was forbidden from purchasing a firearm.

The background check form the younger Biden filled out in October 2018 required him to state that he wasn’t addicted to any substances.

However, in his recent book, Hunter Biden admitted that at the same time he obtained the firearm (and ostensibly filled out the form), he was addicted to drugs. Lying on an ATF Form 447e is a felony, carrying a 10-year prison sentence along with a $250,000 fine.

Biden has already gained the favor of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), who said that due to “substantial privacy interests” surrounding FOIA requests, they will no longer search for nor release any records.

In October, the Daily Wire reports, information came forth about “the widow of Beau Biden, Hallie Biden, allegedly took Hunter Biden’s firearm and threw it in a dumpster behind a Delaware grocery store.

Police investigated out of concern the gun could be used in a crime, particularly because the grocery store was in close proximity to a school,” the Daily Wire reported then:

“When Hallie returned to retrieve the firearm, it was gone, and it is alleged that the Secret Service in Delaware helped cover up the incident.”

Politico reported that Secret Service agents interviewed the gun store owner who sold the firearm to Biden and tried “to take the paperwork involving the sale.”

“The gun store owner refused to supply the paperwork, suspecting that the Secret Service officers wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the missing gun in case it was to be involved in a crime, the two people said,” Politico’s report said.

“The owner, Ron Palmieri, later turned over the papers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which oversees federal gun laws.”

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Last November, David Codrea, a journalist who unveiled the botched Fast and Furious gunrunning scam that resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, filed a request for documents pertaining to Biden’s gun being tossed into the Delaware dumpster.

Codrea, a journalist with Ammoland along with his attorney Stephen Stamboulieh requested ATF and the Secret Service provide the following documents:

“[C]opies of law enforcement and administrative reports, communications, correspondence and work papers, including with internal State of Delaware DOJ, the Delaware State Police, any local law enforcement and any relevant federal agencies including ATF and the United States Secret Service. This includes any case handling instructions from overseeing administrative authorities and/or agencies that would explain why over two years later, there has still been no public report of explanation as to the way the case has been resolved and why.”

In January, the Secret Service responded, writing that a “reasonable search for all potentially responsive documents” was conducted and “no records were located.” After that letter was received, Stamboulieh filed a lawsuit in the D.C. District Court of Appeals over the failure of the Secret Service to comply with the request.

There was a lot of back and forth between the ATF and Codrea and his attorney, with the agency telling Codrea that since he was “not considered a member of the press,” he would be charged after the first 100 pages which were free. Stamboulieh sent a letter on Codrea’s behalf stating they would cover additional charges up to $100.

In March, the ATF sent another response, saying, “a search has been conducted in our N-Force and TECS databases,” which “contains all investigative files compiled by ATF for law enforcement purposes.” They said that after a search was conducted, they “were not able to locate any responsive records subject to the Freedom of Information Act.”

Finally, in issuing a final response to the FOIA request sent last month, Adam Siple, the Chief of Information and Privacy Governance Division said the initial FOIA request should have been denied because of “substantial privacy interests”:

“As you know, my office did initially conduct a search for records responsive to Mr. Codrea’s FOIA request, but I have since determined that this was an error because the subject of this particular request is a third party and a private citizen.

Under these circumstances, the request should have denied categorically without a search du to the substantial privacy interests retained by the subject of Mr. Cordrea’s request. Indeed, such an approach is standard practice under both the FOIA and Privacy Act. I regret the oversight in this matter matter and the delay it caused in researching a final response to your client’s FOIA request.”

Not for nothing, but Hunter Biden, while a “private citizen” is certainly subject to concern. If he is receiving preferential treatment because of who he is in order to give his father political cover, that is definitely a matter of public concern.

As the Daily Wire noted, Hunter Biden has spent years trading in on his father’s connections for personal gain. Is this any different?

This whole situation asks more questions than it answers. Why would Hunter Biden be allowed to purchase a firearm in the first place?

Given the Democrats obsession with taking guns away from law abiding citizens, failing to hold the president’s son to the same standards and laws that every other American is expected to follow is maddening.

Hunter Biden is the poster child for someone who should haver have been permitted to purchase a firearm.

Dishonorable discharge from the Navy in 2014 for failing a drug test, admitting on CBS that he did drugs and drank alcohol heavily at the peak of his addiction, which was so bad that he admitted crawling on his hands and knees looking for anything to smoke that resembled crack cocaine, including “parmesan cheese.”

Form 4473, which is used to conduct a criminal background check on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Section 21.e asks about drug use, which should have automatically disqualified Hunter Biden from legally obtaining a firearm.

“21.e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” the form asks.

“Warning: The use of possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

It remains to be seen if Hunter Biden gets investigated and/or indicted for this clear criminal violation. We won’t hold our breath.

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