Report: GoFundMe shuts down fundraiser for Ocasio-Cortez’s abuela after $100K+ raised and AOC humiliated


On Saturday, June 5th, GoFundMe reported that the fundraising campaign that was launched by conservative commentator Matt Walsh to help the grandmother of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been pulled because the lawmaker’s family is refusing to accept the money raised.

According to the New York Post, GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne confirmed that the “Save AOC’s Abuela’s Ancestral Home” page was launched by Walsh. Whithorne also said:

“The beneficiary has made clear to our Trust and Safety team they do not wish to accept the donations.”

On the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page Walsh wrote:

“Someone in AOC’s abuela’s family told GoFundMe that she won’t take the money, even though AOC previously claimed that her grandma was in dire straits (and it was Trump’s fault).”

Reportedly, $104,153 has been raised on the GoFundMe page. Walsh added:

“She seems to think that it is worth $104,153 of her abuela’s money to express that she doesn’t want money from the likes of us.”

Walsh started the fundraiser after Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a thread showing the ramshackle conditions of her grandmother’s Hurricane Maria-battered home in Puerto Rico. In her tweet, she put the blame on the Trump administration for blocking aid to the island. 

Walsh was among those who fired back at AOC, shaming her for allowing her grandmother to “suffer” in those conditions while she lives in luxury in the United States. He wrote:

“I’m grateful for the outpouring of support for AOC’s abuela, even if AOC isn’t. But questions do remain: Why didn’t AOC help her own abuela for nearly four years? Why did she turn down our help? Does AOC only want government help?”

He sarcastically added:

“On my end, I’ll continue fighting to make the world a better place, one abuelita at a time.”

AOC shot back at Walsh, stating that he doesn’t “even have a concept for the role that 1st-gen, first-born daughters play in their families.” She added:

“My abuela is okay. But instead of only caring for mine & letting others suffer, I’m calling attention to the systemic injustices you seem totally fine w/ in having a US colony.”

Shortly after launching the GoFundMe, Walsh wrote:

“One cannot be certain of the cost to repair grandma’s house, but surely most of the work could be completed for the price of AOC’s shiny Tesla Model 3.”

By AOC’s reckoning, only Big Government is allowed to “help” those in need. Money faithfully donated by private citizens that doesn’t get filtered through DC is unacceptable. She’d rather her “abuela” continue to live in squalor than take help from Matt Walsh.

Walsh posted a screen shot of the email he received from GoFundMe, which said, in part:

“We are in touch with the beneficiary’s family and they have made clear they will not be accepting the funds raised. When a beneficiary doesn’t want to accept the funds that have been raised on their behalf, it is standard practice to turn off donations, then refund all donors.”

Attached to the post, Walsh wrote:

“In the end, our campaign raised more than $100,000 and could have solved a problem in ten hours that AOC couldn’t solve in four years. We can all be proud of that. As for abuela, all we can do now is pray.”

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‘Squad member’ AOC: Capitol police officer had ‘hostile expression’, may have been ‘trying to put us in a vulnerable situation’

February 6th, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrat Socialist “Squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has attributed trauma she experienced at the Capitol on January 6 to the facial expression of a Capitol police officer who was there to help her.

On Monday, February 1, Ocasio-Cortez posted a 90 minute Instagram Live video in which she recounted her story of the events at the Capitol on January 6.

Ocasio-Cortez began her story by claiming that “everybody knew that something was going to happen” on January 6.  

She added that her fellow representatives began texting her the preceding Thursday about safety issues, saying they heard from “Trump people” and “Republicans” that “violence was expected.”

Given that information, she said, she “immediately” contacted her staff about putting together a safety plan, although she did not elaborate on that plan.

She also stated that she saw a “crowd of insurrectionists” who were “holding rallies and doing all of this stuff” while she was driving to the Capitol on Monday, January 4.

She then reported:

“There were all these people with, like, these huge, like, flagpoles with the spear tips and whatnot.

“I remember seeing all of this and being like, ‘This is weird. (laughs) That’s suspicious (laughs).”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to describe how she saw a crowd of “Trump people” whom she called “schoolyard bullies” wielding “spear-like instruments.” They were gathered near her car at the Capitol Monday January 4. She detailed in her video how her heart was beating rapidly while these people engaged her in conversation.

“It felt, like, tense,” she added, as she described being among people wearing MAGA hats at the grocery store that night.

Tuesday, she said, brought with it more “Trump people,” with:

 “like, even more rallies, they have, like their mikes, their speakers and everything set up, and it felt actively, like, volatile and dangerous, like, it had gotten to the point where it’s, where I don’t think a lot of people felt safe walking to votes.”

Her grocery store visit on Tuesday apparently proved even more harrowing than the day before.  

She told her audience:

“I go in to buy a bottle of tea, and the tension in, in the grocery store with these people already started escalating to the point where it literally felt like people were looking at me in the grocery store, deciding what they were going to do.”

Ocasio-Cortez added:

“Like, are we going to do something right now, like they were making de- I could see the calculations going on behind their eyes.

“And it was a hundred percent like when you’re in a bodega at one o’clock in the morning and you don’t know when someone’s about to get jumped, it felt like that.”

After this insightful description of her mindset going into January 6, along with an impressive display of her apparent mind-reading capabilities, Ocasio-Cortez went on to discuss the events of Wednesday, January 6.

She described to her viewers how she was sitting in her office getting ready to order lunch when she heard “violent bangs” on all her office doors, “like someone was trying to break the door down.”

Ocasio-Cortez said she ran and hid in her office bathroom, and sat there listening to the continuing banging.  She then opened the bathroom door, at which point she heard someone in her office.

Next, she said, she heard a male voice yelling, “Where is she? Where is she?”

At that point, she stated, “I thought everything was over…. I mean, I thought I was going to die.”

She added that she also reflected at that time that:

“If this is the plan for me, then people will be able to take it from here….

“I felt that if this was the journey that my life was taking, that (wiping tears) I felt that things were going to be ok, and that I had fulfilled my purpose.”

Then, Ocasio-Cortez recounted, she peeked through the hinged portion of the open bathroom door and saw a “white man in a black beanie” open the door to her office and enter the room, yelling, “Where is she?”

Ocasio-Cortez then recalled:

“And I have never been quieter in my entire life. I was just –, I don’t even know if I held my breath, I was just, you know, here, behind [the door], and I just start sliding down.

“And then all of a sudden I hear my staffer G yell out, and he’s like, ’Hey hey hey, it’s okay, come out, come out.’”

When she came out, she said, she learned that the man was a Capitol police officer, but that did not reassure her because he did not have a partner, nor was he yelling the words, “Capitol police.”

Flexing her mind-reading muscles again, Ocasio-Cortez added:

“But then it didn’t feel right, because he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility.

“And, um, things weren’t adding up.  Like, there was no partner there….

“And he was looking at me in all of this anger and hostility.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to admit that initially she thought she might have been:

 “reading into this, right, like, maybe I’m projecting, maybe I’m projecting, like, something onto him, like maybe I’m just seeing anger but maybe he’s not trying to be angry.”

She added, however:

“But I talked to G, my legislative director, after the fact, and he said, ‘No, I didn’t know if he was there to help us or hurt us either….

“And G was actually, like, this man came with so much hostility that, that G was sizing him up and didn’t know if he was gonna have to fight him.

“Like, that is how, like, aggressive the situation was.”

She added:

“It was so, like, you know, like so many other communities in this country, like just that [law enforcement] presence doesn’t necessarily give you a clear signal if you’re safe or not.”

Ocasio-Cortez next reported that the police officer “yell[ed]” at her to go to a certain level of a specific building, which she declined to name.

Because “the situation felt so volatile with this officer,” she said, she and G ran immediately to the building, evidently leaving the officer behind in her office.

She next complained that the officer did not escort them to the other building.

Upon arrival at the location, she said, she and G realized that they did not know where in the building they were supposed to go, and that they could hear the building being stormed.

Ocasio-Cortez compared her experience to a science fiction tale.

She said:

“It almost felt like a zombie movie or something.”

Later in her video, Ocasio-Cortez reflected again on her experience with the Capitol police officer:

“I think about that officer, and just the uncertainty, you know, did he just – did he not say that he was Capitol police on purpose?  

“Did he lose himself in that moment?

“Did he … not give us the extraction point location because he forgot?

“Or was he actually trying to put us in a vulnerable situation?”

She added:

“Just the very uncertainty, that you don’t know if that person was actually trying to protect you or not, is already deeply unsettling….

“I’m not here to pass judgement on any one individual, or on any one officer.”

Ocasio-Cortez continued:

“But it’s that lack of trust that creates so much volatility and fear….

“You just don’t know.”

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stance on defunding the police bears reviewing.

Here is our report from November 13, 2020 on that:

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her continued support for “defund the police” after an election season in Democrats candidates lost races due to the mantra causing them to appear anti-police and soft on crime.

A number of Democrats credited the slogan, “defund the police” as well as other far-let polices she has championed, for their loss of seats in the House.

Fox News reported that Democratic leaders complained about two issues closely associated with AOC, defunding the police and socialism. 

Democratic leaders are claiming that those two issues contributed to Democratic losses in House races during Election Day 2020, including Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis ousting first-term Democratic Rep. Max Rose in the State Island, N.Y. congressional race. 

During a virtual town hall meeting, AOC had to defend her position on defunding the police when a 14-year-old student asked her to define the meaning of “defund the police.”

Ocasio-Cortez was easily reelected to a second term in the 14th District and went on to admit that some critics were “apoplectic” over defunding the police.

The Democratic-Socialist congresswoman continued to press on stating that too much funding is being “pumped” into the NYPD at the expense of other preventative safety measure, such as mental health workers and school guidance counselors.

She said:

“I believe the path toward justice is a long arc. Safety is not just an officer with a badge and a gun.”

Citing a $6 billion figure for the NYPD, she added:

“Our police budget is too high.”

She then claimed that unchecked spending on the NYPD becomes a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and doesn’t allow for spending on other needs, such as housing and health care.

She watered down the idea saying:

“It’s about a budget shift.”

She then went on to say that many of her constituents complained that too many people have been killed by police violence and that it is “her job to listen.”

AOC said:

“We need to invest in those other types of safety. We need to stop being so reactionary.”

AOC defended her controversial far-left positions:

“I feel very centered and at peace. This is what you brought me to Congress to do.”

She said that she does not just attack Republicans, but holds “all institutions accountable.” Allegedly that includes the Democratic party.

AOC said that she plans to hold Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden accountable, including following through on the Green New Deal plan, should be be the next president of the U.S.

The New York Post reported that she also emphatically disagreed with Democratic leaders that she does not have anything worthy to say to help Dems win races in swing districts because she is in a “safe, blue district.”

She said:

“I’m not representing a hippie, granola college town.”

She said that instead, she represents a diverse, working-class constituency and a “community of organizers.” She said that it is too soon to figure out exactly why the Democrats fared so poorly in House races in swing districts, without more data.

She added:

“We can do much better in our messaging. We have a lot of room for growth there.”

On other matters, AOC has vowed to meet with major New York Jewish community leaders during her second term after being criticized for not doing so prior. She said she would fight to stem a disturbing rise in antisemitism.

AOC wants to prevent lobbyists and Wall Street from “hijacking” the “Biden transition and administration.” She said she will also try to prevent Uber and Big Tech firms from having too much influence with the new administration. 

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